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Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


This brief flyer relates my experience and rationale behind uploading my hundreds of Masculist-MGTOW videos to VID.ME

I am fed up and angry with Jewed YouTube. The Jewish elite want to control the goy, so they take over the US with their superior Ashkenazi intelligence (average IQ of US Ashkenazi Jews is 115, i.e. smarter than the average US white IQ of 100 as the average US white IQ is smarter than the average US black IQ of 85).

The Jewish elite, the illuminati, want to continue to rob the people of about half of their federal taxes with their paper fiat currency debt note dollar Ponzi scheme, so have deliberately set out to control the sources of information given to the general public.

So they have taken over the news distribution services, e.g. AP, Reuters, all 6 major US news companies, Hollywood, and publishing. The only major source of ideas that they do not yet control is the internet, and video hosting sites. A few years ago, Google, a Jewish company, and a prominent member of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations, the US shadow government, the deep state, the real government with the real power, which selects the US presidents and assassinates them if they don’t do what the Jewish illuminati want, e.g. Kennedy, Reagan, and 4 others.)

So the Jewish elite are now in a position to censor the largest video hosting site on the planet, i.e. YouTube.

It is clear that the Jewish illuminati want control of YouTube, so now they have it and the censorship has started.

You can see from the above that I have a hatred of the Jewish illuminati and the massive crimes they have committed against humanity, e.g. the over 200 million people they indirectly killed during the 20th century, with the major role they played in the engineering of the two world wars, their creation of the great depression, the Russian Revolution (that was actually a Jewish putsch, that went on to commit the greatest holocaust in history, i.e. not on the Jews but by the Jews, i.e. the Jewish communists (Trotsky’s Jewish name was Lev Bronstein, Lenin was a quarter Jewish, Stalin was Jewish, the Russian Revolution was funded by Schiff, the NY Jewish bankster) killed 66 (sixty six) million white Christian Russians, helped set up the Chinese communist party, assassinated 6 US presidents (4 successfully, 2 almost), created the FED, took control of US foreign policy, created continuous wars to profit the arms industries owned by the Jewish elite, inflated the currency, destroying peoples savings, made debt slaves of us all with their dollar debt note Ponsi scheme, forcing US tax payers to subsidize Israel, which has no oil, etc.

I noticed that during the first week that my YouTube channel was up, it was growing steadily in numbers of subscribers, and then suddenly, my subscriber number started being decreased algorithmically, i.e. I was being censored.

I hate censorship. It is the Jewish feminazi CEO of YouTube, (often called JewTube) who is behind this censorship, keeping my subscriber count small, and hence too the size of the impact of my ideas, so I have decided to make the considerable effort to re-upload all my hundreds of Masculist MGTOW videos to VID.ME, who advertise that they have freedom of speech and ridicule YouTube for not having it.

Many people, like me, are deserting YouTube now, due to their stupid, suicidal decision to censor, and are now paying the price. Lots of MGTOW/masculists like myself are now migrating platforms, fed up with the Jewish control and censorship of YouTube, and are voting with our feet, choosing to upload our ideas and material to alternative platforms, that over time will cause YouTube to gain a reputation of being tame and dull, their viewership will decrease, their advertising revenue will decrease, and YouTube will slowly die, as it should. Thank god for competition.

I thought I had better check to see whether VID.ME was not also controlled by Jews, and it seems that it is, which was a disappointment, so it remains to be seen whether the VID.ME pro freedom of speech statement is just another ruse of the Jewish illuminati, or is genuine.

For the moment, I will withhold judgment and simply observe what happens to my videos as I upload them to VID.ME

As mentioned above, if you Google “Is VID.ME controlled by Jews?” you will see that it looks as though it is, which is a bummer, but VID.ME seems to be offering freedom of speech. Hmm, maybe, we shall see. I will test them, and if they don’t give me freedom of speech, I will upload to another platform until I find one that does, which for me is my life blood, as a thinker, as an intellectual, as a sage.  Fingers crossed.

I have recently started this process, a slow job, with an upload speed several times slower than YouTube, which I suppose is due to the fact that YouTube is much bigger, and has far greater infrastructural resources, allowing faster upload speeds.

Nevertheless, I can upload a handful of videos a night, while I’m doing other things, so I will do an experiment to see if VID.ME truly does provide freedom of speech. I’m suspicious that VID.ME is just another ruse by the Jewish illuminati, to fool the stupid goy that there are video hosting sites that do offer freedom of speech. In the meantime, the largest of them all, YouTube, has been taken over by the Jewish illuminati and will in time be destroyed.

If VID.ME takes over from YouTube in size and popularity, is it only a question of time before it too is censored and controlled by illuminati Jews? We shall see.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis

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