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I think the following scenario is very probable. In today’s America, over 70% of young men under 35 refuse to marry and have kids, due to the toxicity of the divorce courts that will take the kids away from a divorcing father, he will lose his house, pay child support and alimony to his fluffie ex wife. So millions of young men are going MGTOW (men going their own way) spending their money on themselves, millions of them.

But men evolved to want to penis women. It is their raison d’etre, so how to get regular sex from women if these MGTOWs refuse to marry and have kids? By twaytweffing, i.e. living the twaytwef lifestyle for men (twaytwef = 2A2F = two apartments, two FIPs (financially independent persons)) where both the man and the woman are FIPs, having their own apartment each. The huge advantage of this lifestyle for men is that it makes it easy for men to dump women, cost free to men. There is no divorce, because no marriage, no child support, because no kids, no alimony, because the woman is a FIP.

Twaytweffing has the extra advantage that it keeps women being nice to men. If a twaytweffing FIP female starts nagging her male partner, withholds sex, starts trying to modify him the way she wants, then he can so easily dump her, cost free, that she is scared that if she is not nice to him ALWAYS, then she will be dumped. This constant threat keeps her on her toes, on her best behavior, otherwise she is out the door. He can so easily just walk away, back to his own apartment, and find another FIP female to penis.

Ok, now imagine a few years from now, millions upon millions of men are not just boycotting marriage and fatherhood but have taken up twaytweffing, especially once the concept and the label are generally known. This will then change what I call the “sexual ecology.” By that I mean the ecology that exists in regard to mutual expectations of gender roles and sexual accessibility.

For example, in the 90s in Japan where I was living at the time, if I had been single (which I wasn’t) but say I was, and I wanted to date Japanese women, and (imagine) I was both a masculist and a MGTOW at the same time.

I would have had a very hard time trying to persuade some Japanese female to have a serious long term relationship with me, because of my masculist/MGTOW expectations on her, i.e. expecting her to be FIP and not parasite on me, not expecting me to be a manslave so that she could have kids in a middle class house paid for by me. Imagine 99% of Japanese females would not be interested then in having a serious relationship with such a masculist/MGTOW male. I would find it very difficult to find a FIP Japanese female.

Now imagine that I’m a masculist/MGTOW in the US a few years into the future and 90% of men are masculists/MGTOWs who wont look twice at women who have fluffie attitudes, i.e. who want some manslave to pay for her to stay at home in the middle class house that he paid for to mother her kids in. These American fluffie women would have a hard time finding a man to have a long term relationship with, let alone finding a man who is prepared to be manslaved and parasited upon.

In other words, the two sexual ecologies are the opposite of each other. In the former, the man has to adapt to the sexual ecology of Japan in the 90s, where virtually all the Japanese women were fluffies. In the 10s in the US, the American women will have to adapt to the sexual ecology in which most of the men are masculists/MGTOWs who see fluffies are vermin.

Now, how will these American (and similarly in comparable countries) women adapt to the sexual ecology in which the vast majority of men piss on fluffies? These women will be FORCED to adapt to masculist/MGTOW males. They know that if they express fluffie attitudes, i.e. if they manifest their true hypergamous nature, then that will be the kiss of death for them in terms of getting a man.

There are so many FIP women around now in the advanced western countries (e.g. in many western universities about 60% or more of medical students (future doctors) are female. A similar story holds for dentistry, law, etc.)

The fact that there are so many FIP females around, changes the sexual ecology for men, and hence for women, according to the following chain of logic. With more FIP females, more men can twaytwef with FIP females. The more men who twaytwef, the fewer men are available to be manslaves to fluffies. Fluffies are then forced to become FIPs if they want to get a man, so they study FIP majors at high school and college and become real FIPs. There are now even more FIP women available to men, until fluffies are wiped out.

So, women will need to hide or block expression of their hypergamous nature with men, or they will pay a heavy price, they wont get a man, and hence live a manless, loveless, sexless, babyless and shunned existence.

So women, will need to modify their hypergamous nature, in a way analogous to the way men learned not to openly objectify women in public in the 70s and 80s due to the rise of feminism.

For example, imagine a conversation between a man and woman where the man is a lot brighter than the woman, and the woman is a real dish – curvy, big breasted, pretty. The man quickly gets bored with her female prattle, and starts eyeing up and down her attractive curves and crotch area. The woman senses this, and since (assume) she is a feminist, she says to the man “You’re objectifying me, staring at my breasts and crotch. That makes me feel like a piece of meat, so I’m not happy with you!”

Ok, now turn the table on the woman. The man says to her “Last week, on our first date, I was telling you about my hobbies, my intellectual interests, and you weren’t very interested.  But as soon as I told you my job, and how much I made, after you asked me, you were itching to fuck me. That disgusted me. You are obviously just another highly hypergamous female, who judges men only by the size of their bank account, and not by their personality, their interests, their generosity, etc. That means you are objectifying me, seeing me as a checkbook that potentially you could exploit. That makes me feel like a cash machine, so I’m not happy with you!”

As this kind of conversation is repeated millions of times, women will learn to suppress their hypergamous nature or be rejected by men. Men don’t like being objectified as cash machines by women. They want to be liked and respected for who they are, and not just as exploitable check books.

As the sexual ecology keeps shifting towards the creation of a FIP Society, in which nearly all women are FIPs, and nearly all men are twaytweffing masculists/MGTOWs, then women will be powerfully pressured to suppress open expression of their hypergamous nature.

BUT, don’t forget, that their hypergamous nature IS their nature. It was selected for over several million years as the size of the baby’s head doubled in a mere million years, causing women to give birth to premature babies and hence created women’s dependence on men to give them protein, so women evolved to become prostitutes – sex for protein, and in today’s world, sex for money.

This hypergamous nature of women will not go away, but it is offensive to men, and especially to masculists/MGTOWs, so women will have to adapt by hiding it, and keeping their true feelings and judgement-of-men criteria to themselves, otherwise they risk being rejected by men. Twaytweffing will ensure that women present only their FIP side to men, and be forced to keep presenting ONLY that side. This will make men’s lives a ton better, until the gender politicians finally get round to menfairing the gender laws, but that will take a decade or more until the political pressure against them is so strong that they are forced to.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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