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Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


This flyer looks at the phenomenon of male chauvinism, but from a masculist perspective, showing why it exists and why it is perfectly justified, something the feminazis will just have to accept, because it will never go away for genetic reasons.

In the 70s, I used to be an avid male feminist. I was hoping that feminism would change women away from being the vapid housewives of the 50s and 60s when I was growing up, into women who had minds that they used, with original opinions, who were stimulating to talk to, unlike my mother’s generation, who were so intellectually vacuous, that I could not take them seriously.

So, I read a lot about feminism at that time, and absorbed their ideas into my own personality. One of the main ideas of the feminists of the 70s, i.e. second wave feminists (who pushed for political and economic rights, e.g. equal pay for equal work, equal access to the professions, the right to reject an unwanted pregnancy (aka abortion right) etc.) was the idea of “male chauvinism” i.e, the unconscious attitude of men that men were superior to women, that men didn’t really listen to women, not take them seriously, treating women really only as fuck holes, without respectable minds, i.e. as having child minds, that men could not take seriously.

This attitude of men infuriated the feminists of the time, so they chose a derogatory term, to express their contempt of it, namely “male chauvinism.”

This flyer explains why men have such attitudes towards women, and justifies why men do have these attitudes. This flyer states that these “male chauvinist” attitudes are realistic and unavoidable, given the genetic differences that women have relative to men.

I’ll begin, by stating how I was prompted to write this flyer, and how this experience reminded me of my readings of feminist literature in the 70s and 80s.

Recently, I was watching a documentary on YouTube on time travel, where the experts in the field (all men of course) were introduced by a pretty young airhead, who obviously knew nothing about the field, but who was able to read, i.e. read a teleprompter.

Each time, she came on, I felt irritated. I felt, why is this pretty young thing, this airhead, on this show, introducing and elaborating on what the male experts, of world reputation, were saying. It felt forced, unnatural, incongruous. Why was this silly woman here? Why was she put there?

I assume, it was for marketing reasons, i.e. to encourage more pretty young things, i.e. innumerate, isscienate, females to be more motivated to watch it, if they saw someone of their own kind, introducing all these famous, big brained, male world experts, in a topic as abstruse and highly mathematical as time travel, that is based on tensor calculus and Einstein’s general theory of relativity, which is masters level mathematical physics, that probably only one person in a hundred has the brains, i.e. the IQ, to understand, and probably only one person in a thousand, who has both the brains AND the interest to bother to teach themselves all the technical details.

So this pretty airhead, this innumerate, isscienate incongruity, ruined the documentary for me. I felt irked watching her.

It reminded me when I was a teenager, seeing sexy, fuckable, 20 year old females in bikinis, lounging on the fenders of sports cars at car shows. I had the same feeling then, asking myself “What are these fuckable airhead femaliens doing with these cars?” It was only later, that I came to have an intuitive understanding that it was a marketing trick of the sports car manufacturers, trying to appeal to the unconscious reasoning of the potential male customers, “Buy the car, and this kind of female will be attracted enough to you to want to fuck you.”

These two instances, got me thinking about the feminist contempt for male chauvinism, because it was precisely that attitude that I was manifesting, towards the pretty airhead on the YouTube documentary on time travel, and the nubile fuckables on the sports cars.

But now, I’m a masculist, a scientist, a PhDed, full research professor, teaching PhD level pure math and math physics to be world for free with my YouTube lecture course videos and the electronic libraries I build in these and other subjects by putting up 10,000s of links to full content technical books, supplied by Google.

So, this prompted me to think – “Hmm, I’m showing a male chauvinist attitude towards these female airheads. That would piss off the feminazis.” That is how I would have thought in the 70s, but I’m writing this in the 10s, four decades later, and am now a masculist scientist, so what are my attitudes now?

I will spend the next few paragraphs justifying the “male chauvinist” attitudes of men, and then follow that with suggestions on how masculists can use these male chauvinist attitudes to help them menfair the gender laws, and to attack and undermine the current cultural dominance of the feminazis.

Firstly, we men need some relabeling. The term “male chauvinist” is obviously biased towards the feminists, so what could we men use that would be more favorable to men? This flyer will claim that men are naturally superior to, and dominate women at the top of the performance scale, so how about simply using the term “male dominance?” I will used this term from now on.

Why is male dominance unavoidable? For genetic reasons. In many of my flyers, I push the idea of natural superiority of men over women at the top end of the performance scale. For example, men have a higher average IQ score compared to women, by 4 IQ points. Men have a 10% higher IQ variance than women (very accurately measured from the 100,000s of US school kids who have their IQs measured each year, so the IQ variance ratio is very accurately known each year, and it comes out monotonously at 1.1, 1.1, …) so that the morons and the genii are male.

Women have 10% smaller brains than men, so have 10% smaller neural processing capacities than men, so it is not surprising than women have invented almost nothing, created almost nothing, built almost nothing, compared to men. It is men who build societies, and women parasite off them, to raise the next generation.

It is for this reason, that in all cultures, boy babies are more valued than girl babies, because from long experience, all cultures know that a boy baby is much more likely to grow up to be a highly productive member of the culture than a girl baby, who will become just another baby factory, and child minder, which no matter how vital, is not status worthy, because any woman can fuck and raise kids.

Men have much higher testosterone levels than women, so are a lot more aggressive, ambitious, dogged, persistent, so achieve far more than women, hence dominate the entries in the “Who’s Who” books. Men just do more, produce more, outshine women across the board, which is why societies, all societies, value men’s contributions more than women’s, with the obvious exceptions of women’s monopolies of vagina and womb.

But even those two traditional monopolies that women have had, are about to be superseded by male engineering genius. The sexbots and the artwombs will be with us within a decade. Early forms of the sexbots are already on the market, with their luscious curves, their movie star faces, their creamy grippy vaginas that women cannot compete with, given that a third of women are fat, and that another third are obese, making most women sexually repulsive to men, due to women’s excess rolls of fat.

Now, how can masculist scientists use the above facts to promote masculism, and to combat the feminazis?

The feminazis have become genociders, i.e. they are indirectly responsible for whole populations being wiped out, due to their takeover of the divorce courts. The fluffie feminist hypocrites have made the divorce courts so toxic for males that in today’s world, two thirds of young men under 35 refuse to marry, refuse to have kids, and spend their money on themselves. In other words, they are MGTOWs, i.e. men going their own way, and due to their boycott of paternity, they are directly wiping out whole populations by refusing to reproduce the next generation.

But these MGTOWs are merely reacting to the toxicity of the divorce courts as generated by the hated feminazi bitches, the fluffie feminist hypocrites, who have taken over the divorce courts and persuaded the hated gender politicians to create divorce laws that are so heavily favorable to fluffie women.

Thus these fluffie feminist hypocrites accept equal rights in the parliaments, but remain fluffie parasites in the divorce courts, i.e. these fluffie feminists want equal rights for women, but reject equal obligations for women, by refusing to FIP up, i.e. become financially independent persons, by bothering to get a career competent education at high school and university, so that they end up with a fluffie crap diploma in a non-STEM, non-profession major, that the economy does not value, so these women inevitably become fluffies, who then in their 30s, when their biological clocks are ticking hard, look around for some manslave to parasite upon, to have him pay for the middle class house she wants to raise HER kids in.

A decade later, she will be bored with him, her 41st penis, and will take him to the fluffie feminist dominated divorce court system and financially massacre him, ruining his life, by stripping him of his kids with a 90% probability, taking his house, half his possessions, child support, and often alimony, so that he remains a manslave to her after the divorce the way she was before the divorce.

The above is such a rotten deal for men that the MGTOW movement is no surprise. Young men see the awful damage done to their fathers and older male friends, so wash their hands of marriage and fatherhood. These young men are not fools. They are doing a cost benefit analysis, and coming to the conclusion, in their 100s of millions, that marriage and paternity really suck, so they go MGTOW as a result.

Thus the feminazis have to be stopped. They are now genociders, wiping out whole populations, so how to stop them? By destroying their beliefs, and how to do that? By using masculists ideas, i.e. a superior ideology, that feminism cannot compete with, by beating the feminazis at their own game.

Now I can connect two of the above dots, i.e. how to use the phenomenon of “male dominance” and the destruction of feminist ideology.

I suggest that a handful of masculist scientists, with intellectual abilities superior to the smartest of the feminazis, attack fluffie feminism, with all its hypocrisy, and destroy it, undermining its credibility, by getting on the broadcast media, and smashing feminazi genocide, by utterly discrediting the doctrine of fluffie feminism, and all its hypocrisy.

Finding such masculist scientists should not be hard. There are many male scientists who have had similar gender based experiences to my own. I only have to look at my own case, to see that. All my adult life, I have never been able to share my math-physics-philosophy male brain with females.

Women are just not interested in these subjects and are incapable of competing with the best of the men in these areas. Hence women win only a pathetic 1% of the science Nobel prizes. Women are definitely the inferior sex in that respect.

Not being able to share my intellectual passions with females, causes me to resent them for their inferiority. I look down on women, as child minds. Such a “male chauvinist” attitude from a feminazi perspective, makes sense from the female point of view, looking up to a superior performance level of the male, and the attitude of “male dominance” makes sense from the male point of view, looking down to an inferior performance level of the female.

Both these two relative positions are as valid as the other. It is just a matter of relative perspective, the female, or the male.

But as a male, as a masculist scientist, who is politically conscious, that the feminazis HAVE TO BE STOPPED, given they are indirectly wiping out whole populations, then I and other masculist scientists, can use our genetic superiority to smash the feminazis, beating them at their own game, because at the top end of the performance scale, women cannot compete with men.

We men have the benefit of larger brains, genius level IQs, higher testosterone levels, than women, so women have no chance. When a handful of such men, collectively start lashing out at the feminazis, telling the world population that these feminazi genociders have to be stooped, so that men can be persuaded to be fathers again, then major cultural engineering can begin.

Society needs to be taught, that the feminazis are evil because they preach lies. These lies are like a religion to women. They are comforting to women because they tell women that they are as capable as men, and can do whatever men can do. Of course this is a lie, as the scientific evidence shows, and in my own case, as shown by my daily life experience. I can’t share my intellectual passions with women, so I lead a rather lonely heterosexual life, always looking down on women as the inferior sex, as having child minds, unable and disinterested in learning what impassions me.

The masculist scientists need to push home the idea that men are the superior sex, and beat the feminazis at their own game, i.e. push a superior, i.e. more scientifically accurate ideology onto society, and use that ideology to transform society, to menfair the gender laws, to bring in the Parer (paternity rejection right), and menfair the many examples of gender discrimination against men across the board.

The next step for the masculists, the few of whom who are scientists and in the intellectual elite, is to recruit more of their own kind, then to educate them to become masculists, so that they become angry, and convinced that the feminazi, fluffie feminist hypocrites have become genociders and have to be stopped.

These masculist scientists, can then dominate the broadcast media with their ideas, that the smartest feminists will not be able to refute, because the masculist scientists’ views are based on science, whereas the feminazi views are mostly isscienate fairy PC bullshit, having more in common with religion than science.

Most feminists are fluffie isscienates anyway, and don’t care much whether the feminazi ideas that they hear form their female peers, are true or not. All they care about, is do these ideas “feel good.”

If the feminazis preach that women are as capable as men, then since that is what these fluffie feminists want to believe, it feels good to them, and if these ideas just aren’t true, when one looks scientifically, then that does not matter to them. To most feminazis, feeling takes precedence over facts, i.e. emotions over science.

This attitude of the feminazis, particularly the fluffie feminists, merely increases the level of contempt that masculist scientists show towards them. The dismissal of scientific evidence, simply because such evidence doesn’t make women feel good, is treated with contempt by the masculists, for its childishness, it female child brain inferiority. Masculist scientists, sneer at such fluffie feminist attitudes, at such “feelings above facts” attitudes.

At the top end of the performance scale, men dominate totally. Statistically, there just aren’t any women at the genius level of performance, so that men who are the genii, just ignore women, don’t think about them, and just get on with what they do, forgetting that all their ideas come from men, are directed towards other men, with only men in the discussion groups, etc.

It is to these men, that the masculist scientists need to direct their attention, so that they can be recruited to take up the masculist scientist cause, and then to save society from wiping itself out, due to the paternity strike of the MGTOWs, caused by the fluffie feminist genociding by the feminazis, who have to be destroyed, i.e. their feminazi beliefs need to be totally discredited.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

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