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My favorite commentator on the crash of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and the consequent eclipse of the US as the world’s dominant country, being replaced by China, is Jim Willie, whom you can listen to easily on YouTube. Jim is no fool. He has a PhD in statistics, and publishes a newsletter on the above issues which keeps him alive, in Costa Rica, where he fled to after several death threats by Jewish banksters for his programs in the early 2000s on the false flag event of 9/11 and Israeli involvement.

Jim shares my utter hatred of these Frankist Satanist Jewish banksters who are destroying the economies of the US, Europe and Japan with their paper currency debt note Ponzi schemes. He calls them Satanists, but not Frankists. I guess he has not gone into the history of the beliefs of the Rothschilds, the creation of the Illuminati, Weisshaupt, Jacob Frank, Frankfurt etc. Lately, Jim has been using his many contacts and learning that in his view, the Chinese white dragon ultra-rich ancient families have become fed up with the destruction of the world by these Jewish banksters and have decided enough is enough and have now taken steps to stop it. Jim says these families have some 150,000 tons of gold that they have been accumulating over the 5000 year history of the Chinese civilization, so have the financial weight and expertise to crush the hated Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists, by threatening them with “triad” assassinations unless they do what these white dragon families want.

Jim claims, as told to him by his sources, that Europe and the US are almost drained of gold, which has been shipped to China. China is about to announce to the world a higher gold price that will undermine the paper gold scams of the Jewish banksters. A growing Eurasian trade zone with China as its dominant member is growing, and the US will not be part of it. Increasingly, the dollar is being rejected by the world as the world’s reserve currency, that the Jewish bankster controlled US government has used to rob the world of its manufactures for decades.

When Kissinger (Rockefeller’s henchman) went to Saudi Arabia in 1973, he persuaded the Saudis to establish the “petrodollar scam” which increased the price of oil, so that the Saudis benefitted, and that the US would use its military to defend the power of the Saudi throne against popular revolts of their people, in exchange for the Saudis agreeing that they would only sell their oil to the world with payment in US dollars and no other currency. This forced the world to have to get dollars from the US by selling their goods cheaply to the US which paid for them in dollars that the other countries could then use to buy oil from Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest oil supplier in recent decades. The US simply printed these dollars out of thin air, as the Jewish banksters have the power to do, since the FED (which has the power to issue the nation’s money) is Jewish bankster controlled. The FED is NOT an agency of the US government, it is a private bank owned by Jewish banksters (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Schiffs, Warburgs, etc) who abuse the FED’s powers to their own benefit, used largely to finance loans to governments to go to war – the biggest example was the loan to the UK, to go to war against Germany, to destroy it, to stop Germany taking over from the UK as Europe’s dominant power, hence WW1. (These hated Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists have now taken over most of the arms industries of the US, so need constant wars to sell their arms, so the US has been at war nonstop since WW1 as a result.)

Thus the world was selling its manufactures cheaply to the US to get dollars that only the US could create, which the US did by printing them out of thin air, thus robbing the world of its manufactures, a massive worldwide scam that the world has hated for decades. Now the Chinese white dragon families have drained the west of its gold (says Jim Willie), thus depowering these Jewish banksters. The white dragons have told the US that the US dollar will soon not be the world’s reserve currency any more. It will be replaced by a gold backed currency, and since the US has no gold, it will be poor. The US can rent (lease) gold from China, but at a price, e.g. the US will have to give China the right to write US laws, buy US real estate, ports, cheaply, etc.

Once that happens, and it looks as though crunch time for the dollar will be in the year 2016, the US will be forced to have a “US only” dollar, like the rest of the world, so will have to export US manufactures to be able to import manufactures from other countries. But the hated Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists have been pushing US manufacturing outside the US for decades, so that total US manufacturing capacity is small, so that the US will not be able to import at the rate it has been accustomed to. The standard of living in the US will thus fall to about a third of its current level so that the US will become a third world nation. The US will not be able to afford its many military bases all over the world. The US will become a nonentity.

Now, how to interpret all this? What is the master plan behind it all? Is there one? It looks pretty clear that China will be the dominant power of the 21st century, which is one of the reasons I moved here a decade ago. But today’s China is still an intellectual and political-pigmy shithole, with no freedom of speech, no Nobel prizes, no world class intellectuals, and few readers.

Recently I was in my favorite park as usual and observed something rare in China. I saw a man on the walking path reading a paper book. In Chinese buses, trains, parks, no one reads – so different from Japan, where I lived 8 years in the 90s, where half the people will be reading. A nation that doesn’t read, like the Chinese, will be ignorant, hence backward, poor and inferior, as Chinese culture distinctly is. In Chinese buses, the custom of non reading is so strong, that the bus drivers don’t even turn on the lights in the bus at night, thus tightening a vicious circle.

I’m also seeing reports on the internet that the Jewish banksters gave Mao $20M to help him defeat Jiang Kai-shek in the 1940s, and that Mao was surrounded by Jewish banksters at that time as well.

I’m now left with many question marks. Who really controls China? On the surface, the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) which is modeled on the Russian CP, which was set up by Jewish communists in 1917, financed by the NY Jewish bankster Schiff who spent $20M of his own money to train and transport several hundred Jewish communists to return to Russia to foment the communist revolution. Actually, what Schiff really wanted was the Tsar’s gold, which he eventually got.

If the CCP is really in charge, then why do the white dragon families still exist? Mao killed off 2M landlords in the early years of his dictatorship. Were the white dragons too powerful for the CCP? Do the white dragons control the CCP behind the scenes, not caring too much about democracy in China, so long as the white dragons continue to increase their wealth and power? Do the white dragon families have a conscience? Do they care about the world? Maybe they feel the hated Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists are getting too powerful, about to destroy the US, Europe and Japan with their debt note Ponzi schemes, and hence would rival the power of the white dragons? This latter idea I find the most cynical and hence the most plausible.

Jim Willie claims that the white dragons are now at war against the Jewish banksters and are out to destroy them. God, I hope that’s true. I have a real hatred against the Jewish banksters, for their MASSIVE crimes against humanity (e.g. their engineering of the two world wars; their creation of economic depressions; their making of debt slaves of everyone with their paper currency debt note ponzi schemes; their control of the issuance of the currencies in nearly all countries; their bribing of politicians, thus destroying democracies; their assassination of 6 US presidents who opposed them; their inflation of the currency, thus robbing people of their savings; their laws against people who criticize them (i.e. the hate speech laws, yet the Talmud is full of hatred against the goy), etc

But are the white dragons any better? I hope so. Once China becomes the world’s dominant nation, the Chinese people will throw off their third world self-image and become a lot richer. They will consume their own manufactures, instead of shipping them to the US to get phony dollars to buy oil. China now pays Russia in Chinese currency for its oil. Experience shows that once a country gets rich enough, it always democratizes. Democratization is simply part of modernization. China will democratize soon, maybe within a decade, once the current president’s term is over. 100M Chinese a year are traveling overseas and experiencing democratic countries first hand. 90% of people who live outside China live in democracies (about 130 of them in the world. The fact that China is not one of them, reflects very negatively against China.)

Since I live in China, and am a real political sage (intellectual) I would love to have freedom of speech, which is impossible in today’s China. China has today over 1000 laogai (Chinese equivalent of Stalin’s gulags, i.e. concentration camps for political prisoners) says Harry Wu, founder of the Laogai Museum in Washington DC, who spent 19 years of his life in the laogai for a negative remark he made about Mao decades ago. Wu estimates there are between 0.5M and 2M political prisoners in China today.)

If China got freedom of speech I would bother to master the language, both spoken and written (despite the fact that the stupidity of China’s writing system insults my intelligence and reflects very negatively on the level of China’s deep conservatism, that it has not thrown off its ancient and stupidly conceived writing system, and hence is the only country in the world not to use an alphabet.)

I would get really fluent, so that I could give speeches in fluent Chinese, pushing the species dominance debate (i.e. “Should humanity build massively intelligent machines?”, pushing masculism, pushing intellectuality, etc.) Right now, I’m afraid to get fluent, because then I might be tempted to let fly to some CCP member with my contempt for the fact that a total of about 80 million Chinese were killed by Mao in the great famine he caused 1958-1962, with the laogai deaths, with the cultural revolution deaths, etc; the 1000 laogai; no freedom of speech; the intellectual sterility of the culture; etc, and end up thrown out of the country. What a waste of my talents that I have no freedom of speech here. If I can get a billion (with a “b”) views on RT (Russia Today) on the species dominance issue, what could I do in China if I had freedom of speech? The fact that China is still not a democracy keeps the Chinese people intellectually sterile, passive, fearful, useless, and is the main reason why westerners look down on Chinese as an inferior people. Today’s China contributes almost nothing to world culture, and is parasitic on the west for its ideas, being incapable of generating their own.

But where will China be in 20-30 years, having pushed out the hated Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists from power? I hope China will have democratized in the next 10-15 years, so that I may still have a decade or so of life left to speechify to the Chinese.

Now, for the punchline, the title of this flyer. With the hated Jewish banksters out of the picture, in the next few years, and China democratizing, a new America will rise, and we will see “the American economic miracle.” The Americans are genetically the most creative people on the planet, and will remember what life was like before the dollar crash that was created by the Jewish banksters, and pushed by the white dragon families. They will want to get their pride back, and will drive out the last dregs of these hated Jewish banksters, and set up a new government that is ethical, fair, humane and uncorrupt.

Once that happens, men’s lives will be transformed. Politicians will not be bribed by a Jewish bankster elite who always divide and conquer, by pitching the interests of fluffies against men, especially when it comes to divorce. With a new batch of uncorrupted politicians, including gender politicians, men will be given menfair gender laws, divorce law will be made menfair, the Parer (paternity rejection right) will be brought in, etc. Men’s lives will be revolutionized. Halleluiah!

But at what cost? There is a very real risk that the US will plunge into civil war, as the Jewish banksters fight to keep their power against the uprising of the masses when the dollar crashes, with more guns than people in the US. The Jewish banksters have bought 3B hollow tipped bullets, millions of 4 body plastic coffins, 1000s of suburban tanks, militarized the police force, had Obama, the puppet gay non-American, sign a string of executive orders to create a police state in the US. If the US does plunge into civil war, millions will be killed. The hated Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists will be assassinated, but probably most of them will have long fled the country when the dollar shit hits the fan.

It will be “interesting times” for the US in the years 2016 and soon after. I just hope that when the dust settles that we get to live in a global DEMOCRATIC state, led by a democratic China, a new China, one that I can have some pride in, instead of me being today a fearful tiny democratic mammal in a world of CCP dinosaur dictators, before the dollar crash meteor hits.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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