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Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


This flyer aims to discredit the basic ideas of feminism, so as to help destroy it, so that one of the greatest oppressors of men, can be removed, so that men can be freed, particularly from the scourge of the fluffie feminist hypocrite dominated divorce courts.

The psychological forces of witchcraft no longer have any influence over us, for the simple reason that we no longer have any belief in such ideas, yet only a few centuries back, our ancestors did. People then believed in devils, witches, goblins, etc, which were very real to them.

Nowadays, in the era of science, in which we demand experimental proof for ideas, the ideas of witchcraft just do not stand up to critical thinking and empirical testing. They just make no sense, so in time were quietly forgotten about, because they were seen increasingly to be what they are now seen as, namely superstitions, i.e. beliefs that make no sense, so should be ignored.

Personally, I would like to see feminism go the same way, because it is based mostly on superstitions, that make no sense, that are refuted by empirical evidence, and yet do enormous damage to society, because feminism preaches to women what they desperately want to hear, i.e. that women are as good as men, as valuable as men, as worthy of respect as men.

At a deep level, I suspect that women feel just the opposite, i.e. that they feel that women are inferior to men, are like children in comparison to men, are incapable of doing things than men can do, e.g. build sky scrapers, compose symphonies, write mathematical theorems, produce works of genius, beauty, and grandeur.

Most women are in awe at what men do and feel at an intuitive level that men are the superior sex, and envy men for their incredible accomplishments. Feminists, tend to be women with more androgenized brains, I suspect, who want to do what men do, i.e. have careers, be independent, pull their own financial weight, and earn the respect of society,

The male invention of the contraceptive pill, household gadgets, higher education etc., liberated women from household drudgery, so women were able to take up the traditional male role of having a career, going out into the workplace and earning a living.

In the 60s and 70s when large numbers of women became influenced by the Jewish feminists (Friedan, Steinem, etc) they entered the workforce, and disturbed many men who did not like having to work beside women, with their femalien ways, so these men resisted.

This male resistance, caused these women to resent men for not giving women what women wanted, i.e. respect. Often, women found that they were not taken seriously at work, were not listened to, that men saw women as children, and these women deeply resented this.

Many women became strong feminists as a result, because they wanted to be respected by men, and demanded it. Since women are half of the population, and that the contraceptive pill has virtually forced women into the work place, given that a woman will only be an active mother for a few years while the children are small, means that women have a career window of some 4 decades, so women were virtually thrown into the work place after the 60s.

Once women got out of the house, and into the workforce, they were made a lot more conscious of the fact that men dominate the workforce, the work place, the positions of power, of prestige and influence.

Women on the other hand, felt their inferiority, and wanted things to change, so that women could hold up their own heads, and feel some pride in women’s achievements. Thus feminism was given a strong impetus to back up women’s desire to be respected by society, i.e. by men.

Feminist theorists then began cooking up feminist ideology that would appeal to women, especially young women, motivating them to feel pride in being a woman, and not feel inferior to men, given men’s greater prestige in the workforce, in terms of male achievements.

Feminists then started telling young women, things that appealed to them, that young women desperately wanted to hear, to believe. Unfortunately, the feminists went overboard, telling women things that do not hold up empirically, scientifically, yet have strong appeal to women. Modern feminism has become like a religion to women, selling ideas that make women feel good, yet don’t make much empirical sense.

Here is a list of such feminist ideas that do not stand up to reality, that belong more in a fairyland, than the real world. I list some of the main ones now, and will then refute them, and finish off the flyer with the claim, that once women are convinced that most of the ideas of feminism, don’t make much sense, then millions of women will cease believing in them, and hence abandon them, so making it easier for men to have the gender laws menfaired, so that men can be liberated from the feminazi tyranny, that is making millions of men’s lives a misery, due to the fluffie feminist control of the divorce courts, no Parer (paternity rejection right) etc.

Here is a list of some of these feminazi fairy ideas.

  • Women are just as capable as men.
  • Women are as smart as men.
  • The blame for women’s situation falls almost exclusively on men.
  • Differences in the genders are cultural, not genetic.
  • Women should occupy half of the positions at all levels of society.
  • Today’s men should be punished by women for past crimes by men against women.
  • Masculinity is toxic and should be controlled.

There are other major feminist ideas that could be in this list, but there is enough for this flyer. I now refute the above list, with the aim of discrediting feminism, so that women stop believing in it as a form of religion that makes no sense. Too many women accept the isscienacy of feminism, without bothering to check whether feminism’s claims are scientifically valid. They simply believe feminist ideas, because they make women feel good.

  • Women are just as capable as men.

Yes, and no. Yes, in the sense, that the performance score distribution curves (the Bell curves for men and woman) overlap pretty much on any performance that can be measured. There will be high scoring women, who outperform most men, and vice versa.

Masculists strongly encourage women to assert their full abilities in the work place, so that women can be FIPs (financially independent persons) so that they do not parasite off the money of a man, making him a manslave, ruining his life, especially when she divorces him in a fluffie feminist dominated divorce court, taking his kids, his house, half his possessions, forcing him to pay child support, and alimony often for life, thus ruining his life.

Masculists push the idea that young women need to be socialized by parents and educated by teachers to be FIPs, so that women can pull their financial weight and not parasite off a man, fluffie style.

So from the masculist perspective, women need to FIP up, i.e. become FIPs, and contribute to society, so the fact that some women outperform most men, is something the masculists commend, and encourage.

But, no, in the sense that due to the phenomenon of GMV (greater male variance), of female sexual selection of smarter males, of female hypergamy, and higher male testosterone levels, men outperform women at the top end of the performance scales in virtually everything.

Men’s performance scores have a higher variance than women’s, so over a whole population, men will have scores that place them in the very bottom, and at the very top, so in that IQ terms, for example, men are the morons, and the genii, so it is not surprising that men have won 99% of the science Nobel prizes.

In the distant past, women selected men sexually who were smarter. Smarter men were better hunters, more able to anticipate the behavior of the prey they hunted and were thus more likely to bring home the bacon to their dependent girlfriends and to her kids. Women were more likely to mate with smarter men. A similar logic holds for men who were bigger, stronger, fiercer, more aggressive than the average man.

Bigger, stronger, fiercer, more aggressive men were better able to protect his woman from attack from big, strong, fierce aggressive men from enemy tribes, so that these women were more likely to survive, due to her big, strong, fierce, aggressive, man’s protection.

As a result of this female sexual selection of smarter men, men have a higher IQ average than women by 4 IQ points, so the top IQ scorers are male. Men also have a 10% higher IQ variance than women, so this adds to the imbalance at the top end of the achievement scale, resulting in the fact that the genii are males.

IQ is not the only factor creating high achievement. Another powerful factor is motivation, doggedness, persistence. Men’s much greater levels of testosterone in their bodies, make men a lot more aggressive than women, more ambitious, more dogged, more persistent, so men achieve difficult tasks much more readily than women, which result in men having a much higher prestige level in society than women.

Thus with a higher average IQ of 4 IQ points than women, a 10% higher IQ variance than women, and much higher testosterone levels, it is to be expected that men vastly outperform women in general achievement, which is why men dominate the entries in the Who’s Who books, that provide the biographies of famous people, virtually all males, i.e. famous men. The term famous women, is almost an oxymoron because such women are rare.

  • Women are as smart as men.

This claim has already been refuted in the reply to the above first claim. But, for the majority of people, the extensive overlap of the performance score bell curves for the two sexes means that women can make considerable contributions to work, as men, just not at the top end, i.e. at the genius end.

Just because men are the genii who dominate the top positions in just about anything, does not mean that women should feel second class citizens, because male genii are rare by definition. For the vast bulk of humanity, female performance levels are quite adequate to be able to deliver a good performance at work. Women have nothing to be ashamed of. They can pull their own.

But, as a sex, women cannot compete with men at the top end of the scale, so it is to be expected than men will dominate in everything, because of those factors mentioned above, i.e. higher average IQ, GMV, higher testosterone, etc. Thus when comparing the sexes, of course men will come out on top. Men simply are the superior sex when it comes to performance at work. That is just an empirical fact that women just have to accept.

Because women evolved to be baby factories and child minders, when men were out hunting, men evolved to be curious about the world, to understand it, so as to be able to better master it, to control it, so that they could be better hunters, to bring back more protein to their women and their children.

Men have higher curiosity levels than women. Women are more passive about the nature of the world, and hence are much less driven with curiosity to want to understand how the world works, so make less able scientists than women.

Women’s lower curiosity, results in women being much less interesting conversational partners to men than other men. If it weren’t for women’s vaginas, that men are constantly striving to penis, then men would be little interested in women, because women tend to have few original opinions, to be less curious about the world, are much less well informed about the world, and hence are rather boring to talk to, when one removes women’s sexual attraction to a man.

Women evolved to use sex to attract men’s interest, which explains why women are the sexiest of mammals. Women evolved to be prostitutes to men, in order to be more effective parasites on men, in order to be able to bribe men more effectively, trading access to her vagina, for scarce male hunted meat, for her and her babies.

  • The blame for women’s situation falls almost exclusively on men.

This is probably the feminist doctrine most despised by men. The feminists are often labeled by masculists as feminazis to express masculists’ contempt for this aspect of feminist doctrine. To give a clear and simple example of this feminist tendency to blame men for all women’s problems, take the infamous “pay gap” between the sexes.

The feminists will claim that the average female earns about 80% of what the average male earns, and conclude from this fact that men discriminate against women in the work place, not promoting women to higher positions, resulting in women earning less than men.  To feminists, the pay gap is proof of men’s prejudice against women. Feminists blame men for the pay gap.

To masculists, this conclusion of the feminists is childish, irresponsible and contemptible. Sure there is some truth to what the feminists say. In the 60s and 70, there was a lot of resistance from men against women entering the work force, so the feminists are half right.

But the feminazi solipsistic inability to place themselves in the shoes of men, and see why women earn less from a male perspective, reflects negatively on women, especially on feminazis.

Women also earn less than men for many other reasons that are mostly to do with women’s choices, e.g. women drop out of the work force to have kids for a number of years, so become relative to men, less experienced at the job. Young women in their 20s, before they have kids, now actually out-earn men.

Women with kids, work less, to spend more time at home with their kids. Women are less qualified than men, and hence are not paid as much. Women are less ambitious than men, due to lower testosterone levels, etc.

Thus there is a string of reasons why women earn less than men, and most of them are due to women’s choices, not men’s prejudice against women, yet the feminazis, with boring and blind repetitiveness, trot out the same old canard year after year, failing to learn the above simple counter arguments. They make themselves look stupid in the eyes of the masculists.

Masculists want women to behave as adults, taking responsibility, as EMO FIPs, i.e. equal moral obligations FIPs, i.e. expecting on moral grounds, that women have a moral obligation to FIP up equally with men, and pull their own financial weight.

Masculists expect women to grow up and to toughen up, so that girls are socialized as much as boys to become responsible FIPs as adults.

There is growing talk amongst the leaders of the masculists and MGTOWs (men going their own way) that if women do not grow up and take responsibility for their own lives, and stop blaming men for everything, then men will come to see women as truly child-like, and hence should not be given adult responsibility, i.e. adult rights, i.e. men will take away women’s rights, especially the right to vote, so there is a lot at stake here for women.

If women don’t help men menfair the gender laws for example, then men will increasingly look upon women as children and hence will treat women as children, which will cause the feminists to hate men all the more. But it’s a two way street. Women are largely responsible for their own situation, so if they want to change it, they have to change themselves as well. Women need to FIP up.

  • Differences in gender are cultural, not genetic.

Some are, others not. Since the rise of second wave feminism, there has been a lot of research done on gender differences, and the verdict is that “It’s both.” For example, recent neuroscience research has shown that the neural regions in men’s brains are connected more front to back, whereas women’s are more connected side to side, i.e. ear to ear. IQ studies have shown that men are smarter by an average of 4 IQ points and have a 10% larger IQ variance. Women’s brains are also 10% smaller in volume than men’s, a most damnable fact for women. So of course, women invent almost nothing, create almost nothing, build almost nothing.

Simple observation with the play of small children, shows that boys are far more interested in violent games, pretending to kill each other, whereas young girls tend to play more cooperatively, and with gentler activities,

There has been a ton of research on sex differences. If one knows anything about Darwinian evolution then it makes sense that men and women evolved to perform different tasks. Women evolved to be baby factories and to raise the next generation. Men evolved to hunt and provide food for their families.

Men evolved to find women who were healthy and fertile, to be the most sexually attractive, for obvious survivability reasons.

Women evolved to find men sexually attractive who were better providers. Women evolved to be parasites on men, because they were stuck at home with useless infants incapable of finding their own food, like other animals. Human babies had to be born prematurely so that the baby’s head could continue to grow after the birth, due to the limits on the size of the mother’s birth canal.

As brain science matures in the future, it is likely that there will be more and more talk of the male and females brains, and their differences.

For example, it would not surprise me at all, if those few women who excel at traditional male activities, e.g. pure math and math physics, have had their brains androgenized when they were in the womb, and so had their brains wired up more in the male pattern than in the female pattern, which is why they behaved like boys in their childhood.

Feminists need to bother to learn more science, so that they can update their old fashioned, ill-informed views of sex differences. Saying that sex differences are due only to social influences, is way too simplistic, and just plain wrong. Feminazis who claim that sex differences are purely cultural in nature, merely discredit themselves, making themselves look fools in the eyes of masculist scientists who study these things.

  • Women should occupy half of the positions at all levels of society.

No, that would be unfair to men, because men are smarter, and more ambitious than women. To put less qualified, less brilliant women in top positions, is to exclude more deserving men. It would be discrimination against men, and hence feminist hypocrisy, because it is precisely against male prejudice against women that the feminists are fighting for, yet, they want to commit the same discrimination against men. That’s feminazi sexist hypocrisy.

Once again, the feminist attitude on this claim is based on ignorance, on an inadequate knowledge of science. Too many feminists are isscienates, i.e. ignorant of science, unable to reason scientifically, and hence have opinions that are poorly science based, science informed. Women need to study more science in high school, choosing to study career competent majors, such as math, and the sciences in their last two years of high school, so that they can study career competent majors at university, to become responsible FIPS as adults, and not parasite off a man.

Feminists need to be taught to accept the principle that people should be given equal opportunities according to merit, to performance level. If women are genetically less capable than men, then the best jobs should go more to men, so that society as a whole benefits from the greater efficiency.

Anyone when pressed, would prefer to have their brain operated on by a most competent male surgeon than by a female brain surgeon who got her job more by gender quota than real merit and performance ability.

  • Today’s men should be punished by women for past crimes against women.

Two wrongs don’t make a right. It is highly debatable that men committed crimes against women in the past. It is feminist doctrine to blame men for everything wrong with women’s lives. That is childish of them, and in the future, may end up causing men to lose patience with feminazi childishness, and then stripping women of their rights, taking away women’s right to vote.

Masculists want a society that is gender fair, specially a FIP Society, where both sexes as children are socialized by parents and educated by teachers to be FIPs, so that people do not parasite off the labor of another person, the way traditionally, fluffies did to manslaves, with men working for women.

Masculists are very conscious that many feminazis are out to seek revenge on men.

It has probably not escaped many men’s notice that so many of the feminazis today are “fat fours,” i.e. overweight or obese, not very pretty (i.e. four out of 10 in looks) and feminazis, i.e. “triple Fs” (fat four feminazis) whom men find utterly repulsive, so avoid like the plague, not even pumping and dumping them.

No man wants a relationship with a misandrist, man dumping, feminazi bitch. Such women are punished by men, by not getting one. Such triple Fs are left rotting on the shelf, utterly ignored, punishing them for being misandrist feminazis, who use feminism as a form of revenge against men for men rejecting them. These triple Fs can change two of their three afflictions. They can control the number of calories they stuff into their fat faces, and they can learn to be nicer to men, otherwise they will remain in their current state of manlessness, and hence will remain sexless, loveless, babyless and spat at for being feminazi bitches by men.

  • Masculinity is toxic and should be controlled.

Too many feminazis are isscienates. They know too little science. If they knew some biology, especially evolution, they would know that women sexually selected men to be bigger than women are, tougher, stronger, fiercer, more aggressive than they are, and smarter for reasons given earlier. Women sexually selected men to be like this.

But in today’s world, many feminazis in their isscienate ignorance, claim that men make the wars, men commit most of the crimes, men dominate the jails, that masculinity is toxic, so needs to be feminized, so women need to take control of society, and impose female values and standards on society.

That idea is unrealistic. For a start, men are smarter and a lot more aggressive than women, so if women really try to impose their standards on men, then men could collectively decide enough is enough and put their male foot down.

Since the law is ultimately backed up by male force, if the male police and military decide that women are to be put down, then men could do that so easily. Women are a lot less aggressive and much physically weaker than men, so would not stand a chance. Women would just meekly accept what men tell them to do, because they have no other choice. They are women, and evolved to accept what men tell them to do. That was nature’s way.

Men only tolerate women’s many negative qualities, because men want to fuck women. Men want to get their penises into women’s vaginas. That too is nature’s way, nature’s recipe to create the next generation. Women are hungry to have babies, especially in their 30s, when their biological clock is winding down, and men want to penis women. Put the two together, and you get babies.

The conclusion I’m hoping you will come away with from all the above is that so much of feminazi dogma, is just that, dogma, not making much sense, in the light of modern science, so that as women become better educated into scientific thinking, they will see feminism as more of a superstition, telling women what they want to hear rather than the realities.

Feminism is like religion in that respect, making women feel good, but it’s not realistic. It’s nice to be able to believe that there is some big daddy up there who loves you, who will give you eternal life, and let you live in a heaven after you die. What delightful delusions that many religionists gullibly believe in, these wishful fantasies, these childlike desires.

Similarly with feminism. There are too many wishful feminazi fantasies, e.g. the claims made above. Too many feminazis live in a fairyland, believing what they want to believe, without evidence. As society pushes the evidence more strongly onto women and society in general, then women will learn to give up these childlike fairytales, and stop believing on them, thus abandoning their feminazi beliefs and hence become nicer to men, helping men menfair the gender laws, so that men can be liberated from the many oppressions perpetrated on men by women, particularly regarding the horrible divorce laws for men, and the lack of the Parer.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

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