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I’m an ARCer (after retirement careerer), free to do what I want, which is to go with my campchair to the local park and study pure math texts at PhD level, which is my passion. ARCing is something I suggest to all MGTOWs, because it allows men to be free, free from wage slavery, where some employer dictates to you what you will spend 8 hours a day doing, for decades of your life, whether you like doing it or not, and free from a fluffie parasite who man-slaves you to pay for her to raise kids in your house that you pay for, and from time to time, she might give you a bit of sex to keep you chasing the carrot.

Everyone has to have money to live, so to be an ARCer and be free for as long as possible, here is a bit of advice on how to achieve that goal. Study hard as a preper in the first third of your life. Get a good FIP (financially independent person) education, that gives you a skill that allows you to earn good money. Avoid fluffies like the plague, twaytwef (2A2F = 2apartments, 2FIPs) with a FIP woman if you want regular sex and a bit of company, live modestly in a modest one person apartment, and save and invest hard, so that in your 40s you can afford to retire and move to a poor, cheap, third world country and ARC for the rest of your life, pursuing your passions full time.

I do that in China, although you’d need to be “strongly living in your own head” to come to a third world, politically backward, shithole like China. I suggest go to a democratic poor country that at least has freedom of speech, and an uncensored internet in which you wont feel degraded by, as I do in China. Try maybe the Philippines or Central America, which is friendly to westerners and poor, with a low living cost.

ARCing is a very attractive life style for men, if you choose to avoid fluffies and avoid getting a woman pregnant, because as soon as she’s pregnant, our gynocentric, fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts will gobble you up as a man slave for the rest of your life.

If you’re a woman, and you have an unwanted pregnancy, you have the legal right in many countries to an abortion. You have a legal “maternity rejection right” (Marer). So where is the Parer (paternity rejection right)? Well, there isn’t one, not in any country. Why is that? Why is there such a blatant form of sexual discrimination against men, forcing them into a unwanted pregnancy that will ruin their lives, by enslaving them to some fluffie who in many cases accidentally got pregnant on purpose, because that is the primary genetic function of women. Women’s whole evolutionary history is about getting pregnant.

Since I’m a math (and physics) guy I spend a lot of time proving things. One of the most powerful proof methods in math is called “proof by contradiction” which works as follows. Say you’re trying to prove X. If you use the proof by contradiction method, then you start your argument with the opposite of X, i.e. notX. You then deduce mathematically conclusions that follow from this assumption notX. If these conclusions contradict what you already know to be true, then you can conclude that the original assumption, i.e. notX must be false, i.e. notnotX is true, which equals X, so you have proved it.

So, lets assume there is a Parer. What are the consequences for women and how will those consequences compare with the reality of women’s circumstances today? Will there be blatant contradictions? You bet! Here goes.

A fluffie’s biological clock is ticking hard. She stops taking the pill, and lies to her boyfriend about it, then announces she is pregnant. The boyfriend gives her the third degree and eventually get her to confess she stopped taking the pill. The boyfriend flies into a rage saying “You criminal fluffie bitch. Just because YOU want a kid, you try to rope me into paying for it. Well fuck you, you criminal bitch. I’m so pissed off, I’m leaving you. I’ll go straight to my local J.P. (justice of the peace) and fill in a paternity rejection form. If you go ahead with this pregnancy, the WHOLE financial responsibility for the kid is yours. But, you’re a fluffie. You studied fluffie crap at university. You didn’t shift your arse, so you don’t earn good money the way I do, so if you don’t abort, you will have a kid who will grow up as poor as you are, you stupid cunt. Go rot in hell. What you did was CRIMINAL, and has cost you your boyfriend. I’m debating whether to prosecute you, but how would I prove it. It would be my word against yours. So have a nice life, you criminal fluffie bitch. Good riddance.”

Now, multiply this story by millions, over the whole population of a large country. Imagine a similar story happening millions of times. What changes would occur if men had the Parer?

Women would be under much greater pressure to be FIPs, because knowing that they cant manslave a man by getting pregnant, they will have to pay their own way, and pay for the kid on their own. So these women would have to shift their fat lazy arses and become FIPs. That would mean they would have to study FIP subjects at high school and university. 16 year old women would be telling themselves, “I don’t like math and the sciences. I want to study the easier subjects (that my masculist boy friend calls fluffie crap) like history, languages, literature, etc. BUT, if I do that, then with so many millions of men going MGTOW and masculist, refusing to have relationships with fluffies, I wont get a man. I’ll belong to that army of women who are manless. SO I DONT WANT TO BECOME A FLUFFIE. I want to have a man. I really want to have babies, so I will HAVE TO BECOME A FIP, or I’ll be manless.

So, I’ll have to bite the bullet. I’ll have to toughen up, and woman up, and study the tough stuff, so I can study the same tough stuff (FIP majors) at university, in the professions and the techs, so I can earn good money, so I can have my own baby on my own, and paid for with my own money, if necessary. But if I study fluffie crap, my chances of getting a man and a baby are low. That’s scary, so I’ll bite the bullet, I’ll toughen up. I’ll be FIP, I’ll be an adult. I’ll take responsibility for my own life and not expect to be able to parasite on some man the way my mother did. She’s now divorced, old, fat, fuckless, and bitter that no man will date her. She has only herself to blame. My father calls her “the fat fluffie bitch.”

Now contrast the attitudes of that 16 year old woman with those of millions of women today. Most women still expect men to pay for them, even feminists, which is why masculists label such feminists “fluffie feminists” to emphasize the hypocrisy of such feminists, who want equal rights for women, but not equal obligations for women, namely pulling their weight financially, and getting a FIP education, so that they do NOT parasite on a man.

The contrast is black and white, a real contradiction. If there were a Parer, then women would have to GROW UP and become responsible, adult minded FIPs. But millions and millions of women don’t want to grow up and stand on their own two financial feet. They want to parasite on men, and have men do what these women want, by feeding them a bit of sex from time to time. These women can sit on their fat arses, and live a nice idle life while their man-slaves do all the work, as Jap women do to their workaholic (stupid) husbands. Same in Korea. (Two gender-role retard countries.)

So here we have the contradictions between the circumstances that would follow from a Parer, and the real life circumstances of today, where most women are fluffies when it comes to men. Women LIKE to parasite on men and WANT to parasite on men, so they DO NOT WANT a Parer. If fact, they don’t want it so badly, that they will fight tooth and nail not to have it legislated, but it is a losing battle, because men have an even more powerful weapon, namely that men are FIPs, and hence can force a woman not to be a fluffie, simply by not having a relationship with her, not giving her any money. A fluffie can only be a fluffie if she can get her financial claws into some robot male who’s prepared to be parasited upon by a fluffie wife. But the toxicity of the divorce courts have killed off the robot males. There are few of them left. In a decade, probably only one young man in ten will be a robot male.

With today’s two thirds of young men in the US under 35 refusing to marry and having kids, the birthrate is crashing. If the young generation continues to reproduce only a third of its number, then in a mere century, the US population will be wiped out. This BASIC REALITY will ensure that the gender politicians sooner or later MUST menfair the gender laws, by reforming the divorce laws  AND BRINGING IN THE PARER.

Once we have the Parer, everything changes. Women learn to behave as adults. Parents socialize their daughters to be adults and be responsible, to study FIP majors, and not expect to parasite on a man. Daughters will be told, “No calculus, no baby.” “Be FIP, or be manless!”

The tide is turning. Men will get the Parer, and women will be given a hefty kick up their fat, lazy, parasitic arses, and FORCED TO PULL THEIR FLUFFIE WEIGHT.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

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