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“MOB” means “money over brains” and “BOM” means “brains over money.” A MOB female is a woman who prefers the money a man has rather than his brains. A BOM male is a man who prefers doing brain like things rather than filling up his life chasing bloody money. These two types of people are as incompatible as oil and water, i.e. they don’t mix.

This flyer is about a MOBfemale-BOMmale marriage that I have, and why it doesn’t work well at all.

Women evolved to be prostitutes to men. Women and their children depended on men for their very survival in prehuman times. Women had babies and so could not hunt, so only the men brought back the protein to the tribe. Women evolved to become the sexiest of mammals, not having a period of sexual “heat” like dogs or monkeys because they are always in heat to be able to give sex to men to persuade them to give them protein.

Women are hard wired to find men with resources (protein, money) sexually attractive. It is programmed into their DNA, they evolved that way.

Men, on the other hand, evolved to manipulate the world, to understand the way the world worked, because they had to manipulate it, anticipate it, to be effective hunters. Men needed to be curious, to discover better ways of understanding the world, to find better hunting methods. They are hard wired to be curious, to find better ways of doing things.

As BOM men go, I’m a bit of an extreme case. I devote my whole day to learning and understanding difficult, PhD level Pure Math, Math Physics (e.g. representation theory, Galois theory, Lie theory, finite simple group theory, gauge quantum field theory, particle physics, string theory, etc.) I love learning this beautiful, powerful stuff. I get regular highs from the “oh wow!” moments, when some difficult concept or proof finally clicks and “I get it!” The feeling of mastery and satisfaction is addictive. I devote my life to it now that I’m an ARCer (after retirement careerer, doing what I love to do, all day) and then put my new knowledge into YouTube lecture videos to teach PhD level students around the world FOR FREE, thus revolutionizing top level education.

BUT, I’m married, admittedly to a woman who is a professor, so you’d think that since she is a professor, that she would be interested in things of the mind, and admire me for the things of the mind that I do, but no. She couldn’t care less. She relaxes when she gets back from work, and spends her time watching 80 IQ soaps (melodramas of hysterical women in hysterical situations) on her iPad and prattles on and on about the price of food in the supermarket, or how nice her new shoes or new clothes are.

Intellectually, the woman bores me to death. I don’t take her seriously at all. She might be a prof in the outside world, but to me she’s a childmind, preoccupied by female trivia, that I find totally alienating. We live together apart. I only speak with her for a few minutes each day. I work in my room, she watches soaps on her iPad in her room. About the only thing we do together is an hour’s evening walk with the dog.

My previous Chinese wife stole half of my savings, that the Chinese courts would not allow me to get back, so I’m now rather poor, living frugally on my US professorial pension. So the MOB psychology of my female wife, with her female DNA, tends to look down on me, because I do not satisfy her female standards of what a sexually attractive male should be like.

I on the other hand, look down on her, because she doesn’t satisfy my criteria of what a respect worthy human being should be like, i.e. be highly intelligent, curious, knowledgeable, and preoccupied by things of the mind. The two of us are at cross purposes, we don’t mix, we don’t relate, we are like oil and water.

When her impatience with me gets on her nerves and she becomes rude, bitchy, and bad tempered enough, my patience and civility with her snaps, then I will give her an earful of my true feelings towards her, which shuts her up for about a month. “You don’t give a shit about what I do, who I am, what I am. You just watch your stupid soaps. You’re a vegetable, a fat, fifties vegetable, that no man wants. If you keep up your bad temper, you uncivilized, third world, chink, bitch, you’ll drive me away, and then you’ll live the last 30 years of your life alone with the dog! If you had half a brain, you’d admire what I do. I’m one in a thousand. The stuff I study and make YouTube lectures on for the next 20 years is so far above you, you don’t even know it exists. You should admire your brainy husband, who is revolutionizing top level education, but no. You only care about money, you shallow minded cretin. You bore me to death with your stupid shoes, clothes, and supermarket prices. You are a little inferior mind, so go fuck yourself, because no man is going to!”

So, if you’re a man of the mind, you’re not going to be able to share your intellectual passions with a female, because femalians aren’t built for such things. You’re going to have a rather lonely life. The most extreme cases of men of the mind, men like Newton, Aristotle, etc had nothing to do with women, for the simple reason women are dumber than men at the very top end of the IQ scale, since males have a 10% higher IQ variance than women. Research shows that if the IQs differ by more than 5 points in a couple, the relationship is doomed. Newton eschewed women for the simple reason, they were ALL too dumb for him.

I’m not a genius, so I cant use that excuse for looking down on women intellectually, but I do look down on them for their lack of intellectual curiosity, their lack of commitment to things of the mind. Women are pragmatists, narrow minded, little minded, uncurious, who bore men of ideas. I certainly don’t take women seriously when it comes to contributing to world intellect. The female contribution to world intellect is negligible, a few percent at best, an appalling track record.

BUT, humans, including males, are built to be social creatures. Only a tiny tiny minority of males are true hermits. As humans, we evolved to be social, because there was more safety in numbers. Men may lose their libido as they age, but they never lose their need for sociability. When I looked at Tesla’s life story, I learned that in his old age, he got very upset when his favorite pigeon in the park he frequented died. That saddens and warns me. I don’t want to end up an emotional cot case like Tesla, who cut himself off from all human contact late in life.

SO, for the moment, I compromise, with my oil and water Chinese wife. I interact with her for only a few minutes a day, so I can tolerate that. Sometimes I wonder how much of her inadequacies are due to her being a femalien, and how much to her being Chinese. I have a very low opinion of the Chinese, after having lived here for 10 years so far. Chinese culture is intellectually sterile. The Chinese don’t read. In Chinese buses, trains, parks, etc, no one reads, so different from Japan, where half the people read. China has contributed almost nothing to world culture recently. It is ultra conservative, being the only country in the world not to use an alphabet in its writing. The rest of the world moved on to the alphabet once it was invented, but not the Chinese.

Chinese show little in the way of curiosity or creativity, so I don’t respect them. When I say I’ve been living in China for a decade, strictly speaking, I should be saying that my body has lived in China for a decade, but I don’t. My mind lives in the internet, my paper and e-books, and my own head. I never look Chinese in the eye, because I don’t want contact with them. I learned early on, that interacting with the third world, brutal, dictatorial, authoritarian mentality of the Chinese, only led to pain, so to stay sane I limit my contact with the Chinese as much as I can.

My guess is that my Chinese wife’s MOB psychology is probably about 2/3 femalien, and 1/3 chink. She sees my thousands of books in the apartment as a bother. I see having a private technical library as a symbol of high intellectual prestige. Talk about oil and water, chink and femalien. Who knows what the future will bring? Will I go fully MGTOW, and live totally on my own in the coming years? We’ll see.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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