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I’m becoming increasingly suspicious and skeptical of the main MGTOW argument, i.e. that MGTOWs are so fed up with our current gynocentric society, that they choose to go their own way, refusing to marry, refusing to have kids, and spending their money on themselves, as a form of punishment of today’s society, thinking that by dropping out of the marriage market and fatherhood, that society will eventually turn around and reform itself so that men get a much better deal than what they have now.

The source of my skepticism is my growing knowledge (thanks to the internet) of the enormous damage and criminality of the Jewish Satanist banksters and their deeper and longer term intentions, i.e. to destroy the major countries, US, Europe, Japan, and rule the world with their capitol in Jerusalem, thus fulfilling their 3000 year old prophecy in the Torah and Talmud, their main religious documents.

Some of you may have heard of the Georgia guide stones (YouTube it), which state that the earth’s human population should be reduced to about half a billion. Putting up such stones would not have been cheap, so one wonders who and why they were erected.

Some of my recent flyers have been about Jewish banksters and their 2000 year old strategy of dividing and conquering their host cultures that they parasite upon, by fostering division and hostility between subgroups of their host culture, to distract attention from the host culture’s citizens away from the very negative abuses the Jewish banksters and their cronies are committing against their goy hosts, e.g. in the US the creation, funding and leadership behind the scenes of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) which aimed to promote hostility between blacks and whites. What the Jewish banksters want the US population to be distracted FROM, is the Jewish bankster theft of Americans’ taxes, being made debt slaves to them, assassinating 6 of their presidents, destroying democracy by bribing all the politicians, inflating the currency to destroy people’s savings, taking over the sources of information (Hollywood, the media, the news outlets, publishing, not yet the internet, but you can bet your life they are working on that), passing laws that make it illegal to criticize them in many western countries, etc.

I’ve speculated in earlier flyers that the ultimate division, the ultimate distraction for these Jewish banksters would be for a major rift to be created between the sexes, and a very effective way to do that in the 70s would have been to bribe a few critical gender politicians to pass new divorce laws that the feminists were pushing for.

These Jewish banksters are evil genii. When you study, for example, how they engineered WW2, by bribing and blackmailing  a handful of critical players (Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin, all Jews themselves, and Hitler (probably a quarter Jew – his grandmother was a maid in the Rothschild household in Vienna, who suddenly got pregnant), you learn how they use their genius intelligence and money to push events in the direction they want, by carefully selecting ahead of time critical players who have the ability to influence events the way these Jewish banksters want, to cause millions of goy to slaughter themselves (which satisfies their Shabbetean-Frankist Satanist beliefs) and to make enormous profits from governments who borrow heavily from them as Jewish cental banksters, to pay for wars that the Jewish banksters have played a major role in generating in the first place.

If it is part of their plan to rule the world, and more critically, to reduce the world population to about half a billion, then what better way than to create a MGTOW movement. These evil Jewish genii have patience. Their Jewish religious culture is several thousand years old, so they think long term. By bribing just a few gender politicians as mentioned above, they could reduce the population by crashing the birth rate by making marriage, or rather divorce, so toxic for men by creating diabolic divorce laws (as viewed by men). We now see 70% (and rising) of US young men under 35 refusing to reproduce, thus wiping out the US population within a mere century.

So, if this is what happened (and of course the Jewish banksters would never make such an intention public, otherwise they would be lynched) then the argument above that MGTOWs hope to force the gender politicians to make the gender laws menfair, is probably naïve. If the above conspiracy hypothesis is correct, then everything is going according to plan, since the young men are refusing to reproduce on a massive scale in the US and Japan, and other countries.

So the main aim of the MGTOWs, to force the gender politicians to do what the MGTOWs want, is probably misguided. The gender politicians are controlled, puppetted by the Jewish banksters, and have been for decades. The gender politicians are not going to budge, until the Jewish banksters are pogrommed out of power, but that probably wont happen until the same Jewish banksters succeed in crashing the dollar, the yen and the euro, which is probably soon (months? a few years?). But until the root cause of the gender law injustices is removed, i.e. the dictatorship of the Jewish banksters over the US congress, the strategy of the MGTOWs will not be listened to.

The population will continue to crash, until the Jewish banksters decide that the population size is small enough the way they want, and then they will intervene and give men what they want so that men are more willing to reproduce.

So I’m becoming more cynical about pushing and lobbying the gender politicians as a masculist strategy, and becoming more cynical that having millions of MGTOWs refusing to reproduce will change the gender laws. If the Jewish banksters are behind the population crash, maybe the gender laws will not change until the population has crashed enough for the Jewish banksters to decide to put back the plug.

Of course, if the American people, with more guns than people, rise up and pogrom the Jewish banksters in the next few years, then all bets are off. If that happens, then a new batch of politicians will be elected, who hopefully will care more about society as a whole, who are not bribed by Jewish banksters, because the Jewish banksters will either have fled, or have been butchered in the American pogrom. These new politicians will then probably pass new menfair gender laws and improve men’s situation in society.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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