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Second halver males are males older than 40. I divide this group into “third quarter” and “fourth quarter” males, where third quarter males age between 40 and 65, and fourth quarter males 65-90+.

One of the frustrating aspects of the MGTOW movement for a fourth quarter male like me is that most of them are kids, in their 20s and 30s, i.e. younger than my own son, who is 40 in 2016. First halver MGTOWs (i.e. MGTOWs younger than 40) have gender problems that differ quite a bit from those of second halver males. Since most of the MGTOW YouTube content providers are first halvers, they tend to neglect the gender issues of the second halver MGTOWs (due to lack of life experience, being too young) so this flyer is aimed at the second halver males.

I will begin by making some general remarks about the major differences in gender problems that first halver males have compared with second halver males, then I’ll talk about the MGTOW/masculist issues relevant to third quarter males, and then to fourth quarter males, which also differ from each other.

The big difference between the lives of first halver males and second halver males is that the women they interact with tend to split into two major camps, i.e. those who are fertile and those who are post fertile. Adult women under 40 tend to be fertile and have a very different agenda regarding men compared with post fertile women, who look on men quite differently.

A first halver fluffie woman will look upon a man as a cash machine, whom she wants to pay for her to live in a middle class house to raise her kids in. She will judge men by their (s)exploitability. If a man is poor in her eyes, she will have no interest in him, because he has little to be exploited from by her. Fluffies are the enemy of the MGTOWs/masculists and is a subject beaten to death.

Second halver women, on the other hand are no longer looking for a man to get pregnant with, for the simple reason, that her fertility window has closed, so her psychology, her attitude, towards men changes. She will see men more as a source for companionship and orgasms. That is not to say that there are no second halver fluffies. There certainly are, and third quarter males need to be very careful interacting with them, if at all, because these second halver fluffies will often be single moms, poor, and desperately looking out for some sucker manslave to pay for her.

Third quarter males should listen to the lessons of first halver MGTOWs/masculists and avoid single mom fluffies like the plague. What man wants to pay to raise some other guy’s kid?

Second halver men can live the same kind of lifestyle as first halver MGTOWs/masculists by twaytweffing, i.e. “2A2F”ing (= two apartments, two FIPs), a relationship where the man and the woman are both FIPs (financially independent persons) and both have their own apartment. The advantages of this lifestyle for men is the same for both first and second halver men, i.e. when the relationship sours, both the FIP man and the FIP woman walk away to their own apartment, cost free to the man.

Twaytweffing has the other major advantage that it keeps the woman being nice to the man, otherwise he can so easily walk away, and she knows that, so she will be powerfully motivated not to nag, not to deprive him of sex, not to try to mould him, etc. This twaytweffing lifestyle remains a good bet for men of all ages, and is highly recommended by MGTOWs/masculists, for men who want regular sex from a woman, and a bit of female company.

An older third quarter male, say in his 50s, will be in his “decade of mastery” in terms of his career performance, and be earning at his maximum, so may be targeted by fluffies in their 40s or even 30s. Such men should be very careful with such women. In fact, a simple rule of thumb is to avoid fluffies altogether, which is part of general MGTOW/masculist ideology, of letting fluffies rot on the shelf to extinction, as punishment for being manslavers, instead of getting off their parasitic bums and making the effort to become FIPs, by studying FIP majors (math and the sciences) at high school and college.

Third quarter FIP women, tend to have their own careers, their own house, their own lives, with kids off their hands, and do not see men so much as exploitable cash machines, the way first halver women do. They are often quite happy to just share their lives with a man of comparable compatibility, status and income. They do not want to live out the rest of their lives alone, and truly relish what men can give them, i.e. a cure for their loneliness and regular orgasms, but then again, men should not move in to her house or vice versa, because that will only invite her to relax and to allow her true female nature to emerge, i.e. she may nag, withhold sex, mould him, etc. Twaytweffing stops all that.

Those MGTOWs/masculists who studied hard in their youth, got good jobs, saved hard, invested well, lived frugally, can then become ARCers (after retirement careerers) early in life, say in their 40s or 50s and then retire and do what they love for the rest of their life. Such male ARCers can also twaytwef with a FIP woman, although it might be harder to find a woman who is prepared to twaytwef with him, if he is rather poor, preferring to spend his savings modestly, so that it lasts for the rest of his life. Women, after all, evolved to be hypergamous and to look on men as cash machines (protein providers).

Fourth quarter males, 65-90+ differ from third quarter males in that their testosterone levels have gone down a lot, so they are much less “cunt driven” than younger men, so they have the luxury to ignore women entirely, if they choose. They can readily argue, that they no longer need women sexually, so they don’t need women, period! They may say that women are femaliens, with nagging childlike minds, so have little in common with men, so why bother with them at all – so that many fourth quarter MGTOW/masculist males may live totally alone, like my father, who is 97 in 2016, and has lived alone since he was 67. He was so pissed off with his first and only wife, he did not want to repeat the experience again. I may go the same way, and I’m into my fourth wife.

On the other hand, many fourth quarter men, may like to have a bit of female company, because fourth quarter women are hormonally closest to men at that age than at any other time in their female lives, because they are post-menopausal, and calm, more logical, and think like a man. Quite a few old couples seem very happy together, because there are no quarrels, no exploitation. For some fourth quarter males, this is an option, and twaytweffing may not even be necessary, if the woman becomes very hormonally like the man. But moving in together at any age is risky for the man. Females are females and have different DNA. They are femaliens, so having your own apartment as a man has major advantages. You have the option to move to your own space, if the woman you are with, really gets on your nerves.

I hope more older MGTOWs/masculists will contribute to creating content for the second halver MGTOWs/masculists, because there is precious little “out there.” I hope this flyer has been helpful to some of the older MGTOWs/masculists who are rebelling against being manslaves to bloody fluffies.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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