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I’ve noticed lately a growing frustration on my part regarding MGTOWs, who in my view are like the guys rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic after it hit the iceberg and before it sank. The iceberg, to pursue the analogy, are the Jewish central banksters (the Shabbetean Frankist Satanists), and the sinking and the deaths of several thousand people on the Titanic, is the coming holocaust of millions of Americans that is planned by these Jewish bankster Satanists.

If this sounds crazy and paranoid to you, if you have not learned anything about the Jewish banksters, their takeover of the US government, the Fed, the Neocons, the paper dollar debt note Ponzi scheme enslavement, etc, then you need to wake up before you are massacred along with many millions of others that the Jewish banksters are currently preparing for when they decide the time has come to crash the dollar.

Their biggest problem is that Americans love guns, and have more guns than there are Americans, i.e. well over 300 million of them. If the Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists are to push the US into a world government dictatorship, they will have to overcome this major obstacle to their political vision of ruling the world and having their capitol in Jerusalem. To do so will require a civil war, using considerable resources, that the US shadow government (i.e. the Jewish bankster controlled CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) is currently preparing for.

If you don’t believe me, then consider the following evidence. The Jewish bankster controlled Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has bought over 3 billion hollow tipped bullets, has bought millions of 4 body plastic coffins (see YouTube), militarized the urban police force, bought 1000s of suburban “tanks”, set up 800 FEMA (concentration) camps, selected and groomed Obama (who is gay, whose “wife” is a transgendered male to female, with male hands, male shoulders, with a penis bulge in his dresses (see YouTube), whom Obama is on YouTube in a speech referring to her/him as “Mike” by mistake) who has been signing presidential executive orders to create a police state when the dollar crash comes, etc.

The Jewish banksters need the US to be destroyed as a political power if Jerusalem is to be the world capitol, ruled by them, with a Rothschild as the “king of the Jews”. These Jewish banksters are deeply religious. They are Shabbetean Frankists (YouTube this, especially the videos of Christopher Jon Bjerknes, who is a walking encyclopedia on Jewish history and beliefs). As Jewish Frankists, they are members of a Jewish branch that was banned by the traditional Jewish community in the 1600s, who believe that by committing massive evil, they will accelerate the coming of the Jewish messiah, who will rule the world, and then exterminate the goy (a Jewish word for non Jew).

These Jewish bankster Frankists engineered the two world wars – WW1 was about obtaining Palestine for themselves by destroying the Persian empire, and pitting the European powers against each other, destroying many of them. WW2 was to destroy Germany (a rerun of WW1). They made huge profits from these two major wars, and delighted in the slaughter of tens of millions of goy. In Russia, these Jewish banksters financed Jewish communists to take over the Russian government of the Tsar, and then slaughtered 66 million white Christian Russians (says Solzhenitsyn, the famous author of the Gulag Archipelago).

Soon, it will be America’s turn to be slaughtered by the Jewish banksters. I’m predicting millions of Americans will be killed. Look at the preparations being made now by these Jewish banksters, that I listed above. They were behind the French revolution, and every major war since then. They love war, they love its profits, and they believe that by killing millions of goy they are creating such an evil world, that their Jewish god will send the Jewish messiah to fulfill the Talmudic (and Kabbalist) prophecy of him ruling the world and exterminating the goy.

This is all too much to swallow for most people, so it takes some real study to get your mind around it. I suggest particularly, study Bjerknes, whom I found to be particularly impressive. Look into the massive crimes of the Fed and how it was set up. Learn that the Rothschilds have been behind all 3 of America’s central banks over the past few centuries. Understand how the paper dollar is a debt note, that enslaves Americans, and most of the world. It is this debt enslavement that makes the Rothschilds worth about 500 trillion dollars, easily the richest family in history.

Once you have got over your “goybaby” brainwashing (a goy baby is someone who has been so brainwashed all their lives by a Jewish bankster controlled media, that they actually believe that it is taboo to criticize Jews, even Jewish banksters, the greatest criminals against humanity in history) then you will do a U-turn in your attitude towards these Jewish bankster Satanists. If you are someone who studies, and reads a lot, then there is a ton of material on the internet that you can use to educate yourself about their massive crimes against humanity.

Now, to the MGTOW deckchairs. When I listen to MGTOW videos I have the feeling increasingly – “These guys are like children. They are blissfully unaware of what is about to befall them. They are like the Russians pre 1914, before the Jewish communists, financed by the Jewish NY banksters (particularly Schiff) took over the country in 1917 and then went on to murder 66 million of them (says Solzhenitsyn in his book “Die Juden in der Sowjet Union” that the Jewish banksters blocked in the English speaking countries).

So millions of young and not so young men are going MGTOW now, due mainly to the toxicity of the divorce courts, due to the callousness of Jewish bankster bribed gender politicians. There is not much point being a MGTOW when the culture the MGTOWs live in is about to come crashing down, drowning in blood, with millions of dead, similar to what happened in Russia in the 1920s and 1930s, and for the same reason, i.e. engineered by the Jewish bankster Satanists, as part of their multi-generational master plan to take over the world and destroy the goy.

So, MGTOWs reading this, if I have motivated you, scared you, terrified you, to look into what I have said above, then you can begin your self education, before these Jewish banksters succeed in censoring the internet, which is something they have to do, because if they don’t, it will eventually result in their deaths, as more and more people like myself learn to hate them, and then force them to the Hague (the International Criminal Court) to be prosecuted for massive crimes against humanity, and then see them executed.

So, for those of you who are not utter goy-babies, I hope you will take the first step along the enlightenment path I have suggested. Perhaps begin with learning about the Fed (the Federal Reserve) which is not federal at all. It is not a branch of the US government. It is a private company of Jewish banksters (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Schiffs, Warburgs, etc) which has the power to issue America’s money, which they use to bribe the politicians to divide and conquer the American population, e.g. by making the divorce laws toxic to males.

To get rid of the divorce laws, we have to get rid of the utterly (Jewish bankster) corrupted gender politicians, and to do that we have to get rid of the Jewish banksters, and that will probably mean a civil war, with millions of dead Americans, an American pogrom (not of innocent non religious Jews, but certainly of Jewish bankster Shabbetean Frankist Satanists, the CFR, the Neocons, the Jewish media, the Fed, who in my view are psychotic. You would have to be to believe that your life’s work is to arrange the deaths of millions of people, to cause as much evil as you can, so some religious delusional fantasy of yours (i.e. Frankism) can become a reality. You would have to be psychotic.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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