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Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


This flyer shows how men can become masculist princes, i.e. the male equivalent of the feminist princess, i.e. feeling confident and superior as a man to the other sex, due to the absorption of masculist ideas and attitudes.

Young women today are often feminazi princesses. They have absorbed the feminist dogma that they are the equal of men, even superior, in many respects, and that anything a man can do, a woman can do too. These young women behave like princesses, because young men fawn all over them, wanting to get into these princesses’ cunts.

This showering of attention from men onto these princesses goes to these young women’s heads. They feel invincible, arrogant, entitled. They feel like princesses, which is why they are labeled princesses.

This flyer shows how men can overcome this unwarranted feeling of young women, by turning young men (and men in general) into princes, giving men the confidence and the intellectual tools so that they can pull the rug from under the princesses’ feet and sit on it themselves as princes, as the superior sex, confident that women are no match for men as a sex.

The essential difference between “princessdom” and “princedom” is that the former is based on isscienate fairy dogmas, that have no basis in reality, and the latter is based on science, on reality. Men simply are the superior sex, and outclass women across the board at the top end of the performance scale.

When a man is confronted by the unconscious arrogance and entitled attitude of a feminazi princess, then if he is a masculist prince, he will be intellectually armed with masculist ideas. He will be more than able to brow beat her feminist arguments and crush her ego, destroying her unjustified princess based entitlement feeling.

Here’s how.

Imagine a conversation between a feminazi princess and a masculist prince.

F : (at a bar) How about you buy me a drink!?

M : How about you buy me one, you feminist fluffie princess. Don’t you have a salary? Don’t you earn your own money, and not parasite off a man, fluffie style!?

F : You sound like one of those masculists I read about in one of my magazines.

M : Yes, I’m a masculist. I expect women to pull their weight financially, and I won’t have anything to do with a hypocritical fluffie feminist, who expects men to pay for drinks, and far worse, expects a man to pay for her to have a baby, so she can live in a middle class house, parasiting off his money, while he is out working to pay for her, the house and the kid.

F (feeling very threatened and hostile) : That sounds very selfish to me. You masculists only care about yourselves, and not about contributing towards raising the next generation. Expecting women to shoulder the full burden of raising the next generation is very unfair on women.

M (interrupting) : So you fluffie hypocrites think you can be fluffie crappers at high school and college, not bother to get off your fat parasitic arses, and get career competent educations, and that some gullible manslave will pick up your tab, so that you can have you and your kid paid for!

It’s women like you who are the most hated by the masculists. We don’t go near you, treating you like vermin, i.e. immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin, to be wiped out, by being total ignored, not even pumped and dumped!

F (now really hostile and becoming verbally aggressive) : You male chauvinist pig! It’s men like you who cause women like me to be feminists. We can’t stomach your treatment of women, your condescension towards women. We hate it and we have now taken power over the divorce courts, the media, the schools, and the universities, to punish you men for your oppression against women for centuries. Now its women’s turn to put you men in your place. We women are now punishing you.

M (also getting really hostile and verbally aggressive) : You hated feminazi bitches have taken over the divorce courts and made them so toxic for men, that one married father in four now gets financially massacred and has his life ruined, so two thirds of young men now refuse to marry, refuse to have kids and spend their money on themselves.

That makes you feminazi bitches, genociders. You are the root cause why men reject paternity. You are indirectly wiping out whole populations, so have to be stopped. We masculists will stop you. We will wipe you out, whether with bullets or just with feminazi bitch slapping, but either way, we will wipe you out, stop you from wiping out the whole population. You are genociders!

Women like you are hated and ignored to death by men. No man wants a relationship with a misandrist, man dumping, feminazi bitch. Women like that are the first category of women to be rejected by men. They are avoided like the plague, not even pumped and dumped. They will rot on the shelf to extinction, until their fluffie feminazi hypocrite genes are removed from the gene pool.

F (with dagger eyes, full of hatred towards the man) : With an attitude like that, you will never get into a women’s cunt! Men like you are hated by women, and utterly rejected.

M : That goes both ways, you fat ugly unfuckable feminazi bitch. Why is it that so many of you active feminists are “triple Fs” i.e. “fat four feminazis?” Is it because you use feminism as a form of revenge against men for men’s rejection of you for being “triple Fs?”

Probably within a decade, 90% of men will be MGTOW in practice, i.e. men going their own way, refusing to marry, refusing to have kids, and spending their money on themselves, doing what they love, not being a manslave to a bloody fluffie parasite, who doesn’t bother to get off her fat lazy immoral parasitic arse and FIP up, career wise, who expects some manslave idiot to pay for her.

The supply of such men is drying up, thanks to masculists like me and the MGTOWs. We have a hatred for women like you. You are manslavers to us. We are at war against you, and will wipe you out. You can only be a fluffie if you can manage to get your financial claws into some manslave, but the supply of them is drying up, thanks to the MGTOW and masculist movements.

F : (now feeling profoundly threatened and extremely angry) : Women don’t need a man. We can get sperm from any man we want. We have our own careers and can get help from the government. We can survive quite well without shits like you pissing on us. We feminists have a hatred of you masculists. You are the first category of men that we feminists reject. So you too go fuck yourself, because no woman will!

M (sneering) : The sexbots are with us now and keep getting more intelligent with AI abilities to speak, and relate. They have delicious curves and film star faces, with creamy grippy vaginas so we men are increasingly preferring to fuck our sexbots than women like you. These bots have nice personalities, that feminazi bitches like you could learn from, so that if you want a man to pay you any attention at all, you will have to learn to be nice to men, and to pull your financial weight, so that you are not punished by men for being a hated fluffie parasiting manslaver.

Soon the artificial wombs will also be here and then we men will be able to grow our own kids and prefer to sex our bots, so we will hardly need women for anything, except for women’s eggs, but plenty of women will supply their eggs for a price. You women will go into deep depression and existential shock as you discover that men in their millions prefer their bots and artwombs and not have to bother with female nagging, female irrationality, female emotionality, female hysterics. We men are fed up with femaliens, and prefer to go our own way. You feminazi bitches can go to hell, we men don’t want you.

You feminazi bitches pretend you are men’s equal, but you’re not. As a sex, science shows that you’re dumber than men on average by 4 IQ points. Your IQ variance is 10% smaller than men’s, so the morons and the genii are males, so we men win 99% of the science Nobel prizes, and all the math prizes.

We men have much higher testosterone levels than women so are much more aggressive, ambitious, dogged, persistent than women, so achieve far more. We men dominate the entries in the Who’s Who books.

Men are the superior sex. We build everything, invent everything, create everything. Women are mere baby factories and child minders, but any woman can do that. That’s not status worthy.

Your princess arrogance is based on a lie. The reality is that men are the superior sex, as shown by science. Your feminazi based dogma that women are the equal or superior to men is just a fantasy, that the masculists relish killing off with science.

Those feminazis who reject what the masculist scientists are saying, merely increase the level of contempt the masculist scientists have for such feminazi isscienate fairies, who are then utterly dismissed with derision and contempt – utterly discredited and spat at.

F : Are you finished yet?!

M : No, you feminazi bitches need to be put in your place. As females you are the inferior sex, as nature designed you. Your feminazi dogmas are mere fantasies, like a religion to women, telling women what they want to hear, but not based on scientific reality.

As females you are incapable of performing at the male level at the top end of the performance scale, so by rights, you should be treated for what you are, i.e. the inferior sex, who contributes far less to society than men do. You femaliens will need to learn to treat men with respect, because men are superior to you.

All cultures until recently in the west have kept women in an inferior position, because of women’s inferiorities, women’s 10%  smaller brains, womens’ child-like mentalities, women’s  much narrower horizons, unable to see the bigger picture the way men can with their 10% larger brains.

Your feminazi princess mentality will be crushed by masculist prince mentality, because the latter is realistic, based on scientific realities. Your feminazi princess mentality is a house of cards, and we masculists are the growing typhoon.

F (feeling humbled and impotent) : —- (i.e. silence.)

M : I would not like to be a woman in the next few years, as men all around you get infected with the masculist prince virus, and turn hostile towards you as a fluffie feminist hypocrite, smashing your feminazi arrogance with masculist science, pushing you off your feminazi pedestal, forcing you to FIP up and to vote for menfairing of the gender laws, otherwise you will not get a man, let alone have babies.

Men will refuse to give you their sperm, at least the quality men. You will learn to respect men, otherwise we will destroy your ego, haranguing you with masculist rhetoric, smashing your feminazi arrogance and irrationality. Remember we’re men, we’re smarter than you women and a lot more aggressive than you women.

Remember the ultimate backup of the law is male force. When male politicians, male cops, male judges and male lawyers side with the masculists, you women are fucked! You will be forced to submit. You will have no other choice if you want to survive.

F : Fat chance, you truly male chauvinistic pig!

M : So are you going to buy me that drink!?

F : Fuck you! (giving him the bird, and walking off into the sunset, to future manlessness and babylessness, and a near future where women’s status is drastically reduced by the massive masculist typhoon that is now brewing.)


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

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