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Masculist-MGTOW Glossary, Part 1 of 2


Masculism is an “ism” i.e. an ideology, with lots of new ideas that need new labels. As the number of ideas increases, and hence new labels, the need grows for the creation of a masculist glossary, which is what this flyer is. It consists of a list of masculist (and MGTOW) labels, and their succinct definitions.

The best ideologists, e.g. Karl Marx, Mao Zedong, etc. knew the power of labels, of concept names that force people to say “What’s that?” when they hear a new term for the first time. Labels have great influence and can be used as intellectual tools to motivate people to change their behaviors and attitudes. Men can use these masculist terms to hit back at fluffie feminists and give them a taste of their own medicine, and can be used as intellectual tools to menfair society.

Here is the list, in alphabetic order. Terms used in a definition that have their own definition in this glossary are in CAPITALS.

Note : There are a few (more recently coined) masculist terms in this glossary, that are not in the videos.


ANGER BIASED : A feminist who is MONOCONSCIOUS, who knows nothing of masculism, who is unaware of how women oppress men, who thinks that GENDER OPPRESSION is a one way street, hence is angry at men for men’s gender oppression of women, which is not canceled by an awareness of and an anger against how women gender oppress men.

ARCer : ARCer is an acronym for “After Retirement Careerer” i.e. someone who has retired, who then takes up a new career for the remaining decades of his life doing what he loves, rather then what he is paid to do as a WAGE SLAVE.

ARTWOMB : Is an abbreviation for “artificial womb” which will allow men to grow their own kids. Japanese scientists have already grown a goat in an artwomb. Once men have ARTWOMBs and SEXBOTs, women will lose their traditional two monopolies of womb and vagina, and will go into deep existential crisis. Feminism will disappear overnight, and women will be forced to be very nice to men, otherwise they will not be able to compete with men’s sexbots and artwombs.

AWALTs : An acronym for “All Women Are Like That” i.e. the MGTOW view that all women are by nature, immoral, parasitic, manslaving, vermin, to be avoided. The opposite of an AWALT is a NAWALT.

BABY FARMS : A government institution in which women are given tax paid subsidies to have kids.

BICONSCIOUS : Having had one’s FEMINIST CONSCIOUSNESS raised and one’s MASCULIST CONSCIOUSNESS raised. Biconscious feminists tend to lose their ANGER BIAS and GENDER BIAS, because they see that GENDER OPPRESSION is a two way street. The two angers cancel each other.

CAREER COMPETENT : Having had an education that  allows people to have a career which pays well, because they have acquired a real skill that the economic market place values.

CASH MACHINES : FLUFFIES look upon men as cash machines, i.e. they see men’s role on this earth, to pay for women to have babies. FLUFFIES see men as exploitable CASH MACHINES and have no loyalty to them if men lose their FINANCIAL EXPLOITABILITY.

CHILD MIND : Women have 10 billion fewer neurons in their brain, so have greater difficulty seeing the big picture, and behaving as responsible adults, as seen by males. Many MGTOWs see women as grown up children who should not be taken seriously, who should be treated as children and not be given male adult rights.

EMOs : These are women who accept the idea of “equal moral obligations” with men, i.e. that women have a moral duty to become FIPs and share the burden of earning the living by acquiring a CAREER COMPETENT education. MASCULISTS demand that women become EMO FIPs or are punished by men ignoring them to death.

EMO FIPS : An EMO FIP is a FIP woman who is also an EMO, i.e. she believes that she has a moral duty to be a FIP and should not parasite off the money of a man. An EMO FIP despises FLUFFIES as much as MASCULISTS, seeing FLUFFIES as immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin, the way MASCULISTS do.

FEMALE MASCULISTs : These are women who agree with the views of MASCULISTS, usually because they want to have babies and need a man to help pay for them to have a kid. Being a FIP single mother is tough, requiring a lot of energy and generating stress.

FEMALIEN : A MASCULIST term expressing contempt for women’s alien nature, i.e. very different from a man’s, namely parasitic, not taking responsibility for her own life, achieving little, etc, etc.

FEMINAZI BITCH : A MASCULIST abusive term expressing utter hatred for FEMINAZIs for having taken over the divorce courts and financially massacring one in four married fathers, ruining their lives, a million US men per year.

FEMINIST CONSCIOUSNESS : An awareness of how men GENDER OPPRESS women, as distinct from MASCULIST CONSCIOUSNESS which is an awareness of how women gender oppress men.

FINANCIAL EXPLOITABILITY : FLUFFIES see men as financially exploitable objects, whose purpose is to pay for women to stay at home and have babies. FLUFFIES judge men by their level of FINANCIAL EXPLOITABILITY. If a man loses his exploitability, a FLUFFIE will coldly drop him and go looking for a more exploitable male.

FIP : An acronym for “Financially Independent Person”. The MASCULISTS talk about the creation of a FIP SOCIETY in which both sexes are socialized and educated to be FIPS, so that one sex does not parasite off the money of the other sex. The FIPping of society, would solve most of the GENDER ISSUES of the MASCULISTS.

FIP EDUCATION : An education starting at 16 in high schools and continuing on at university that allows a student to learn a skill that is valued by the economy, so that that person can become a real FIP as an adult.

FIPping : Forcing a woman to become a FIP by ignoring her totally if she is a FLUFFIE. MASCULISTS and MGTOWs will only connect or TWAYTWEF with women who are FIPs.

FIP SOCIETY : A society in which both sexes, especially women, are socialized by parents and educated by teachers and professors to be FIPs. Creating a FIP SOCIETY is one of the major goals of the MASCULISTS who see its creation as solving most of men’s GENDER ISSUES, e.g. wiping out MANSLAVERY, bringing in the PARER, removing MISANDRIST GENDER LAWS etc.

FIPup : To FIPup is the equivalent of MANup i.e. to make the effort to become a FIP, as demanded for women by MASCULISTS. A woman who does not FIPup and remains a FLUFFIE, will not get a MASCULIST nor a MGTOW to have anything to do with her.

FIRSTHALVER : Is a young man, under 40, who is living the first half of his life. Most MGTOWs are first halvers, and hence are ignorant of the experience of life of SECOND HALVER men, a common complaint of the SECOND HALVER MGTOWs and MASCULISTS.

FLUFFIE : A FLUFFIE is a traditional woman who expects to be able to parasite off the money of a man. FLUFFIES are the enemy of the MASCULISTS, who aim to wipe them out by refusing to have anything to do with them, forcing them to FIPup and become FIPs, otherwise they rot on the shelf to extinction, being ignored to death, so that their FLUFFIE genes are wiped from the gene pool.

FLUFFIE CRAP : FLUFFIE CRAP are the SOFT OPTION majors that require only memorizing and little analytical thought, e.g. in high school, English literature, history, languages, and not math nor the sciences. At university, English literature, languages, philosophy, psychology, sociology, anthropology, women’s studies, history, etc and not STEM fields (science, tech, engineering and math) nor the professions (medicine, dentistry, law, architecture, etc).

FLUFFIE CRAPPERS : FLUFFIE CRAPPERS are women who expect to become FLUFFIES as adults and expect to be able to parasite off the money of a man, by studying FLUFFIE CRAP at high school and university, thus ending up with a FLUFFIE CRAP diploma that the economy does not value, so the FLUFFIE CRAPPER is usually poor, who then looks around for some MANSLAVE to parasite upon to have him pay for her to live in a middle class house to raise HER kids in.

FLUFFIE FEMINIST : A feminist who is also a FLUFFIE, i.e. most feminists. A FLUFFIE FEMINIST is a label with strong hypocritical connotations, i.e. a feminist who wants equal rights for women, but rejects equal obligations for women, i.e. sharing the burden of earning the living by bothering to get a FIP EDUCATION so that she is a FIP as an adult and does not parasite off the money of a man.

FLUFFIE FEMINIST HYPOCRITES : MASCULISTS see FLUFFIE FEMINISTS as hypocrites, because on the one hand they want equal rights for women, but reject equal obligations for women, i.e. accepting the burden of sharing equally the burden of earning the living and bothering to get a CAREER COMPETENT education. This hypocrisy makes FLUFFIE FEMINISTS hated by MASCULISTS and MGTOWs, which is why they are labeled FEMINAZI BITCHES.

FLUFFIE FIP : A FLUFFIE FIP is a woman who is a FIP in terms of her career, but still has traditional attitudes regarding men, seeing them as CASH MACHINES. MASCULISTS demand that women become EMO FIPs, i.e. who expect on moral grounds to be FIPs

FLUFFIE PARASITE : A FLUFFIE is by definition a parasite. The word parasite is added for emphasis.

FLUFFIE REPELLENT : As more men become MGTOWs and MASCULISTS, women are becoming ever more desperate to attract the attention of men, so that women can have babies, by being given the sperm of high quality men. Those high quality MGTOWs who wish women to stay away from them, often choose to look poor, thus repelling women’s HYPERGAMY instinct. A woman who sees a poor man will not moisten her vagina, so she will avoid the poor looking male. MGTOWs use this trick as a form of “FLUFFIE REPELLENT” equivalent to a mosquito repellent.

FOURTH QUARTER MALE : A man in the fourth quarter of his life, i.e. over 65.

GENDER BIASED : A Feminist who is MONOSCONSIOUS, having had only her feminist consciousness raised, and not her masculist consciousness raised, suffering from the illusion, that GENDER OPPRESSION is a one way street, so she is angry at men but does not see the anger of masculists at women, for women’s GENDER OPPRESSION of men, hence her gender bias, her anger bias.

GENDER ISSUES : Problems specific to a particular gender, e.g. for men, the massive injustice committed against them in the divorce courts, where one married father in four is financially massacred and has his life ruined, or the lack of the PARER, which is one of the most blatant forms of sexual discrimination against men that exists.

GENDER LAWS : Laws specific to one sex (gender) or the other, e.g. women have an abortion right, men don’t, the divorce laws, equal pay for equal work, equal access to the professions for equal qualifications, etc.

GENDER OPPRESSION : Oppressive laws or attitudes expressed by one gender against  the other gender.

GENDER POLITICIANS : GENDER POLITICIANS are politicians who create the laws that govern behavior regarding the genders (sexes), e.g. regarding divorce, abortion right, equal pay for equal work, etc.

GENOCIDERS : The MASCULISTS accuse the FEMINAZI BITCHES of now being GENOCIDERS, wiping out whole populations, because they have taken over the divorce courts and made them so toxic for men, that 2/3 of young men in western countries  now refuse to marry, refuse to have kids and spend their money on themselves, i.e. they are MGTOWs. This paternity rejection is wiping out whole populations, which is something that the hated FEMINAZI BITCHES have caused, making them GENOCIDERS who have to be stopped.

GYNOCENTRIC : The adjective of a society whose laws are oriented in favor of women, centered around women, at the expense of men, e.g. in the divorce courts, lack of the PARER etc.

HYPERGAMY : HYPERGAMY is the desire and instinct of women to mate with a man who has higher socio-economic status than she has, in order to have a baby with genes superior to hers. HYPERGAMY makes good Darwinian evolutionary sense for women.

JEWISH BANKSTERS : The hated Frankist Satanist Jewish banksters who are indirectly responsible for the deaths of over 200 million people last century, who played a major role in the engineering of the two world wars, who created the great depression, engineered the Russian (i.e. Jewish Communist) Revolution that holocausted 66 million white Christian Russians, made debt slaves of us all with their paper fiat currency debt note Ponzi schemes, inflated the currency destroying people’s savings, took control of the central banks and printed money out of thin air to bribe the politicians and destroy democracies, assassinated 6 US presidents (4 successfully, 2 almost), made it illegal in two dozen western countries to criticize them, etc. Masculists are deeply suspicious that the GENDER POLITICIANS were bribed by the JEWISH BANKSTERS to pass MISANDRIST divorce laws that would cause men to hate and avoid women, thus wiping out the Goy population, to help fulfil the Talmudic prophecy of having the Jews rule the world from Jerusalem, and later wiping out the Goy.

MANSLAVE : A man who works for a woman, for a FLUFFIE PARASITE, so that she can raise HER kids in a house paid for by him. Later, a quarter of such wives will take his house for herself, via a divorce, using the FLUFFIE FEMINIST dominated divorce courts.

MANSLAVERY : Enslaving a man by turning him into a MANSLAVE, socializing boys to be MANSLAVES to FLUFFIE PARASITES.

MARER : An acronym for “Maternity Rejection Right” aka abortion right, the right of a woman to reject an unwanted pregnancy.

MASCULISM : Masculism is men’s liberation, i.e. an ideology to free men from the oppression of the traditional MANSLAVE role of the man, i.e. working for a woman, and from GENDER LAWS that are discriminatory against men. Masculism pushes the FIPping of women so that men are freed up to devote more of their time and energy to doing what they love rather than being manslaves to FLUFFIE PARASITES.

MASCULIST : A MASCULIST (usually male) is an advocate of MASCULISM.

MASCULIST CONSCIOUSNESS : An awareness of how women GENDER OPPRESS men, as distinct from FEMINIST CONSCIOUSNESS which is an awareness of how men gender oppress women.


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