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In a word, because MGTOWS are so fucking “apolitical.” They are political wimps, who don’t care enough about the plight of men, e.g. manslavery, financial massacring in the divorce courts, etc to fight collectively for the menfairing of the gender laws. All MGTOWs do is walk away from the marriage market and fatherhood.

Now, I don’t want to push my disdain as a masculist towards MGTOWs too much, because MGTOWs are my allies. I have mixed feelings about MGTOWs. For example, if millions, billions of men go MGTOW (i.e. refusing to marry and have kids, spending their money on themselves) then the populations will crash, forcing the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws (e.g. reforming the divorce laws, bringing in the Parer (paternity rejection right), removing legal discriminations against men, etc) so I encourage MGTOWs to boycott marriage and fatherhood.

Their strategy is working, look at Japan, where a third of young Japanese males refuse to even date or sex women (the Herbivore men). These young Japanese males are so fed up with the traditional Japanese salaryman role of working 11 hours a day, plus 2-3 hours commute time, to earn money that is totally handed over to the utterly parasitic fluffy Jap housewife, who plays tennis while he overworks, that they refuse that model. They want to do their own thing, go their own way. As a result, the Japanese government now has a Minister of Population, whose job it is to try to find ways to get young men to reproduce, since the Japanese population is starting to crash as a result.

Western countries are about a decade behind Japan in this respect, but the trend is in the same direction, so the western Herbivores (i.e. MGTOWs) will have the same effect. I can see this, but my beef (complaint) is that the western MGTOWs do almost nothing on the political stage to push western societies to menfair the gender laws.

Most western MGTOWs are first halvers, i.e. under 40, living the first half of their lives. I’m a second halver (living in the second half of my life), of nearly 70. I notice a distinct difference in attitude towards political activism amongst first halvers than second halvers when it comes to males. (Feminists are a different story.)

There are so many things that men’s libbers (MGTOWs, masculists, MRAs, etc) need to do to create a FIP Society (in which all adults are FIPs (financially independent persons) who don’t parasite off the money of another person, the way fluffies do to manslaves). For example, men’s lib groups need to be set up in all college campuses, and all high schools, so that girls are strongly morally pushed to study FIP majors (i.e. math and the science) so that they become FIPs as adults, and capable of buying their own middle class house, so that they don’t try to parasite on some robot male manslave, who buys it for them, and then has a one in four risk of being financially massacred by his fluffie wife when she gets bored with him, when she drags him through the fluffie feminist dominated divorce court.

The media needs to be approached so that they can vastly speed up the spread of men’s lib ideas (MGTOW, masculist, MRA, etc). A major article in a major publication or major TV show reaches millions, instead of the piddly little 10,000s that a YouTube video reaches, as is currently the case with MGTOW YouTube videos.

Society in general needs to be taught men’s lib principles, so that schools, teachers, parents educate young women that they have a strong moral duty to become FIPs, or they wont get a man. Thanks to the toxicity of the fluffie dominated divorce courts in the US, 70% of young men under 35 refuse to marry and have kids, so young women will not have a kid. If they do NOT become FIPs then they will be poor, because they wont be able to earn decent money, because they studied “fluffie crap” at high school and college. Society needs to be made conscious of masculist/MGTOW ideas so that powerful moral pressure is exerted from all sides on women to be FIPs.

The gender politicians need to be lobbied to get them to change the gender laws, reform the divorce laws, bring in the Parer, etc. Politicians are profoundly corrupt, bought by the central banksters, so they will only legislate when powerful political or financial forces push them in a given direction.

By educating society, political pressure can be exerted on these gender politicians, who create the gender laws that so oppress men, especially in the divorce courts, and the lack of the Parer. When the gender political tide turns enough, and it is already turning, the gender politicians will start menfairing the gender laws, otherwise they will be voted out of power by a male bloc vote, and even women pushing for a menfairing of the gender laws so that men can be persuaded to have kids with women again.

BUT, MGTOWs don’t do much of the above. They do make YouTube videos, which is something, but not much. MGTOWs would be far more effective if they combined their videoing efforts with political actions, e.g. setting up men’s lib groups at high schools and colleges, approaching the media (as I do regularly), talking to young women, that if they don’t FIPup, they will become manless, etc.

I get frustrated with MGTOWs, that they are so apolitical, so inefficient in their approach to spreading the MGTOW/masculist word. There are far more efficient ways to do this, but they don’t take that route.

Take contacting the media for example. I send out my masculist flyers to the major newspapers in the US and the UK. The columnists at these newspapers are often in their 50s and 60, at the peak of their power, and hence baby boomers, who think the way I do. They are accustomed to political action, because they grew up with it in the 60s and 70s. It only takes a few such powerful journalists to “nibble” on the MGTOW/masculist bait, to produce an article, TV show, that reaches millions, and then the ideology, the MGTOW/masculist movement, is launched with the masses. This is something the men’s movement desperately needs, but the MGTOWs do nothing along these lines. Yuck !!

It will be interesting to see how the MGTOWs react, once the other branches of the men’s lib movement gets the media interested. Probably they will take advantage of the greater public exposure to their ideas by agreeing to have interviews themselves, to spread the basic ideas of MGTOW, e.g. “women don’t love men, women love men’s exploitability” “women are hypergamous” etc. The masculists will push their vision of a FIP Society, and put enormous moral pressure on women to be FIPs, or be punished by the men’s lib movement, by not getting a man.

How many more years do you think before nearly everyone has heard of the basic principles of MGTOW/masculism? I think less than a handful. Once that happens, society will go through a revolution. Women will be forced to grow up, stop being childlike dependents, stop parasiting on men. Men will no longer be manslaves. They will be free to do what they LOVE doing, and fulfilling their own dreams. Both MGTOWs and masculists share this broad goal. The main difference between these two branches of the men’s lib movement lies along the political axis. The masculists are political activists, the MGTOWs are politically passive (on the whole.)


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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