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For millions of years, women have traded use of their vaginas for male protein, i.e. women evolved to become the sexiest of mammals in order to be able to bargain with men so that men would give them protein that men had hunted. Women were tied down with useless infants, or were frequently pregnant and could not hunt for themselves. This dichotomy of roles became so locked in over thousands of generations, then women’s brains evolved largely to be child minders and bribers of men.

But, in the 60s something extraordinary happened, something monumental. Male genius invented the contraceptive pill, and suddenly women were able to reliably control the number of kids they wanted, and they wanted 0, 1, 2, in most cases. This caused a revolution in the distribution of tasks amongst the sexes. Women were now able to have a career window of some 40+ years. Men were freed from being the sole breadwinner of the family, which relieved him of a lot of the stress if he got fired, or wanted to work less to go back to school to get qualified for a different job so that he was not locked into a financial cage doing something he hated for the rest of his working life.

Men started waking up and realized that now that women CAN work, they MUST work, because anything else is simply parasitism on men’s labor. Men who thought like this after the 60s were called “masculists,” the obvious male equivalent of the word “feminist”, so masculists were men’s libbers, men who pushed for men to be freed from manslavery by women.

In the 70s and 80s, large numbers of women moved into higher education, and careers, and became FIPs (a masculist word for “financially independent persons”), so that they could share the burden of earning the living for the family.

Such women were capable of coping financially for themselves, so did not need to find some manslave to parasite upon to be able to afford to live in a middle class house to raise her kids in, her primary function in her biological life.

So many of these FIP women stayed single in their 20s, thinking that they could put off their mothering phase of life into their early 30s, before their fertility window began closing in their mid 30s (aka biological clock ticking). Since they were in their 20s, FIP, and had the pill, they chose to be sexually active, which radically changed the “sexual ecology” for men. Prior to the pill and effective contraception, men paid the price of being manslaves to women in order to get regular sex. That was the bargain that men made for many generations.

But with FIP women, and the pill, men suddenly had plenty of women they could sex with. They got female sex for free, without having to pay the terrible price of being a manslave to a fluffie parasite, at least for young men, in their 20s, regarding other young women also in their 20s. MGTOWs talk about young women “riding the cock carousel ” meaning having lots of male sex partners before her biological clock starts ticking in her 30s. (A recent survey at a British university showed that the average 21 year old female student had had over 30 different penises in her.)

Women in their 30s are forced to face up to the fact that if they chose to be fluffie crappers in their youth (i.e. they studied fluffie crap (non math, non sciences) at high school and college) then they probably will not be able to afford the buy a middle class house to raise her kids in, because she is not a FIP, and does not have a FIP woman income, due to her lower earning capacity, due to her lack of marketable skills, because she studied fluffie crap. She will then start looking around for some gullible man slave (i.e. a man ignorant of masculist/MGTOW ideas) to dig her fluffie financial claws into, expecting him to pay for her, her kids, and the middle class house she wants to live in.

But times have changed. We now live increasingly in the age of MGTOW/masculism, in which fluffies are seen as “immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin.” Fluffies are having a much harder time finding such gullible manslaves.

We live in a gender “tween age” at the moment, between the era of traditional roles where the man was the sole breadwinner and the woman the childminder, on the one hand, and the era of the FIP Society, that the masculists are politically pushing for, where all adults are FIPs and are socialized to be so, by parents, by teachers, by professors, by journalists, by gender politicians, by general social expectation. But we don’t yet live in a FIP Society. The large majority of young women today in high school, still choose to study fluffie crap, which means they end up being fluffies in their 30s and hence looking for some manslave to sexploit.

Because we still live in a tweenage, in which not all women are FIPs, we have the phenomenon of the “fluffie feminist,” i.e. conscious of women’s rights, i.e. she has had her feminist consciousness raised, but not her masculist consciousness, i.e. she knows almost nothing about the tenets of masculism nor MGTOW, hence by default she still has traditional female, i.e. fluffie, expectations of men, i.e. she sees men still as cash machines for women. She is still fluffie regarding men, expecting to be able to parasite off a man’s money. She wants equal rights, but not equal obligations with men (i.e. being FIP), so is profoundly hypocritical. She wants her cake and wants to eat it too.

But MGTOW/masculist ideas are now spreading increasingly into the broader public. The first broadcast media documentaries are now appearing (e.g. the BBC recently). MGTOW/masculists are rapidly increasing in numbers due to the toxicity of the divorce courts taken over by the fluffie feminists, and made so menunfair, that young men have learned from their fathers not to marry, not to have kids, and to spend their money on themselves, not on fluffies, who will, with roughly one chance in four, financially massacre them in the divorce courts, taking his kids, his house, getting child payments, and alimony, so that she remains a parasite on him after the divorce, the way she was before the divorce.

The massive gender injustice in the divorce courts towards men has caused 70% of young men in the US and Japan to reject marriage and paternity, which will wipe out whole populations within a century. The supply of gullible manslavable men, who (like the traditional salary man in Japan, works a 11 hour day, 3 hours commute time, handing over his paycheck to his fluffie wife, so that she can play tennis while he works) accept the traditional manslave role, is drying up. Within a decade, probably over 90% of young men will refuse marriage, and paternity because it is seen as too toxic. The odds of one in four (married men) being financially massacred is simply unacceptable, and so men walk away from marriage and fatherhood.

This mass male rejection of marriage and paternity, has radically changed the “gender ecology” in our tweenage. In the past, if a man wanted to get regular sex from a woman, he had to marry her and be her manslave. Those days are dying if not largely already dead. In today’s world, and increasingly in the near future, a man can get the sex he needs from FIP women, and ignore the fluffies. He can put moral pressure on fluffies to “FIP up!” or they will be neglected, ignored by men, thus forcing fluffies to become FIPs, or they will rot on the shelf to extinction.

This ignoring of fluffies is one of the principal social/political strategies of the masculists, with their slogans “Be FIP or be manless!” “No calculus, no baby!” etc. Masculists and MGTOWs are now in a position to tell women “If you women want any attention from a man, even a penis, then you must be FIP, or else you will be totally ignored. That is the condition (the bargaining tool) that we men impose upon you for you to get even some of our male attention. We punish fluffies by forcing them to rot on the shelf to extinction. We don’t go near them. We fuck only FIPs, and that puts pressure on fluffies to become FIPs. We masculists/MGTOWs use our penises as bargaining tools to force women to stop manslaving. Those fluffies who continue to try to manslave, to capture some gullible male fool, so she can live off his money, will die out. Their genes will be removed from the gene pool, selecting women who have genes which make them be more FIP like, and hence more acceptable to men, who have had their MGTOW/masculist consciousness raised, i.e. refuse to be manslaves to fluffie vermin.

So the take away message of this flyer to the women reading it, is that “If you want male attention (male penis) then you have to be FIP and pull your own financial weight, otherwise there is no deal, no penising from men, no attention from men, only a poor, manless, loveless, babyless, half life – lonely, miserable, and socially shunned, as society as a whole wakes up to the horrors of manslavery and pushes to wipe it out, by wiping out fluffies who sustain it. With fluffies wiped out, manslavery is wiped out, so that men can be freer, which is what masculism is all about, by definition.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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