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Have you noticed that Sandman is happy to only report on the gender status quo?! He doesn’t spend much time nor energy on means to change the status quo in favor of men.

For example, when women shame men to get married and become manslaves to parasitic fluffies, he doesn’t say anything about what masculists would do under the same circumstances. Masculists are political and very in your face with women. If some fluffie feminist hypocrite starts shaming a man to be a manslave to a fluffie, if that man is a masculist he would shame her right back with masculist rhetoric – for example.

FFH :  “When are you going to get married?”

M :  ” I have no intention of ever marrying and becoming a manslave to a fluffie parasite. I will twaytwef (2A2F = 2 apartments, 2 FIPs (financially independent persons)) to get the regular sex I need, but the woman has to have her own apartment and must be FIP, otherwise I wont go near her. I’m a masculist and have a hatred of fluffie parasites. I see them as immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin to be wiped out. We masculists’ main political goal is to wipe out manslavery world wide this century. We do that by wiping out the fluffies, not by killing them, but simply ignoring them to death, by letting them rot on the shelf to extinction, so that their fluffie genes are removed from the gene pool.

A woman who wants a kid, will look around for some manslave to parasite upon, to have him pay for the house that she will raise HER kids in. She will have had some 40 different penises in her by the time she in is her 30s and her biological clock is ticking hard. She sees men as exploitable, and does not have any loyalty to an individual man. If her current man loses his exploitability, she will coldly dump him and look for a more exploitable male. We masculists hate being treated as cash machines by fluffies and fluffie feminists. We have a saying “I’m more than a cash machine, you bitch!”

If you women don’t get off your fluffie parasitic bums, you will be punished by masculists by simply not having a man. We masculists are political and get on the media, preaching masculist ideas to the general public, to raise men’s consciousness, making men see fluffies for what they are, immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin, and learn to hate them, and then to punish them, by not going near them, forcing them to become FIPs, or rot on the shelf. We men have the power to do that, since most men are socialized to be FIPs, whereas 3/4 of young women at 16 in high school, choose to study fluffie crap, making them fluffies in their 30s who expect to be able to sexploit a man. Well, the supply of manslavable men is drying up fast.

In the major countries, e.g. the US, Japan, Germany etc, 70% of young men under 35 refuse to marry, refuse to have kids, and spend their money on themselves, due largely to the hypocrisy of the fluffie feminist takeover of the divorce courts, which financially massacre roughly one married father in four, ruining his life, taking his kids with 90% probability, giving his house to the fluffie ex-wife so she can raise HER kids in it, forcing him to pay child support to kids he will barely see, and often pay alimony so that the fluffie ex-wife can remain parasiting off him after the divorce, the way she did before the divorce.

You see why masculists hate fluffies and aim to wipe them out. We have an even greater hatred of fluffie feminists, because they are not only fluffies  but fluffie hypocrites. They want equal rights with men, but reject equal obligations with men, i.e. they don’t bother to become career competent FIPs, expecting to be able to parasite off the money of a man.

Well, the masculists have news for these fluffie bitches. They will either FIP up, or they will be punished, by not getting a man. We masculists tell men to avoid fluffies like the plague. They will only parasite off you. They don’t love you, they love your exploitability. They are immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin, to be wiped out.”

That’s an example of how masculists change the gender status quo, by being political with women, and spreading the above ideas to the media and to society at large, so that women learn to be afraid that if they don’t FIP up, then they will not only not get a man, they will be increasingly spat at by a society that is ever better informed of masculist ideas, and along with the masculists, see fluffies as a type of woman to be wiped out.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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