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Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


This Flyer examines the question why so many feminazis are fat fours, i.e. fat, or obese, and four out of ten in looks.

Have you noticed that there is a disproportionate number of active feminazis who are fat fours, i.e. sexually repulsive to men because they are fat, or worse, obese, and four out of ten in looks.

I suspect strongly that the main reason for this discrepancy is that such women are using feminism as a form of revenge against men, for men rejecting them because they are fat fours.

There are very few pretty feminazis (as there are few pretty nuns), because pretty women are treated well by men, showered with male attention, because men want to put their penises in such women. Men are sexually attracted to such women, because evolution created men who sought out good genes in their female sexual partners, because good genes correlate with good looks, which is why men place such importance on good looking women.

Fat four feminazis on the other hand are the opposite. They are sexually repulsive to men, because they are fat. In many western countries now, a third of women are overweight, and another third are even obese, so off the bat, two thirds of women are sexually unattractive to men because they are carrying around too much blubber, which turns such women into veritable cock shrinkers, or as the French say – “grosses imbaisables” i.e. fat unfuckables.

In the distant past, if a woman could not attract the attention of a man, she often starved to death, because women were unable to hunt for themselves, due to having to mind small children, who were totally dependent on her. So women have built into their DNA, a real fear of not being able to attract a man. Look at the enormity of the cosmetic industry, selling “fake-up” to women, to make them look more attractive to men, than women really are.

Women wear lipstick to make their lips look like women’s labia which go red when inflated with blood when she is strongly sexually aroused, with her vagina suffused with blood and the secretions flowing to allow the penis to glide easily inside her.

Men respond to this “rougeing” of women’s lips, so women use this trick to increase their odds of attracting a man, in competition with the millions of other women also trying to compete with them for the attention of a man.

Women also want a man around so that she can parasite off his money, so that he pays for her to stay at home in a house that he pays for, so that she can raise HER kids in it. Women have two primary biological tasks in their lives – a) to find some manslave to parasite off, so that she has an easier time raising kids, and b) growing and raising the next generation.

Women are very conscious nowadays that it is VERY difficult for a woman to be both a careerist and a single mother with very small children. Even if the mother is a strong FIP (financially independent person) who bothered to get a good career competent education at high school and college, so can afford to have a nanny look after the child(ren) while she is at work, life would be much easier for her, less stressed, if she had a man around the house, who could share with her the burden of paying for the costs of the kids.

Women know this, so have a great need to attract the attention of a man. Women evolved to be prostitutes to men, in order to be more effective parasites off men, better able to bribe men to give women scarce male hunted meat to women and their babies, in exchange for access to her vagina.

Those women in the distant past who were in sexual heat more days per month than other women, had an advantage over those other women, because they were more able to bribe men for men’s scarce hunted meat, so natural selection favored those women who were more prostitutional towards men, so over time, the concept of being in sexual heat, became irrelevant, as women evolved to be in heat every day of the month, so as to be able to bribe men for meat all days of the month, thus increasing the survivability of themselves and their babies.

Thus the human female became the sexiest of mammals, being in heat all days of the month, and thus becoming supreme prostitutes to males, i.e. male meat in exchange for female vaginal access.

So, given all the above, imagine how ego damaging it is for a fat four to feel rejected by nearly all men. Of course, some men at the bottom of the male attractiveness scale will want to penis them, but women are hypergamous, i.e. they evolved to want to mate with men who have higher socio-economic status than they have, thus giving these women superior DNA for their kids, so that their kids have better DNA than their mothers.

Female hypergamy makes good Darwinian evolutionary sense, but it can be a two edged sword for women. If a woman allows herself to get fat and hence becomes sexually repulsive to men, then she may be forced to compromise, by suppressing her hypergamous instinct, when it comes to letting an inferior male (by her hypergamous standards) inside her vagina.

If quality men universally reject her, then she is going to feel depressed. Her very being is being rejected, which hurts women’s egos deeply, so forcing these women to accept lower standards in the men they have sex with. Such fat ugly women, are forced to lower their hypergamous standards, to get attention even from rather ugly, fat, poor, males, so that these inferior males can provide her with at least some resources, that she is so desperate to parasite off, for the sake of the survival of herself and her babies.

So fat ugly women, i.e. the fat fours, are being rejected across the board by men, most men, especially the superior men, the attractive ones in the eyes of women, i.e. good looking, tall, strong, fierce, brainy men with resources that nearly all women want to parasite off.

The MGTOWs (men going their own way) talk about the “80-20 rule” i.e. 80% of women seeking to mate with the top 20% of men, i.e. hypergamy in action. Of course, there are not enough quality men to go round, so the other 60% of women have to compromise by their female standards.

But fat fours, are rejected by nearly all men. As the masculists say, as one of their slogans “No man wants a relationship with a fat four feminazi, i.e. a misandrist, man dumping, feminazi bitch. Such women are repulsive to men, who force such women to rot on the shelf to extinction, avoiding them like the plague, removing their feminazi bitch genes from the gene pool by having nothing to do with them, not even pumping and dumping them. Such women are anathema to men, who totally avoid them.”

When faced with such utter rejection by men, and in particular by masculists, these fat four females, often turn to feminism as a form of revenge against men who reject them, instead of being more mature, more adult, in facing up to their own female contribution to their problems.

Women can’t help being fours, as about a fifth of women are. (Two thirds of women are 4s, 5s or 6s, by definition, using the statistics of the bell curve, the normal (Gaussian) distribution curve.) A woman’s looks are largely genetically determined, as are a man’s. But a woman can certainly do something about her weight and her attitudes towards men.

A woman has the ability to control the number of calories she stuffs into her fat face. She can ensure that the total number of calories she eats per day is less than the energy she needs to move through the day, so that if there is a deficit, then that missing energy comes from her stored fat reserves, i.e. she loses weight.

It is just a matter of physics. The conservation of energy is one of the basic laws of physics, with no exceptions. If women want to gain weight, they only have to eat more than they burn off in their daily lives. Similarly, if they want to lose weight, they burn off more energy per day than they input as food. Women can control this.

Women can also control their attitudes towards men. Those women who choose to become feminazis because they are rejected by men who find such fat four feminazis repulsive, who treat these “triple Fs” (fat four feminazis) as vermin to be avoided like the plague, are merely tightening a vicious circle that they have put themselves into.

Most fat fours feminazis are not very bright. They have absorbed feminazi dogma that women’s problems are caused by men. They don’t have the strength of mind, nor the will power, to examine their own contribution towards them being rejected by men. Instead, they worsen their problem, by turning into feminazis, making themselves even more repulsive to men, thus causing men to reject them all the more, i.e. tightening the vicious circle, which these fat four feminazis are too dumb to pull themselves out of.

So they rot on the shelf, utterly rejected by men, being manless, loveless, sexless, babyless, poor (since most fat four feminazis are fluffies, whose salaries are low due to the economy not valuing these women’s fluffie crap diplomas) and increasingly spat at by society, as masculist ideas are increasingly accepted by the general public.

These fat four feminazis behave like children, which only increases the contempt level of masculists, who don’t take such women seriously. Fat four feminazis, who dump on men all the time, expressing their hatred of men because men have rejected them, instead of examining why men have rejected them, and then acting on that knowledge, to improve their situation.

Fat four feminazis don’t do that, so continue to suffer as low intelligence idiots. For example, these fat four feminazis need to learn the simple idea, that if a woman is not nice to men, then SHE WILL NOT GET ONE. Society needs to be much more conscious of this simple truth.

Men are not masochists. They will not stay with a woman who starts nagging and expressing feminazi ideas to him, telling him he is a male chauvinist pig, a toxic male, etc. Such women are quickly dumped, and deservedly so, because they are feminazi bitches, the most hated category of women from the masculist point of view.

This masculist hatred against feminazis comes largely from what the feminazis have done to the divorce courts, making them so toxic for men, that two thirds of young men now, under 35, refuse to marry, refuse to have kids, and spend their money on themselves.

This paternity strike is wiping out whole populations, but these MGTOWs (men going their own way) are merely reacting to the toxicity of the feminazi bitch controlled divorce courts. The root cause of the paternity rejection by MGTOWs is the feminazi bitch caused toxicity of the divorce courts, making divorce and hence marriage, toxic for men, so obviously they avoid marriage and paternity.

Thus fat four feminazis play a major role in the causation of the paternity strike on the part of the MGTOWs. Thus, fat four feminazis are not just repulsive to men individually, they are now seen by masculists as public enemies, i.e. as the root cause of the population crash, indirectly wiping out whole populations, due to their making divorce so dangerous for men.

So masculists put enormous moral pressure on women to be nice to men, to vote with men to force the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws, especially in the divorce courts, so that alimony is thrown out, so that custody of the kids is JOINT by default, so that the owner(s) of the house get to keep it, etc., so that the Parer (paternity rejection right) is brought in, so that men have the equal right to reject an unwanted pregnancy as women do.

The current flagrant inequality between the sexes in terms of pregnancy rejection rights is outrageous, the greatest example of sexual discrimination that exists, i.e. the Marer that exists for women, but no Parer exists for men.

The masculists need to push society and the media a lot harder, to teach women that if they want a man they had better be nice to men. Being fat four feminazis is a dumb strategy, because it only makes men hate such women all the more. It is bad enough for women to be fat fours, but to become fat four feminazis, i.e. “triple Fs” is far worse. Men won’t go near feminazis, especially when they are both fat and fours.

Fat four feminazis are behaving like children, not taking responsibility for their own lives, childishly putting the blame for their own situation, i.e. being rejected by men, on men, and not largely on themselves, which is both cowardly and hypocritical.

It is women who are largely the cause of fat four feminazis being rejected by men, so women should take responsibility for their situation, and not dump on men, putting most of the responsibility onto men, instead of behaving like responsible adult females as some do.

Too many women have child minds, with their 10% smaller brains, their 10 billion fewer neurons. Such women need to be pushed socially, with masculist moral pressure, to grow up and take responsibility for their own lives.

Longer term, if men collectively become convinced that women are never going to grow up and behave as responsible adults, then men will take away women’s right to vote, because such rights are not given to children. With women stripped of the right to vote, many of men’s current gender problems would disappear, as the legal injustices, the lack of menfairness in the gender laws would be removed, because only men would be voting.

So, women, grow up, behave as adult responsible females, or be spat at for being fat four feminazis. In many respects you triple Fs are your own worst enemy. You lack the common sense to realize that men have good reason to utterly reject fat four feminazi bitches.

Such women are repulsive to men. Young women are learning of this hatred shown by men towards feminazis, and are learning to suppress public utterance of their inner feminist feelings, through fear of not getting a man. Young men too, find fat four feminazis repulsive and utterly reject them. So, women, be nice to men, or you won’t get one!


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

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