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It would be very nice for the MGTOW and masculist movements to have a big broadcast media event, such as getting on Russia Today (RT) which broadcasts in English to the whole planet with huge numbers of viewers and YouTube views. For example, in a few days from the time of this writing, an interview of me by Sophie Schevadnaze (granddaughter of the Soviet Russian leader) in her RT program “SophieCo” will be broadcast. I asked her how many people will see it. Her answer utterly floored me. She said that the TV views plus the YouTube video views will come to about a billion (with a b). That’s a seventh of the total population of the earth, so if what she says is true, then imagine the impact that such a world wide coverage on the ideas of the MGTOWs/masculists would have on the world population. It would achieve in a single program, reaching a billion people, what all the MGTOW/masculist YouTube videos over several years have not managed to achieve, i.e. bring the main ideas to the masses.

The interview I had was on the theme of the potential threat of massively intelligent machines, a topic that I have been pushing for several decades. (See my book on my website “The Artilect War : A Bitter Controversy Concerning Whether Humanity Should Build Godlike Massively Intelligent Machines” downloadable for free at

This book was written in 1998, so is nearly two decades old, which reminds me of the quip “It took him 20 years to become an overnight success!” Once the RT interview is up on YouTube I will link to it on my website of course, and then contact Sophie and her producer with suggestions for two future programs. I will try to persuade her that there are two hot topics that she might find interesting.

The first is to suggest interviewing my good friend Ben Goertzel, whom I consider may be one of the two guys on the planet to be the first to build a near human level artificial intelligence. Ben wrote a large book recently called “Engineering General Intelligence.” When I was interviewed I was talking about the rise of a new dominant species, that I call “artilects” (artificial intellects). But I’m just talking. Ben is actually building machines with ever greater intelligence, what he calls AGI (artificial general intelligence) i.e. machines that are smart at everything, not just in specialized domains, like Google, that is good at search, or cell phone signal routers, etc.

Perhaps if she interviews Ben, the program might be called “Building Near Human Level Artificial Intelligence (AI) within a Decade” or some such.

The second program suggestion might be called “The Paternity Strike and Population Annihilation” and would be a second interview with me. If Sophie likes the idea and goes ahead with it, the impact on the planet could be enormous, because so many people would see it or view it on YouTube (a billion views Sophie says!!!)

Typically, an interview with her consists of about 20 questions with short (less than a minute) answers. So here are some suggested questions and brief (shorthanded) answers. I’ll give about 10 questions.

Q1. Dr. de Garis, you say that men are going on strike against paternity. To what extent and why?

A1. Two thirds of young men under 35 in the US and Japan refuse to marry, refuse to have kids, and spend their money on themselves, due largely to the toxicity of the fluffie feminist takeover of the divorce courts, financially massacring roughly one in four married men, losing his kids, his house, paying child support, and alimony. Young men are so fed up with this, so much so that they refuse to marry, refuse to have kids, and thus are wiping out whole populations. This paternity strike is the most important issue of our times, because what is more important to humanity than humanity’s survival?

Q2.  What is a fluffie feminist?

A2.  A fluffie is a masculist (men’s lib) label for a traditional woman who expects to be able to parasite off a man’s money. She sees her manslave as a cash machine to pay for her to live in a middle class house so she can raise her kids in it. Masculists aim to wipe out fluffiedom, by refusing to have anything to do with fluffies, who then rot on the shelf to extinction. A fluffie feminist is a feminist who still has fluffie attitudes towards men, which the masculists see as hypocritical, i.e. wanting equal rights for women, but not equal obligations i.e. becoming FIPs (financially independent persons) and pulling their financial weight, by getting a FIP education and not expecting to parasite off a man.

Q3.  This sounds angry. Are men’s libbers angry at women?

A3. The MGTOWs (men going their own way) and the masculists are certainly angry at fluffies (based on the word “fluff” i.e. light, not serious, not adult, not responsible, not career competent, not FIP.) Masculists see fluffiedom as manslavery, and manslavery is slavery, and slavery is a war issue. The masculists are at war against the fluffies, forcing them to become FIPs, or they don’t get a man to have a relationship with. You can look on masculism as the 21st century equivalent of 19th century northern US abolitionism, which fought against negro slavery. Masculists are also angry at the hypocrisy of the fluffie feminists, who took over the divorce courts and made them toxic for men.

Q4.  How did the fluffie feminists take over the divorce courts?

A4.  By lobbying the gender politicians who make laws that affect gender politics, e.g. divorce, abortion right etc. These politicians argued that there are more female voters than male voters, so they gave women (i.e. fluffie feminists) what they wanted, i.e. that women have their cake and eat it too. The same fluffie feminists are dead set against the Parer (paternity rejection right) which would be the male equivalent of the Marer (maternity rejection right, a.k.a. abortion right). The Parer would allow a man to reject unwanted paternity. He could fill in a government form so that if the mother continued with the pregnancy, then the full financial cost of the kid would fall on her. The fact that women have the Marer but men don’t have the Parer is a blatant example of legal sexual discrimination against men. The idea of a Parer scares fluffies shitless, so they oppose it vehemently, because if it came in, it would mean that all women would have to become FIPs and be educated to be FIPs, e.g. studying STEM fields at university (science, tech, engineering, math) to be able to make good money to become FIPs as adults.

Q5. Why has society not heard about the MGTOW and masculist movements?

A5. The Japanese government has certainly heard of the Japanese “herbivore” men, who have been refusing marriage, and fatherhood a decade longer than in the US. The Japanese population has already fallen by a million in a mere few years, and will fall to two thirds its current figure within two decades as the baby boomers die off, i.e. from today’s 127 million to about 80 million. Unless the gender politicians give men what they want, i.e. to menfair society and the gender laws, then the MGTOWs/masculists will continue to reject fatherhood and thus wipe out whole populations. In the US, the MGTOW movement is only a few years old, so is too new for it to reach the general public in a big way. This interview will certainly help launch MGTOW/masculist ideas with the masses, the general public.

Q6.  What are the differences between the MGTOW and masculist movements?

A6.  The MGTOWs are politically passive. They argue that the gender politicians are so biased in favor of women, that they will not listen to men, so the only strategy left to MGTOWs is to just quietly walk away from the traditional role of the man to be a manslave to a woman, a cash machine, so that the population crashes and the MGTOWs bring down the gynocentric culture. Masculists are much more politically active, pushing to get on the broadcast media, and arguing that the rejection of fatherhood is the men’s movement’s most powerful weapon, its strongest argument. By telling the gender politicians that “If you don’t menfair the gender laws (e.g. re divorce, bringing in the Parer, etc) then we men’s libbers will continue to reject paternity, and wipe out the whole population. So you must listen to us.”

Q7. How will the masculists force women to be FIPs?

A7.  By refusing to have anything to do with fluffies. A fluffie can only be a fluffie if she can get her financial claws into some manslave who is prepared to be parasited upon by a fluffie, but the supply of such men is drying up. In the US two thirds (70%) of young men under 35 refuse the traditional manslave role. They don’t marry, they don’t have kids, and spend their money on themselves. Many MGTOWs are so fed up with feminist influenced young women with their “princess mentality” expecting men to grovel at their feet if they want any of their vaginas, that they refuse to even date women, just like the herbivore men in Japan. Masculists put strong moral pressure on fluffies to be FIPs, with slogans such as “Be FIP or be manless!” “Fluffies rot on the shelf!” “No calculus, no baby!” Masculists see most of the so-called “fluffie crapper” damage is done at the age of 16 with women, when they decide to study fluffie crap, i.e. the soft, non math, non science option, so that they will be excluded from STEM field education at university. They end up with a university diploma that is useless in the market place, so are unable to afford a middle class house in their 30s so look around for some manslave to pay for the house she wants to raise her kids in. In other words, these “fluffie crapper” 16 year olds, have decided to become fluffies and to enslave men. Masculists push parents, teachers, professors, journalists, the media, the gender politicians and society in general to socialize and educate young women to be FIPs, or they won’t get a man.

Q8.  So how will men and women get on until the gender politicians menfair society and the gender laws?

A8. Men are driven by their DNA to want to penis women, so many MGTOWs and masculists choose to live the so-called “twaytwef” lifestyle. Twaytwef = 2A2F, i.e. two apartments, two FIPs, where the man and the woman are both FIPs and both have their own apartment. This way the man gets the regular sex he needs, without paying the horrible traditional price of being a manslave to a fluffie wife with a one in four chance of being financially massacred in a fluffie feminist dominated divorce court. When the relationship goes sour, he just walks away to his apartment, and she to hers, cost free to the man – no divorce because no marriage, no loss of house, nor alimony, because the woman was a FIP, no child support because no kids. Masculists are so angry with fluffies that they won’t even twaytwef with them, as a form of punishment, forcing them to become FIPs or they remain manless, loveless, sexless, babyless, poor, and increasingly shunned by a society becoming ever more sympathetic to men’s lib issues.

Q9.  How do masculists politicize?

By setting up men’s lib groups in every high school to put moral pressure on the fluffie crappers to study math and the sciences to become FIPs as adults. By setting up men’s lib groups in every college and university, so that female students choose to study career competent majors, not fluffie crap. By taking their ideas to the media, getting journalists interested in their ideas and spreading them to the masses. By lobbying the gender politicians, with the threat that if they don’t menfair the gender laws and don’t systematically remove legal discriminations against men, then men will wipe out the population, by refusing to reproduce. Universities need to set up men’s studies programs. Movies on the MGTOW/masculist themes need to be made to make the billions conscious of our current gynocentric society, which cares little for men’s needs. Women need to be educated that men outperform women at the top end of the scale in just about everything. Men are smarter than women. Men have a 10% higher IQ variance than women, so have won 99% of the science Nobel prizes. Women need to be taught that men are the superior sex who should be respected instead of the opposite as preached by feminism, as is the case today on the broadcast media.

Q10.  What are some of the main MGTOW ideas?

A10.  The main one is the so-called “red pill” which is taken from the movie “The Matrix” By taking the red pill you learn about the negative truth rather than taking the blue pill, which means you remain asleep, believing comforting lies. The red pill for MGTOWs is the idea that “women do not love men, they love men’s exploitability.” Women evolved that way, to be dependent on male protein from the hunt, because they were stuck at home with the babies and small children. Without support from males, they would have died, so they evolved to become the sexiest of the mammals to bribe men to give them protein in exchange for female sex. If a man loses his exploitability, she will coldly drop him and move on to the next exploitable male. Men have been traditionally brainwashed that women love men, but women don’t. Women are not loyal to men if they lose their exploitability. Women are loyal to themselves and to their kids. Another important MGTOW idea is that women are hypergamous, i.e. always on the lookout for a more exploitable male if a realistic opportunity arises. Women are genetically programmed to be dependent, to be prostitutes, to men in a manner of speaking, so it makes Darwinian sense for women to optimize their exploitation of males for the sake of the greater survivability of their children.

Q11 etc, etc.


The above questions and answers give you an idea of how such a SophieCo interview might go. It lasts about 25 minutes, so many of the main ideas could be transmitted to a billion people – a billion people! Wow. Such is the impact of RT, a real media phenomenon of our times.

Fingers crossed. I may even send this flyer to Sophie and her producer to see what they think of a program on “The Paternity Strike and Population Annihilation.”


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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