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I think the time is ripe for masculists-MGTOWs to start bashing fluffie feminists in public. We have our ideology now, it has crystalized I think to the point that we are clear on the main points and what needs to be done to change society to liberate men.

The main enemy of the masculists are the fluffies, and the worst of them are the fluffie feminists, so masculists and MGTOWs should direct their greatest hatred towards them, given that they make men’s lives a misery.

I will give an example of a masculist bashing a fluffie feminist in public that is based on a real event, although it is obviously fictitious.

The event that I’m talking about occurred a few years ago when Larry Summers, the then president of Harvard University, made a speech in which he expressed his opinion that the main reason why women are underrepresented in the STEM fields (science, tech, engineering and math) at the elite universities in the US, was because of women’s smaller IQ variance. Some feminazi in the audience stood up and harangued him.

Eventually Summers was fired from his post as president, for expressing this opinion, that science now knows is a fact.

So, this example of a masculist bashing a fluffie feminist takes the form of imagining that I was in that audience at Harvard and heard the feminazi attack Summers. I also image that I had then the level of mens’ lib consciousness (i.e. knowledge of the main ideas of masculism and MGTOW) that I have now.

I imagine that I would have stood up and bashed this feminazi right back, shitting on her for pissing on Summers and men in general. I will write here what I might have said.

Perhaps you might use it as a model of the type of thing you might say to a misandrist feminazi in the future when you hear one pissing on men in public. You could use these words and ideas to shit on her right back, and tell her in no uncertain terms that there is a men’s movement “out there” with teeth, which bites back ferociously.

Here’s my imagined attack on the feminazi’s attack on Summers.

“President Summers is correct in suggesting that there are few STEM professors at Harvard and other elite US universities, due to smaller female IQ variance. I’m surprised that the president did not present his case more forcefully, given that his suggestion is scientifically verified. He might then have been able to squash this misandrist fat four feminazi bitch’s (assuming the feminazi was a fat four) PC bullshit with scientifically based facts.

I assume this feminazi is NOT one of the STEM professors, and doesn’t know what a variance is, probably teaching what the masculists call “fluffie crap.” I’ll explain a bit later what that means.

Every year in the US, hundreds of thousands of school kids have their IQs measured, so the IQ variance ratio (i.e. the male IQ variance divided by the female IQ variance comes out every year at 1.1  Variance, for the sake of this fat four feminazi, is a measure of the fatness of the Bell curve, how spread out it is, how widely dispersed the IQs are over a whole population. Men’s IQ scores are more spread out than women’s, so the morons and the genii are males. So it is not surprising that men have won 99% of the science Nobel prizes, and no woman has won a Field’s Medal or an Abel Prize (which are the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in mathematics.)

Men have much higher levels of testosterone than women, so are much more aggressive, ambitious, dogged, persistent than women, so men dominate the entries in the “Who’s Who” books for achievement. Men just perform better than women. Men are the superior sex, period! Men have superior scores at the top end in virtually any measurable, scientifically based, test, due to this phenomenon of GMV (greater male variance) of which greater male IQ variance is just one example.

So the president is correct.

Now I turn to you, you fat unfuckable, misandrist, feminazi bitch. You are the category of female that the MGTOWs and masculists hate the most and are the first category of female that the masculists (men’s libbers) and MGTOWs (men going their own way) reject first. We have NOTHING to do with women like you.

You feminazi bitches, in all your hypocrisy, have taken over the divorce courts, causing roughly one married father in four to be financially massacred, losing his kids, his house, paying child support, and alimony, thus ruining his life. It is not surprising therefore that there are tens of millions of divorced men who hate fluffies (a masculist word for a traditional woman who expects to be able to parasite off a man’s money.) Fluffies are the enemy of the masculists. The primary political goal of the masculists is to wipe them out by refusing to have relationships with them. They can rot on the shelf to extinction.

Masculist scientists have a particular venom for PC isscienate fairy feminazis like yourself who spread disinformation, and attack men like President Summers who is merely expressing a negative truth (from the female perspective.) Men outperform women on virtually everything, so if women want to be as respected as men in society, they will have to perform at male levels, but that will be impossible, since the genii are males, and there is nothing you can do about that.

Your misandry, your belief that you feel you have the right to dump on men in public makes you hated by the masculists/MGTOWs, so I will now give you a taste of your own medicine you fat four unfuckable. What is it about feminists, that so many of them are fat fours (i.e. 4 out of 10 in attractiveness). Is it because fat fours get rejected by men, so these women turn to feminism as a kind of religion to rationalize their hatred of men who reject them, to get revenge. But these fat four feminazi bitches lock themselves into a vicious circle. The more they dump on men in public, the more men despise them and reject them all the more.

This is the decade of men’s lib. You fluffie feminists (feminists who still have traditional female attitudes towards men, i.e. expecting men to be check books who pay for fluffies to have kids in a middle class house that the husbands pay for) have made marriage toxic because of what you have done to the divorce courts. As a result, there is now a massive backlash from men, as 70% of young men under 35 in the US refuse to marry and have kids. This will wipe out the US population within a mere century, when the young generation only reproduces a third of their number. So indirectly, you fluffie feminist bitches are genocidal criminals, you’re wiping out America!

You are hypocrites. You want equal rights for women, but don’t accept equal obligations for women, i.e. you still want to be fluffies when it comes to men, continuing to want to parasite on men, taking their kids and money when you are bored with him and want a divorce.

Masculists/MGTOWs will force women to be FIPs (financially independent persons) so that women will pay their own way and not live off men’s money. We masculists push young women to not study fluffie crap but rather STEM majors (aka FIP majors) so that they can be true FIPs as adults.

Masculists/MGTOWs will push for a Parer (paternity rejection right) so that a father who rejects an unwanted pregnancy can do so legally, so that if the mother wants to continue the pregnancy, then she is legally obliged to pay full costs of the child. You fluffie feminists fight this tooth and nail. You have a Marer (maternity rejection right, aka abortion right) , but you hotly oppose the Parer – you hated hypocrites.

The masculists are pushing for the creation of a FIP Society, where all adults are FIPs, and no one is a parasite on the other sex. Women will be pressured to grow up and take responsibility for their own lives. If they don’t, if they are fluffies, then they will be punished. They will become manless, as more and more men take up masculist/MGTOW ideas. Fluffies will be manless, loveless, sexless, babyless, poor and shunned by society.

And you, you misandrist bitch, maybe next time you feel inclined to dump on men in public, I hope you will be afraid that there might be somebody like me in the audience who will cut your fucking head off, i.e. an angry, articulate, numerate, masculist scientist, who shits on you for pissing on men. To finish off, next time you look in a mirror contemplating your miserable lonely, manless, loveless, sexless existence, and are contemplating suicide, I suggest you go through with it, so that we men will have one less misandrist feminazi bitch to have to put up with. Now, with the rise of masculism and MGTOW, men are increasingly NOT putting up with it. President Summers might be a bit of a male feminist pussy, but we masculists/MGTOWs wont tolerate your shit. We’ll cut your fucking head off, you pathetical excuse for a human being. So piss off and die.”


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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