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I have a sister and a current (Chinese) wife who are fluffie FIPs, and because of that they annoy me a lot.

A fluffie FIP is a FIP who has fluffie attitudes towards men. A FIP is a financially independent person, and a fluffie is a traditional woman who expects to be able to parasite off a man’s money. A fluffie FIP is a FIP who has her own career, she does NOT parasite off a man’s money, but since she knows nothing about MGTOW or masculism, by default, she will have traditional attitudes and expectations as a female of men, she will still see men as manslaves to service women so that women can have babies and be paid for by men.

MGTOWs I define to be “Men Going There Own Way, in the sense that they refuse to marry and have kids, and they spend their money on themselves.” They do this largely as a reaction against the toxicity of the fluffie feminist dominated divorce court system, that financially massacres divorcing fathers, forcing them to lose their kids, their house, pay child support and alimony. One married man in four will be financially massacred this way, so it is not surprising that 70% of young men under 35 in the US refuse to marry and have kids. Men are “on strike.”

Some MGTOWs are so pissed off with women that they don’t even fuck them, let alone date them, but many MGTOWs want regular sex from a woman, so choose to date and sex women, and then dump them if the women start nagging them, or try to extract money from them. Many MGTOWs and masculists (men’s libbers) choose to twaytwef (2A2F = 2 apartments, 2 FIPs) which is a relationship between a FIP man and a FIP woman, each with their own apartment. When the relationship fails, they both return to their own apartment, cost free. There is no divorce, because no marriage, no child support, because no kids, no alimony, because the woman is a FIP. Twaytweffing keeps the woman being nice to the man, otherwise he quietly, easily, walks away.

So a twaytweffing male is a MGTOW according to the above definition. He refuses to marry and have kids, and he spends his money on himself. But, that is not to say that he can now live a trouble free life with women. Far from it. Masculists and MGTOWs demand as a NECESSARY CONDITION for a man to have a relationship with a woman, is that the woman be a FIP. MGTOWs and masculists wont go near a fluffie. Fluffies are vermin to masculists, to be avoided like the plague, so that they rot on the shelf to extinction. Wiping out fluffiedom, i.e. the fluffies, is the primary political goal of the masculists.

You may ask, what then would be NECESSARY AND SUFFICIENT conditions (to use the mathematical terminology) for men to be fairly content having relationships with women?

In today’s world, nearly all women are ignorant of MGTOW and masculist ideas. We MGTOWs/masculists have a lot more work to do to spread our ideas to the whole planet, so that everyone is familiar with these ideas, so that women in particular are influenced by them, and modify their expectations on men, through fear that if they don’t, they will not be able to have a relationship with a man, and hence will be manless, loveless, sexless, babyless, lonely, maybe poor and socially shunned.

To give you an idea of what its like for a masculist/MGTOW to have a relationship with a “fluffie FIP” I give myself as an example, by talking about my situation with the 2 fluffie FIPs in my life, namely my sister and my current wife. I’ll start with my sister, since it has been a longer standing problem.

My sister is definitely a FIP. She is a medical doctor with her own clinic, employing some two dozen other doctors. My brother estimates her financial worth at about $5M. When my first marriage ended and I returned to Europe, my half fluffie ex wife stayed in Australia with the two kids. I expected my first wife to pay for the kids herself, because she took them.

Prior to that separation/later divorce, I was a very active masculist in Europe. Because I returned to Europe, I was not subject to Australia’s divorce laws (the divorce was I think in 1985(?)) so I did not pay child support, nor alimony to my half fluffie ex wife. I was a masculist and expected women to be FIPs. A FIP would only have herself and the kids to pay for, whereas traditionally, the husband had himself, the kids AND a fluffie parasitic wife to pay for. So its easier for a FIP single mother financially.

My sister STRONGLY disapproved of what I did, i.e. not give any money to my ex wife, and expecting her to pay her own way. I have had bad arguments with my sister over this. She would make remarks like “When Hugh abandoned his kids …” I would then get angry at her fluffie attitudes and harangue her back “Keep your negative fluffie opinions to yourself or I’ll harangue you with masculist rhetoric, and you wont like it! You may be my sister, but your traditional fluffie attitudes towards men I find repulsive, and if you keep it up, you may lose me as a brother, because I truly piss on your attitudes. You expect men to be manslaves to women. Well fuck you sis!”

Now my current (Chinese) wife – she is definitely a FIP. She is a professor at a Chinese university, has her own apartment, car, career, and pays her own way. My previous Chinese wife stole half my savings, that a corrupt Chinese court system was unwilling to take back from her, so my standard of living fell a lot. I was fired from my job as a full professor in China, due to me telling my university’s president (whom I was trying to persuade that the city I live in could become the China center for brain building) that western researchers would be unwilling to come to China until China democratized, that western professors know that Mao killed 80 million of his own citizens, that China has over 1000 laogai (the Chinese equivalent of Russia’s gulag concentration camp system for political prisoners) etc. He emailed me back saying I had broken the law, and a few months later my contract was not renewed, and I’m black listed from getting another government university job in China, so I retired, living frugally, but free to do what I love.

My Chinese wife then starts seeing me as poor, and the sex dries up. She starts respecting me less and less she says. I tell her “Don’t judge me by money alone, for Christ’s sake. I’m so superior to you in so many respects, you should be proud of what I am, e.g. a world figure in the species dominance debate, the father of the artilect, the artilect war, cosmism, terranism, masculism, etc, 150 publications, full professor, PhD, 7 books, media public figure, etc. She has nowhere near such a track record.

BUT, she doesn’t care about such things, the only thing that matters to her is my reduced financial situation, and I’m getting REALLY SICK OF IT. I’m forced to stay with her to get a green card, but after that if her fluffie attitude towards men continues, and she doesn’t change, then she may pay a heavy price. I may walk out on her. Since she’s rather fat, mid 50s and bad tempered genetically, she may never get another man, and spend the remaining 30 years of her life alone and miserably lonely. Women are much more social than men, and need social relationships so much more than men. In the US, 40% of women over 40 live alone, many of whom were punished by men who dumped them because these women were such misandrist bitches, and now pay the price, for the rest of their miserable lives they will remain manless.

Things are complicated by the fact that her menopause has still not finished, so she still has mood swings, which lead to shouting arguments. Part of the problem is that she is Chinese, and everything Chinese is decades to centuries behind the top world rich democratic nations, including gender role expectations.

But I suspect her fluffie attitudes, i.e. expecting me to be financially strong, is actually more genetically based. Remember that  women evolved to be prostitutes for men – i.e. female sex for male protein. Women are hard wired to vagina lubricate at the sight of a rich powerful man, and do the opposite for a poor, powerless man.

It is this attitude that may cost her dearly, because there is a limit to my patience with her. I hate being seen as a check book, judged by women purely in terms of my financial worth, and NOT by other criteria that I personally give more value to, especially intellectuality, ideas, knowledge, learning, creativity, etc.

The fact that my current Chinese wife does not care much for such things, makes her seem inferior and unworthy of me in MY EYES, so she is running a risk, that she may get dumped for her fluffie attitudes, despite the fact that she is so obviously a FIP.

To those women who are reading this, take note. If you are in a similar situation, and you judge your man predominantly by his “financial worth” and treat him as a check book, then you too risk being dumped, even if you are a FIP. Men HATE being treated as check books by women. It degrades them as much as women HATE being eyed up as a piece of fuckable meat by men.

So, if you women want to keep a man, you had better suppress your genetic tendency to judge men by their financial worth alone, and broaden your criteria to e.g. their personalities, their intelligence, creativity, generosity, etc. Men are waking up more and more that their traditional role was to be a manslave to women. Men reject that role now, and demand that women be FIPs, but even that is NOT ENOUGH.

MGTOWs/masculists ALSO DEMAND that women not only be FIPs but that they suppress their fluffie attitudes towards men, i.e. that women NOT be fluffie FIPs, but if they are then they too will be treated by MGTOWs/masculists the same way as they do fluffies, i.e. they are ignored, left rotting on the shelf. If you women treat men like checkbooks, and judge us that way, then you will be lumped into the same camp as fluffies, i.e. you will be ignored. We wont have anything to do with you, because you do not give us the dignity we demand.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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