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Prominent MGTOWs like Sandman, Turd Flinging Money (TFM), Thinking Ape etc (all pseudonyms), will soon need to change their strategies a bit. I say this because sooner or later, the critical message of the MGTOWs/masculists, that “Unless society is made menfair, and the gender laws are made menfair, the MGTOWs/masculists will wipe out whole populations by continuing to reject paternity!”

The Japanese version of MGTOW, called the Herbivores, are a decade older than North American MGTOW, so have had more time to affect the population size. The Japanese population has already started falling as a result, by a million in just a few years. With the current Japanese birth rate at about 1.4 children per woman, in a mere two decades, after the baby boomers have died off, the Japanese population will fall to about two thirds of its current size, to about 80 million. Japanese politicians are very conscious of this and have created a Minister of State to deal with the problem. There have been two of them so far, a man and a woman. They have had little effect, because they do not go to the heart of the problem, which is that young Japanese men simply refuse to live the manslave role of their salary man fathers, working 11 hour days, 3 hour commutes, handing over their pay checks to their parasitic fluffie housewives who play tennis while their husbands overwork.

Pretty soon western politicians and the media are going to wake up in the same way, and start asking why so many young western men are rejecting paternity, thus forcing the birth rate to crash, and eventually, the whole population to be wiped out.

I think that watershed moment in the west is at most a few years away, and may even be 2016 or 2017. I hope to play a role in this watershed moment. Once the broadcast media latches onto the big idea that if society is not made menfair, the MGTOWs/masculists are going to wipe out the whole population, then that is such a big story, such a big concept, that they will eventually really run with it, and make a very big deal of it.

Once that happens, once stories with titles like “Why are men refusing paternity? “ “What do the masculists want?” “Why are men going their own way?” etc. come out in the broadcast media, then the current efforts of Sandman, TFM, Thinking Ape etc. will seem like very small potatoes. These currently prominent MGTOWs will have the wind blown out of their sails. They will no longer be at the cutting edge of the MGTOW/movement. These guys reach 10,000s of guys per video. A major TV or print story reaches millions. So in that sense, the efforts of today’s MGTOWs is “small potatoes.”

So, once the broadcast media latches on to the main ideas of MGTOW/masculism and really brings them to the masses, so that nearly everyone is informed of them, what can Sandman, TFM, Thinking Ape etc do from then on as MGTOWs? I suggest they keep doing what they are doing to build the membership base of the MGTOW movement, continue generating the ideas, but make some changes, such as agreeing to be interviewed on the broadcast media, to use their expertise and experience discussing men’s issues, and bring that expertise to the masses.

But, getting on TV will be to blow their anonymity. I hope that Sandman has now built up enough financial independence to be able to do that, and similarly with TFM and Thinking Ape. If anything, the huge publicity they will get may act positively on them, getting them more work. If they do not give interviews, then yes, they will have the wind blown out of their sails and they will fade away into obscurity, eating their small potatoes, while more ambitious, further sighted, MGTOWs who get on the broadcast media, steal all their thunder, and rightfully so. A person who brings MGTOW/masculist ideas to the millions is hugely more valuable to these movements, than a video blogger who reaches 10,000s.

So I suggest these prominent MGTOWs brace themselves for some big changes that must come in the next year or two. They should be prepared to lose their anonymity, and develop their broadcast media presentation skills, mastering the sound bite, and invent pithy catchy phrases and memorable labels. I’ve always felt there was something rather cowardly using pseudonyms instead of being a named fighter up front.

Admittedly, I don’t have to worry about risking losing my job by being doxed by feminazi bitches, because I’m retired. Interestingly, I’ve never been confronted by a feminazi bitch to my ideas, so it’s never been an issue. Some of my male critics say that that’s because I’m a high status male (PhD, professor, media personality, etc.) so I’m the sort of male these fluffie feminist parasites want to leech off, so don’t want to piss me off with a feminazi tirade. That may be true. Another possibility, is that these feminazi bitches sense that if they do try to tirade me, I wont tirade them back, I’ll evaporate them with a ballistic explosion of male wrath, dominance and logic, and it will be VERY unpleasant for the feminazi bitch, especially if she’s fat, because I have an utter revulsion of fat unfuckable feminazis.

So, MGTOW bloggers out there – hold your breath for big changes coming. The movement is about to get on the broadcast media, sooner or later, probably sooner, and when that happens, strategies will need to be adapted. Be prepared.


Prof. Hugo de Garis


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