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I was interviewed for half an hour on RT (Russia Today) on the issue of species dominance, i.e. should humanity build artilects (godlike massively intelligent machines) that might decide to wipe us out? The interview program is called Sophie&Co” where the host is Sophie Shevardnaze, granddaughter of the famous Russian political leader of some decades back.

She told me off camera, that this program will get a billion views (with a b) from the TV viewers and internet users of YouTube.

I then thanked them and suggested two future programs, one called “Engineering General Intelligence” and the other, which will interest MGTOWs/masculists “The Paternity Strike.”

Here is the link to the program.

I include the email I sent to them below. Fingers crossed!

Dear Alex (the producer of the program), Could you please forward this email to Sophie.

Dear Sophie and Alex,

Thanks for the interview. I think you made a bit of history, since your program is really the first time that such a topic has had suchy a huge audience. (Will it really get a billion views, with a b, and not a million views, with an m?) As a result of your show, I think its now fair to say that the issue of species dominance (i.e. the issue of “Should Humanity Build Artilects?”) has reached phase 3. (Phase 0 = noone aware of the issue, phase 1 = intellectuals crying in the wilderness, phase 2 = internet interest/action groups, phase 3 = main stream, broadcast media interest, phase 4 = (future) politics (e.g. what happened in the movie ‘Transcendence”).

As the IQ gap keeps closing, the alarm bells that machines might harm humans will ring ever louder, and you will probably want to interview other brain builders who are actually on the cutting edge.

“Engineering General Intelligence”

If so, then I can recommend my good friend, Prof. Dr. Ben Goertzel, the father of AGI (artificial general intelligence). In my opinion, he and Ray Kurzweil, whom you mentioned in your artificial brain program, are the two people most likely to be the first to build a near human intelligence level AI. Ben is world famous and a genius (IQ 186). You can easily YouTube him and judge his speaking ability. So, when you think the time is ripe for another “AI Threat” program, I can strongly recommend Ben. Perhaps the program might be called “Engineering General Intelligence” (which is the title of one of his many books, that he uses as the blueprint for his latest AGI that he is currently building in Hong Kong.

“The Paternity Strike”

Here’s a second idea for a Sophie&Co program that might be called “The Paternity Strike”. In the US, the divorce courts have been taken over by feminists who still have traditional attitudes towards men, seeing men as cash machines. Roughly one married man in four in the US will be financially massacred, losing his kids (with 90% probability), losing his house to his ex wife so she can raise HER kids in it, forced to pay child support and alimony to her.

This reality is so bad in the US, that two thirds of young men (70%, according to a recent US census) under 35 refuse to marry, refuse to have kids, and spend their money on themselves. They are “on strike.” Such men are called MGTOWs (men going their own way.) Another branch of the men’s lib movement is called masculists, who are more political.

In Japan, a similar proportion of young men have been rejecting fatherhood for a decade longer than the Americans, so that the Japanese population is now actually falling. It fell by a million in just the last few years. In 20 years it will fall by a third to about 80 million, once the baby boomers have died off. The current birth rate in Japan is only 1.4 children per woman, compared to the replacement rate of 2.1

The MGTOWs and masculists threaten society and the gender politicians, that “If society and the gender laws are not made menfair, then the MGTOWs/masculists will continue to reject paternity and hence wipe out whole populations!”

If you decide to run with this second idea, you would definitely be making a bit of history, since this movement has not yet reached phase 3. So far only the BBC has given it any real broadcast media publicity.

If youre interested, here are some links on the main ideas of the MGTOWs/masculists.

Some prominent MGTOW guys are “Sandman,” “Turd Flinging Monkey (TFM)” and “Thinking Ape” (all using pseudonyms for protection from doxing) whom you can YouTube.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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