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The short answer to the above question, is “in order to get a man, in order to be able to get sperm from a man to have a baby.”

Young women in western countries are really waking up and panicking that the odds are high that they will not have a baby, and that all that they will get from men is to be pumped and dumped, and not be given men’s sperm.

Why is this happening to young women? Because their mothers are fluffie feminist hypocrites, feminazi bitches, who have taken over the divorce courts and made them toxic to men. Divorce is so bad for men, and hence marriage, that in the western countries, two thirds of young men under 35 refuse to marry, refuse to have kids, and spend their money on themselves, utterly rejecting the traditional manslave role of working for a woman.

Men are so angry against the feminazi bitches, for what these bitches have done to the divorce courts, that within a decade, probably more than 90% of young men will be rejecting marriage, rejecting paternity, and living the MGTOW life style in practice, if not in philosophy, but since the MGTOW message is spreading rapidly now, within a decade nearly all young men will know about it and the movement’s ideas.

As young women learn about MGTOW and masculist ideas, they are learning that the root cause of their manlessness and babyless problems is the toxicity of the divorce courts for men, generated by the fluffie feminist hypocrites, the feminazi bitches, so that these young women are learning a hatred of the fluffie feminists as well.

Not all women have amoral child-minds. Some are thinking creatures and understand the awful situation of men who marry and have kids, who then face a one in four chance roughly of being financially massacred in a fluffie feminist dominated divorce court, losing his kids with 90% probability, losing his house, half his possessions, forced to pay child support to kids he will barely see, and often alimony to his fluffie ex-wife, with no legal or moral obligation on her to FIP up and get a job.

So these female masculist women, sympathize with the gender plight of men, and are motivated to help men get the gender laws menfaired, because it is in the self-interest of these young women as well. These women argue that “If many young women put moral and political pressure on the gender politicians, then the odds of the gender laws being made menfair, go up. Then men will be more likely to be willing to give us their sperm.”

These female masculists are likely at first to be the more intelligent ones, with professional degrees, and real FIPs, who are intelligent enough to bother understanding MGTOW and masculist ideas, and sympathize with them. These female masculists will then start clashing with the fluffie parasites, who will fight to keep the divorce laws so menunfair, because these fluffie parasites so benefit from them. They want to be able to stay at home in the house that the fluffie feminist hypocrite dominated divorce court has stolen from her ex-husband and given to her so that she can live in what is now HER house, to raise HER kids, and not have to work. This system is very nice to her, and it in definitely NOT in her self-interest as a fluffie parasite, to want to change it the way the female masculists want. She will fight not only the masculists and the more politically minded of the MGTOWs, but also the female masculists, because all these groups threaten to take away from her, her advantages.

Female masculists will be faced with a dilemma, i.e. they will have to give up their same sex preference, i.e. solidarity with women, i.e. fluffie parasite women, and side with the MGTOWs and masculists in helping them fight for the menfairing of the gender laws. But, as the number of female masculists grows and grows as the supply of manslavable men dries up to zero, which is already well under way (at about 70% of young men today living the MGTOW life style, and likely to be over 90% within a decade) then these female masculists will have a new group of women they can bond with, i.e. fellow traveler female masculists.

The masculists will strongly support the rise of the female masculists, because the more female masculists there are, the higher will be the proportion of people of both sexes who will vote for the menfairing of the gender laws, i.e. well over half of the adult population, so that the gender politicians will sense which way the gender wind is blowing, and be more inclined to menfair the gender laws, or be voted out of power.

The masculists will be establishing men’s lib groups in every high school and college, putting enormous moral pressure on young women to be FIPs, by studying career competent majors at high school and college, so that these women can be FIPs as adults, and not be fluffies, expecting to be able to parasite off the money of a man. Increasingly, young fluffies will be spat at by young men, and totally ignored, be undated, not even sexed, not even pumped and dumped, but simply punished by men for being fluffies, i.e. seen as being immoral, parasitic, manslaving vermin, to be wiped out.

Of course, young women, will not like this terrible moral pressure placed on them by their male peers and male class mates, and will prefer to be free of it. The only way to be free of it, is to FIP up, i.e. become FIP, by studying career competent majors at high school and college. As more women do this, the proportion of young women who choose the “soft option” i.e. the intellectually easy, intellectually lazy majors at high school will decrease from its current figure of about two thirds, to less than half.

The percentage of young women who are then FIPs will increase, so that these young women will feel confident that they can take care of themselves financially as adults and not feel threatened, as do fluffies, that if they can’t attract a manslave to work for them, then they will panic, fearful that they will be poor and on their own with their meager ability to earn money. These young FIP women will not have the psychology of the fluffie, and hence can concentrate on her manless and babyless problem, and see that it is in her self-interest to help the MGTOWs and masculists to menfair the gender laws.

Pushing women to become FIPs and punishing women by not giving them men’s sperm is part of masculist political strategy. The masculists strongly want the gender laws to be menfaired. That would go a long way towards the liberation of men, freeing them from the oppressions of the traditional male role of being a manslave to a woman, and then running a one in four chance of being financially massacred in a fluffie feminist hypocrite dominated divorce court if he is stupid enough to marry and have kids in the current grossly menunfair gender landscape.

The masculists will push the creation of the female masculist movement, using the carrot and the stick. The carrot is the idea that once the gender laws are menfaired, men will be a lot more inclined to have kids again, because a lot of men actually want kids, but dare not have them today, due to the toxicity of the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts. Another carrot, is that FIP women are spared the awful, suffocating moral pressure that young men will be putting on young fluffies in the high schools and colleges.

The stick is that if these FIP women, these female masculists, do NOT help the masculists and MGTOWs with the menfairing of the gender laws, then the gender politicians, so hated by the masculists, will remain intransigent, and continue to support the grossly menunfair gender laws, particularly the divorce laws so partial to fluffies, and continue to reject the passage of the Parer (paternity rejection right), etc. These gender politicians are no fools. They will look at the opinion polls and see that most women are fluffie feminist hypocrites who want men to be financially massacred in the divorce courts, so that if the gender politicians voted in favor of menfairing the gender laws, then they would be voted out by the “female bloc vote.”

The masculists will push heavily this “female bloc vote” reasoning to the female masculists, telling them that if they don’t put strong pressure on the gender politicians, then the gender status quo will NOT change, so that men will continue to reject marriage and paternity, so that these young women will remain childless, punished by men for not helping men get the gender laws menfaired.

Masculists also push the female masculists hard, because causing a sizable proportion of women to become female masculists will cause many a-political MGTOWs to become masculists and start pushing for the menfairing of the gender laws. Most MGTOWs today choose to be a-political because they know that the female bloc vote is higher than the male bloc vote. The MGTOWs thus remain politically passive.

But with many female masculists pushing for the menfairing of the gender laws, as well, that changes everything. Once intelligent MGTOWs see that there is a good chance that the gender laws will be menfaired, due to the addition of large numbers of female masculists to the male bloc vote, then this will cause many MGTOW to convert themselves into masculists, i.e. becoming angry and political, pushing for the menfairing of the gender laws.

So, both FIP women and the masculists, i.e. both sexes, have a common interest in being masculists, i.e. male masculists and female masculists. For different reasons, both types of masculists will benefit from the menfairing of the gender laws. Men will be freed from manslavery, will get the Parer, see many menunfair gender laws removed, and women will begin to have babies again, and be freed from the awful moral pressure of men on them for being fluffie parasites, due to these women becoming FIPs and female masculists.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

(YouTube channels “de Garis masculist MGTOW flyers” “Hugo de Garis

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