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Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


This flyer is another in a series with the title “Masculisting the …” This one concerns ideas on how the masculists can influence women, so that women don’t oppress men, and can help men make life pleasanter.

If you’re a feminist and you know nothing about masculism or MGTOW, then your first reaction is probably “What do men have to be liberated from?” Feminism teaches women, that men are the privileged sex, who have the power, and who oppress women, so to a lot of feminists, hearing the masculists talk about a gynocracy rather than a patriarchy, just sounds incongruous, generating cognitive dissonance.

But women do oppress men, making their lives a misery, which is partly what this flyer is about. This flyer is concerned with ideas on what masculists and MGTOWs need to do to liberate themselves from the oppression of women.

To set the scene, I will place here in bulleted form, the main tasks that masculists have to perform to liberate themselves from women’s oppressiveness.

  • Women have to be taught, to be socialized, to be FIPs (financially independent persons).
  • Women need to become female masculists to vote with men to menfair the gender laws.
  • The feminazis need to be smashed so that they shut up.
  • Women need to get real on their inferiorities and delusional arrogance.
  • Women need to learn to be nice again to men or be ignored by men.
  • Women will have to compete with the artwombs and sexbots.
  • Women need to grow up, toughen up.

  • Women have to be taught, to be socialized, to be FIPs (financially independent persons).

The primary political goal of the masculists is to free men from manslavery, i.e. working for women, being manslaves for women, and to do this worldwide, this century.

We masculists do this by wiping out the fluffies, i.e. traditional women who expect to be able to parasite off a man, bribing him with sex so that he pays for her, works for her, is a slave for her. By wiping out, I don’t mean actively killing them, it’s more of a slow death, by totally ignoring fluffies, by forcing them to rot on the shelf to death, so that their fluffie genes are removed from the gene pool due to their extinction.

We men have the financial power to do this, because nearly all men are FIPs (financially independent persons) so we don’t need women to be able to survive financially. We don’t have to parasite off a woman in order to survive. Nearly all men are FIPs. We are socialized to be FIPs, and evolved to be FIPs, i.e. to go out into the world and understand it, manipulate it, hunt in it, for our own survival.

But women had to give birth to babies with ever larger heads, due to the intelligence explosion, and hence brain size, of human babies. This meant that the woman’s birth canal had to be wider for the baby’s large head to pass through. Women evolved to give birth to premature babies whose head continued to grow after the birth, so women became more dependent on men for their survival.

Women could not hunt like men, leaving the home for days at a time, running after game to hunt them down, because women had premature and hence useless babies to look after who required constant attention.

Thus women became ever more dependent upon men to feed them, to give them scarce male hunted meat. Women evolved to manipulate men, by bribing men with sex in exchange for male hunted meat. Thus women evolved to be prostitutes to men, on a “meat for cunt” basis. Women evolved to manipulate men, to sexploit them.

Nature also conspired against men, to make it easier for women to manipulate men. When men see their regular female sexual partner, the frontal lobes of their brains switch off. The frontal lobes are responsible for long term planning and critical analysis.

With the man’s frontal lobes switched off, a woman can manipulate a man more easily, because his higher brain functions have been switched off. He then becomes like a child that she can mould like putty, to get him to be a better meat provider, a better resources provider to keep her and her babies alive.

Women evolved to judge a man according to the level of sexploitability he had. Those men who may have had other qualities, but low sexploitability, were and are considered “worthless” by women.

Women do not love men. They love men’s sexploitability. If a man loses his sexploitability by a woman, the woman will coldly, disloyally, dump him in favor of a more sexploitable male. In the distant past her very survival depended on how quickly and how easily she could do this.

Men who believe that women can love them are deluded. This is the infamous “red pill” message to men from the MGTOWs.

Thus for several million years, men have been manipulated by women to serve as meat providers, as meat slaves to women, sexploited by women to keep the next generation alive. Nature too has conspired against men, to keep them enslavable to women.

But, the male invention of the contraceptive pill changed everything just a few decades ago. Now women can reliably control the number of kids that they want, which is typically 0, 1 or 2.

Since women live into their 80s on average, this means that women have some 40 years of career window, so that if a woman does not bother to get a career competent education, so that she is unable to earn a decent salary, either she will be poor, living off her own income, or she will try to parasite off some manslave and have him pay for her superior lifestyle that she could not earn for herself.

The masculists are men’s libbers. Masculists are very moralistic, putting enormous moral pressure on women to FIP up, i.e. become FIPs (financially independent persons) or are punished by men by not getting one.

Masculists see fluffies as vermin, as immoral, manslaving parasites to be spat at. A woman who does not bother to exert herself as does a man, to earn a decent living, and simply expects to be able to parasite off a man’s labor, off a man’s money, is seen as criminal by masculists.

Fluffies are the enemy of the masculists, which is why we aim to wipe them out, by forcing them to rot on the shelf. Since women are herd animals, following the crowd and a lot less individualistic than men, masculists have a powerful means to manipulate women into becoming FIPs, by creating a social norm that women are to be FIPs or be socially ostracized, something that women in the distant past were terrified of, because in the distant past, if a woman was manless and cast out of her group, her tribe, she usually did not survive. So social rejection to women is usually death to them, and hence terrifying.

We men have the power to force women to FIP up, because a fluffie can only be a fluffie if she can get her financial claws into some manslave, but thanks to the masculist and MGTOW movements, the supply of such manslaves is drying up, as men are influenced by masculist and MGTOW ideas, and reject being manslaved by a detestable, immoral fluffie.

The masculists are very conscious that by FIPping women, i.e. socially engineering society, so that all women are socialized by their parents and taught by their teachers as girls to FIP up, then they will, and hence not need to parasite off men’s money. They can earn their own, because they have some 40 years of career time in their lives.

Masculists are very conscious that the FIPping of women is a vital prerequisite for the freeing of men from manslavery, so that men are not socialized to be manslaves for women, so that men can be free from that role, and live for themselves.

The world is already way overcrowded with a world population of 7 billion, so we can afford to knock back the world population to about half a billion over the next few generations, so men can be babyless for a few generations.

The FIPing of women will solve nearly all of men’s gender problems, e.g. the massive injustice committed in the divorce courts today in western countries, e.g. custody of the children going to the mother in 90% of cases, the ex-husband losing his house, half his possessions, paying child support to his kids he will barely see, and often paying alimony to his fluffie ex-wife, so that she can parasite off him after the divorce the way she did before the divorce.

This massive injustice is so criminal, so immoral, that it enrages masculists, so it is not surprising that there are probably hundreds of divorce court judge and lawyer murders a year in the US, but these judges and lawyers deliberately keep these statistics removed from the public so as not to encourage more murderously angry divorced fathers from adding to them.

With nearly all women as FIPS, these daily financial massacres occurring in the western divorce courts would not be necessary, because all women would be FIPs, hence custody would be joint by default, there would be no alimony, the owner of the house would get to keep it, there would be no transfer of possessions.

With all women as FIPs, the worst example of discrimination against men, i.e. the lack of a Parer (paternity rejection right) would be removed, so that men are given the same legal right that women have to reject an unwanted pregnancy.

Women have the Marer (maternity rejection right) but men have no Parer, so millions of criminal women lie to their boyfriends that they are taking the pill, get pregnant, then force the man to pay for the child that he does not want. This is criminality and immorality on a vast scale and has to be stopped.

So it is vital for the masculists that girls are socialized to be FIPs, so masculists use a carrot and stick approach to encourage/force women to FIP up. Masculists will only have relationships with women who are FIPs and punish fluffies by totally ignoring them, not even pumping and dumping them.

Until the gender laws are made men fair, masculists will continue to refuse to marry and have kids. Masculists will have twaytwef (2A2F = two apartments, two FIPs) relationships with women, i.e. have live-apart relationships with a FIP woman, but no kids, no marriage.

The great advantage of a twaytwef relationship with a woman for a man, is that he gets the regular sex he wants from a woman, but no kids, no marriage, and when the relationship dies, he simply walks away, cost free to him.

Twaytweffing also forces the woman to remain nice to him, no nagging, no withholding sex, no trying to control or manipulate him, otherwise he walks away so easily.

Masculists will not even twaytwef with fluffies. Fluffies are spat at by masculists as hated manslavers, and are punished by being totally ignored, being treated as persona non grata, left rotting on the shelf to extinction, thus forcing women to FIP up or die out.

With all women FIPs, the Parer will be much more easily legislated because a woman who decides to continue a pregnancy that her boyfriend rejects legally, can afford to, because she is a FIP. She has the income to raise a child on her own.

The fact that men have no Parer shows clearly how men are treated as subhuman cash machines by women, ignoring men’s rights, putting priority onto women and children. This attitude enrages masculists, so it is not surprising that masculism is now causing millions of men around the world to have their masculist consciousnesses raised, so that men are getting very angry and going on the war path against fluffies and fluffie feminist hypocrites aiming to wipe them out.

Masculists are political and work as social engineers. Masculists contact the media to educate the millions, the billions, the masses, to become conscious of masculist and MGTOW ideas, so that both sexes understand the horrors of the traditional male role that the masculists utterly reject.

Masculists see clearly that the FIPping of women is a vital prerequisite for the liberation of men from manslavery, from being seen as subhuman cash machines to pay for women to have babies. We masculists reject that role. We spit on it. We aim to wipe it out. We are wiping it out, because we men have the power to wipe out fluffies. If men decide that there will be no more fluffies, then fluffies die out. We men have the power to do that.

  • Women need to become female masculists to vote with men to menfair the gender laws.

Women are both men’s enemies and men’s allies. The fluffie feminists are hypocrites in the sense that they want equal rights with men, and I have no problem with that, so you could call me a 2nd wave (male) feminist, but 3rd wave feminism I see as gynocracy, i.e. rule by women at men’s expense, making 3rd wave feminists the enemy of the masculists, who label them feminazis, expressing masculist contempt and hatred of what they are doing in the divorce courts and their implacable resistance against the passage of the Parer.

Fluffie feminists are hypocrites because on the one hand they want equal rights with men, but on the other they reject equal obligations with men, i.e. these fluffie feminists resist the masculist push for women to bother to share the burden of earning the living, by bothering to get a career competent education, so that women can be real FIPs as adults and not expect to parasite off the money of a man.

Fluffie feminist hypocrites are spat at by masculists, treated worse than fluffies, because at least the fluffies are not hypocrites, whereas fluffie feminists are fluffies, which is bad enough, but also hypocritical in terms of their rejection of accepting equal obligations with men re earning the living

Fluffie feminist hypocrites are feminists on equal rights but fluffies in the divorce courts, and rejecting the Parer. So, the masculists have two main enemies, the fluffies and the fluffie feminist feminazi bitches.

3rd wave feminism is gynocracy, rule by women, at men’s expense, and is hated by the masculists who fight against it.

The masculists have a major problem in their fight to get gender equality for men, and that is that women are 51% of the voters and that more women vote than men, so since most women want to keep their privileges in the divorce courts, men will not be able to get the divorce laws menfaired with their own efforts.

Women like their divorce court privileges, getting custody of the kids, getting half the possessions of her ex-husband, getting his house, getting alimony, often for life. These fluffie hypocrite vermin, want to keep such privileges, so that masculists are forced to seek allies with women.

The strategy used by the masculists is to convert women into female masculists, by two main ways, by the carrot and the stick. The carrot is to simply present the masculist case to women, so that reasonable, humane women will sympathize with the masculists and become female masculists, and hence vote with men to menfair the gender laws, i.e. menfair the divorce courts.

Fluffie women will not do this because it is not in their self-interest, but FIP women would be a lot more likely to do so.

The stick method is to scare women into becoming female masculists through threatening women with babylessness and manlessness, MGTOW style, i.e. men who refuse to marry, refuse to have kids and spend their money on themselves. Those women who don’t vote with men to menfair the gender laws, e.g. in the divorce courts, bringing in the Parer, and a string of other legal and social discriminations against men, will be punished by men, by not getting one. They will rot on the shelf.

This is not an idle threat because already 2/3 of young men under 35 in many major countries already are MGTOW in practice if not in philosophy. Young women are really starting to panic as they learn that they are really not going to have a baby, because quality men refuse to give them their sperm. This is forcing women to choose between giving up their divorce court privileges or not having a baby. Since having a baby is top priority to most women, women will chose to have babies and pay the price of giving up their divorce court privileges, and voting for the Parer etc.

To get women to become female masculists, the masculists have a lot of work to do, in teaching society, particularly women that women will have to choose, i.e. to menfair the gender laws, or be babyless and see the population decline, even be wiped out.

  • The feminazis need to be smashed so that they shut up.

Masculists are utterly fed up with the feminazi bitches. The hatred against them is so strong, that young women nowadays are conscious of this, so don’t dare state publically that they are feminists, through fear that that would be the kiss of death for them of their chances of ever getting a man.

No man wants a relationship with a misandrist, man dumping feminazi bitch. Such women are the first category of female to be rejected by men, left rotting on the shelf, like the fluffies, but even more spat at, because the hared coming from men is even greater, because men are fed up with the childminded attitudes of the feminazis, that all women’s problems are caused by men, and never any acceptance of the idea that women themselves are largely responsible for their own problems, e.g. their inferior abilities, their lack of ambition, drive, etc.

It was the feminazis, the fluffie feminist hypocrites, who created the toxicity of the divorce courts for men, so of course masculists have a hatred for feminazis. When masculists are confronted by feminazis they give these feminazi bitches a real earful, haranguing them with male force and hatred. This is easy for masculists to do, because men are smarter and a lot more verbally aggressive than women, due to men’s much higher testosterone levels. Masculists have a real hatred of feminazis, seeing feminism (i.e. 3rd wave feminist gynocracy) as a cancer to be exterminated.

So masculists harangue feminazi bitches, giving a very clear message to women in general, that if they are stupid enough to be feminazis, they will pay a heavy price, they will not get a man, they will rot on the shelf and be spat at by men.

This will shut the feminazis up. They will learn that they are hated by both sexes, because not only do the men hate them, but increasingly so too do women, because women are waking up to the idea that they are going to be babyless because the MGTOW are rejecting paternity, due to the toxicity of the divorce courts as created by the feminazi, fluffie feminist, hypocrites.

With both sexes hating the feminazis, they will die out, they will shut up.

  • Women need to get real on their inferiorities and delusional arroganc

Too many young women today have the attitudes of princesses, feeling they are the superior sex, being able to manipulate men to do whatever these princesses want.

Those masculists who are also scientists, like myself, despise the isscienate attitudes of these princesses, which motivates these masculists to teach these princesses a lesson, i.e. the realities of female genetic inferiorities, e.g. women are dumber on average than men by 4 IQ points. Women have a 10% lower IQ variance than men, so the morons and the genii are males, so men win 99% of the science Nobel prizes.

Men have much higher testosterone levels than women, so are a lot more aggressive, more ambitious, dogged, single minded and complete difficult tasks far more readily than women, who are more wishy washy and give up more easily when the task is very demanding and difficult.

So men’s performance record is far superior to women’s, so it is no surprise that in all cultures, boy babies are more valued than girl babies, because all cultures know, from long experience, that boy babies are much more likely to grow up to be highly valued members of their cultures than girl babies, who will grow up to be only baby factories and child minders, a vital role, but not status worthy, because any woman can do that.

Masculist scientists slam such feminazi arrogance and cut it down, ridiculing such women for their isscienate fairydom. (Isscienate = ignorant of science, unable to reason scientifically. Fairydom = living in a fairly land, believing what you want to believe, without evidence, like religionists).

Masculists are very verbally aggressive with these princesses, smashing them with harsh ridicule to stamp it out of them. These princesses are not tolerated because they regularly come out with their isscienate fairy, PC, feminazi, bullshit, that the masculists piss on.

  • Women need to learn to be nice again to men or be ignored by men.

Women need to be taught by masculists, that women who are not nice to men, don’t get one. So many men are now going MGTOW, that competition between women for the few available men who are still gullible enough and ignorant enough to marry and have kids, will be fierce, so that any woman who takes a misandrist attitude towards men, will be punished by not getting one, being forced to rot on the shelf. If she is a real feminazi, she won’t even be pumped and dumped. She will be totally ignored.

  • Women will have to compete with the artwombs and sexbots.

If the contraceptive pill was a major social revolution, just wait for the arrival in the next decade or so of the artwomb (artificial womb) and the sexbots (sex robots). When men can grow their own kids and prefer to sex their bots than women, then women will be forced into deep existential shock and depression.

These sexbots will have luscious curves, film star faces, creamy grippy vaginas that women will not be able to compete with. They will be given AI conversational abilities and be programmed to be very nice to men, not nagging, not withholding sex, not manipulating men at all. Men will flock to them in droves, creating one of the world’s biggest industries, thus making it impossible for the feminazis to ban.

Japanese scientists have already grown a goat in an artwomb so human babies can’t be far off. Once men have the sexbots and artwombs, feminism will disappear overnight, and women will be clawing at each other, fighting for men’s dwindling attention.

Men will just ignore women in large numbers because women have severe negative qualities. Women nag, women withhold sex, women lie, cheat, and abuse men. Women’s personalities are not nice. Women are sexploiters of men. Women are not loyal to men, being hypergamous, i.e. always on the lookout for a more sexploitable, richer, more handsome, higher status, male, so that she will readily, coldly, disloyally, dump her current man, in favor of the better one, if an opportunity realistically arises.

The sexbots will NOT be given these negative qualities that women have, so men will flock to them and have relationships with them, forcing women to be MUCH nicer to men or be ignored.

  • Women need to grow up, toughen up.

The traditional fluffie role of the woman was to be paid for by a man, treated as childlike by men, because she was financially dependent on men. Masculists force women to be FIPs, so that women will have to compete with men in the work force and not be given special snowflake privileges, because they are women that the fluffie feminist hypocrites want. The masculists will force women to toughen up and compete equally with men, or be spat at.

Parents and teachers will need to socialize young girls to toughen up, become FIPs, and take the knocks and tribulations of life as readily as men do, and are taught to do. Women need to stop seeing themselves as delicate little vulnerable princesses, and instead see themselves a FIPs, as responsible adults, who expect to accept equal obligations with men, and not expect to be given special privileges by men. Masculists expect women to grow up and behave as adults, or they are ignored.

The greatest power of men, given that men are nearly all FIPs, is that we have the power to ignore women as a very effective form of punishment of women. Women will be forced to toughen up, FIP up, or rot on the shelf.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

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