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Imagine it’s a few years into the future, say around 2020, and that MGTOW and masculist ideas have become main stream, taken up by the broadcast media, to such a point that nearly everyone is more or less familiar with MGTOW/masculist arguments, including women, so that women are capable of recognizing a typical MGTOW/masculist when they see one.

Imagine the following confrontation between a feminazi (who is now a single mother, divorced, who financially massacred her ex-husband, taking his kids from him, his house, getting child support from him, and alimony, so that he now lives in his car) and a masculist, that takes place in a fast fat restaurant (e.g. a hamburger restaurant).

FEMINAZI (looking at the MGTOW/masculist) :

“You’re one of those MGTOWs aren’t you?! One of those selfish men who don’t help women raise families. You go your own way, and don’t care about raising the next generation. You are so selfish, you deserve to be shunned by women. Look at you. You’re poor, your clothes are dirty and haven’t been changed for days. You don’t contribute anything to society. You are totally selfish and a real menace to society. Men like you are hated by women. We see you as the enemy. We hate you.”


“Go fuck yourself you feminazi bitch! Women like you are the most hated category of women, for MGTOWs and masculists. Unfortunately for you, I’m a masculist and I piss on fluffie feminists hypocrites like you, and punish you by ignoring you to death. We masculists have the political goal, as you may have heard in the media, to wipe out manslavery, by wiping out fluffies and fluffie feminist hypocrites. I notice that you have kids and there’s no man around. I bet you’re divorced and got sole custody of the kids, that you took his house, that you get child support from him and maybe even alimony. Ah, I see from your blushing that you do get alimony.

All those things make you hated by the masculists. You are vermin to us. You don’t love men, you love men’s exploitability. Well, we men hate being treated as cash machines to bloody fluffie parasites, and rebel against the traditional man slave role. We masculists are forcing fluffie feminazi hypocrites like you to get off your parasitic fluffie arse and FIPup, become FIPs (financially independent persons) or rot on the shelf.

You feminazis expect men to be manslaves to you, so you can sit on your fat parasitic arses at home raising YOUR kids, and have HIM pay for it all. Well fuck you lady, you man slaver, you contemptible parasite, you hated immoral, manslaving bloody fluffie. We masculists despise women like you and are working towards wiping you out, by ignoring you to death.

That’s why you don’t have a new man. Men have woken up. They know that women don’t love them, that women only pretend to, but in reality, love men’s exploitability, as shown clearly by the treatment by fluffie bitches of their ex-husbands in the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts, financially massacring one married father in four, that’s a million men a year in the US, destroying their lives.

I can see from the hatred in your eyes that you would like to kill me. Well, the feeling is mutual, the only difference is that we masculists are actually doing that, i.e. killing 100s of millions of fluffies and fluffie feminist hypocritical bitches like yourself, by ignoring you to death, wiping you out, forcing your fluffie parasite genes to be removed from the gene pool, because we men have the financial power to kill off fluffies.

A fluffie can only be a fluffie by getting her financial claws into some manslave, but thanks to us, by preaching to men about MGTOW and masculist ideas, we are causing men to reject the traditional manslave role and become MGTOWs and masculists. There are 100s of millions of us now and we are changing society and soon the gender laws, making them fair to men. Women like you are dying off, thank god.

Young women use you now as anti-models. They don’t want to be like you, because you have been rejected by men, punished by men. You are now a cat lady, manless, loveless, sexless, and hated by MGTOWs and masculists.

Increasingly, you are being hated by young women, because they see that women like you have taken over the divorce courts and made them toxic for men, so it’s not surprising ¾ of young men now refuse to marry, refuse to have kids and spend their money on themselves. They have good reason to hate women like you. These young women blame feminazi bitches like you for not being able to persuade young men to give them their sperm, so these young women are being made babyless as a result. Soon, you feminazi bitches will be hated by not only men, but by nearly all young women. The tide is solidly turning against you. “

The other people in the hamburger restaurant were very quiet, listening to the articulate reasoning of the MGTOW/masculist and were lapping up every word. When he had finished, the restaurant exploded into heated conversation between the men and women in the restaurant, with the women taking mostly the woman’s side and the men taking mostly the man’s side, and with considerable passion from both sexes.

This kind of sex war is coming. It’s only a few years away, once society has become familiar with MGTOW/masculist ideas. Then the hatred will build up. Feminazis will feel bitter, that they are raising kids on their own, and the MGTOWs/masculists will feel a hatred towards a society that treats them like shit, so they treat society, especially fluffies and fluffie feminist hypocrites like shit too, ignoring them to death, wiping them out, removing their fluffie genes from the gene pool.

I really think, we will see such events frequently before 2020. I make this prediction.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis



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