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In the 600s AD, Arabs had low status. They were looked down upon by their Christian and Jewish neighbors, largely because they were still poly-theists, i.e. believing in many gods, which was considered less sophisticated, and lower class by their more sophisticated, monotheist neighbors. Along came Mohamad, an intelligent, open minded, curious, camel train trader, who picked up the teachings of the Christians and the Jews, and was deeply influenced by them, as a result of his extensive travels due to the nature of his job. He also noticed how Christians and Jews reacted towards Arabs, taking a very condescending attitude.

He did not like this, so he invented a mono-theist god for the Arabs, called Allah. (Humanity has invented over 100,000 different gods over the broad sweep of history and across the planet, according to the cultural anthropologists, who specialize in the anthropology of religion.) Suddenly, Arabs were on equal footing with the Christians and the Jews. All three were now mono-theist cultures, and this new equal status had a profoundly cathartic effect on the Arab mind. 

Arabs went bananas. Their self-image, their self-confidence, their energy shot up. They then used their new collective self-confidence to conquer the Middle East, North Africa and even Spain, and would have gone further into Europe, if they had not been stopped by the French in a famous battle.

So, what this says to me, is that it is possible for a new idea, a new belief system, to profoundly galvanize a people, or a community or a social movement. That’s how I’m now thinking and feeling about the MGTOW/masculist movements. We have a new idea, an immensely powerful idea, that will allow us to do what monotheism (Islam) did for the Arabs. That single, galvanizing idea is –


The more I think about this idea, the more potent and important it becomes, as it sinks deep into my subconscious. It has tremendous power, and cannot be refuted. It is impossible for the gender politicians and more importantly, the hated Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists, who bribe and control them, to force men to be fathers. So if the gender laws remain as toxic as they are today (with one married man in four getting financially massacred in the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts, losing his kids, his house, paying child support, and alimony to his parasitic fluffie ex-wife; with no Parer (paternity rejection right) etc) MGTOWs/masculists will continue to boycott marriage and paternity, resulting in the population size continuing to crash.

The gender politicians are powerless to stop this, unless they make a concerted effort to menfair the gender laws, by reforming the divorce laws, bringing in the Parer, removing across the board, the many legal and social discrimination against men.

So, with this powerful new idea in mind, the MGTOW/masculists movements can be given a new cathartic ideology, that will have the power to fulfil their agenda, namely to create a FIP society, where both sexes are FIPs (financially independent persons) pulling their own weight financially, by getting a career-competent education (i.e. not studying fluffie crap at high school and college); by giving men menfair gender laws; by threatening the gender politicians with population annihilation and their assassination by an alarmed general public; by teaching everyone, that men are the superior sex, since men outperform women at the top end of the scale in nearly all measurable performance tests; by creating a social ethic that it is immoral to dump on men the way fluffie feminists do, blaming men for women’s inadequacies; by reforming the media, so that it portrays men in a menfair light, etc.

This is our MGTOW/masculist agenda, and we have the tool, the major idea, to achieve it now. Let’s label this idea “POPULATION ANNIHILATION” i.e. if society, if the gender politicians, don’t menfair the gender laws, and menfair society, then the MGTOWs/masculists will continue their policy (their political agenda) of rejecting paternity, and hence seeing the whole population get wiped out.

Armed with this formidable weapon, we can approach the media, the gender politicians, society, fluffies, fluffie crappers, fluffie feminists, etc. and tell them “Do what we want, i.e. menfair the gender laws, and menfair society, or we MGTOWs/masculists wipe it out by refusing to reproduce!”

Masculists are more politically minded than MGTOWs, who have a tendency to simply passively walk away from the marriage market, and paternity, spending their money on themselves, and thus showing no solidarity towards the suffering and gender oppression of fellow men. MGTOWs do this, because they are convinced that trying to persuade the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws, is a complete waste of time and energy, because more women vote than men, so the bribed, corrupted, gender politicians (manipulated by the hated Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists) don’t give a shit about the welfare of men, thus allowing the current misandrist, gynocentric culture to continue.

BUT, with the new formidable weapon, with the idea of “POPULATION ANNIHILATION,” MGTOWs can join forces with the masculists, to use this powerful weapon, to create a FIP, menfaired society, that both MGTOWs and masculists want. To masculists, MGTOW is a subset of masculism. The indirect political strategy of the MGTOWs is to bring down the gynocentric culture, by refusing to play along with it. This is a good strategy and an effective one, that the more politically minded masculists can use to great effect.

MGTOWs need to be more conscious, more aware, of just how powerful the idea of “POPULATION ANNIHILATION” is, and bring it to full consciousness, and then really USE IT politically, by teaching it to the media, to society, to every college, to every high school, to fluffies, to fluffie crappers, to fluffie feminists, and especially to the gender politicians.

The US dollar will crash soon. This is a mathematical certainly, as the hated Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists continue to print at least a trillion dollars a year (to cover the US annual federal budget deficit) and insert it round the world. Those countries holding US dollars in their reserves are losing money, as the value of the dollar drops. (When the hated Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists set up the FED in 1913, a dollar today would buy what 3 cents would buy then. They have so inflated the cost of living that people’s savings get wiped out – just one of the many crimes against humanity committed by these hated Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists – google it! YouTube it!)

When the dollar crashes, the US will only be able to import what it can afford to export, which will not be much, because the hated Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists have sent most of America’s manufacturing capacity to China, so the US standard of living will fall to third world levels. Civil war may break out as a result, with Americans having more guns than people, so hopefully the hated Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists get wiped out, freeing politics from their bribery and corruption. Hopefully then a new batch of gender politicians will arise, who will be menfair and create the new menfair gender laws.

If the Jewish banksters (via the Jewish bankster controlled Dept. of Homeland Security) win the civil war, with their militarized police, their 3 billion hollow tipped bullets, their millions of 4 body plastic coffins, their 1000s of suburban “tanks”, their police state executive orders that Obama has been signing, that he was brought in by the Jewish banksters to do, their 800 FEMA concentration camps, their Jewish bankster control of the media, of the news outlets, of the publishing industry, of Hollywood, etc., then we all lose.

These hated Jewish banksters may actually win the civil war, and then the US becomes like the country I live in, China, a police state shithole, with no freedom of speech, with >1000 concentration camps for political prisoners (laogai), with a one party dictatorship, that has killed 80 million of its citizens under Mao, an intellectually sterile culture, one pathetic science Nobel prize, no alphabet, etc.

If Americans lose their civil war against the hated Jewish bankster Frankist Satanist shadow government, then their fate will be the same as the Chinese. These hated Jewish banksters created the so-called Russian revolution (actually a Jewish putsch) and then helped Mao do the same in China, so it may very well be possible that the hated Jewish banksters have controlled Russia and China for a century, and are currently well underway to doing the same to the US, Europe and Japan. All three of these powerhouses are almost totally destroyed by debt, imposed on them by the hated Jewish bankster paper currency, debt-note Ponzi schemes, designed to make debt slaves of the world.

But let’s assume, Americans win their civil war, and that this process takes less than a decade. Hitler showed how an economy can bounce back quickly when the hated Jewish banksters’ paper currency, debt-note Ponzi scheme is removed, so that a people’s bank with a debt-free currency can thrive. Hitler put 6M unemployed Germans back to work within 2 years – the main reason why he was so massively popular with the Germans. He was their savior. (He was also the savior of western Europeans, because in 1941, Stalin has amassed a 6M army of Russian soldiers to invade Europe.

Hitler got wind of this and invaded Russia, two weeks before the European invasion was meant to start. Hitler saved Western Europe from the same kind of holocaust the Jewish communists committed against white Christian Russians, killing 66 million of them according to the famous author Solzhenitsyn in his book “Die Juden in der Sowjet Union” that the Jewish publishers blocked from publication in the English speaking countries, but not in Germany.

A similar economic miracle can occur in the US with a post Jewish bankster controlled economy. Americans are the most creative people on earth, so with the hated Jewish banksters out of the picture (i.e. either fled, or murdered in the civil war by death squads, crossing off names on a black list) the US economy will be able to spring back to life and truly thrive.

In such an economic environment, and free of the hated Jewish bankster Frankist Satanism with its poisoning of the souls of the people, the US and hence MGTOW/masculism will hopefully become unnecessary, because we will have a new society, a FIP society, where the media, the politicians, Hollywood, publishing, the news outlets etc, are freed from the hated Jewish bankster Satanist influence.

In such a post Jewish bankster controlled environment, society will be a lot fairer, more humane, more ethical, and hence MGTOW/masculism can quietly fade away, because it will no longer be needed.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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