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This flyer introduces and labels a type of relationship with a woman that MGTOWs/masculists might consider.

An “Einstein” relationship is one in which the man does not take the woman very seriously, keeping her at an intellectual, emotional distance, but still, keeping her around for the companionship and a bit of sex. You could call it a borderline relationship, that sits on the frontier between almost bad enough to be worth dumping the woman, and less than a good relationship that is based on a real mutual respect.

Why the label “Einstein” relationship? – because that was the kind of relationship Einstein had with his second wife. To explain it, I need to explain a bit about Einstein’s first wife.

When Einstein was a student in his early 20s, the only female in his physics class ended up being his wife. When  you’re as passionate about physics as Einstein was, it was intoxicating to have the possibility of being able to share your intellectual passions with a woman with whom you share your sexuality.

I felt the same way in my early 20s (in the late 60s) when 2nd wave feminism was getting off the ground. I grew up in the doldrums of suburban house wife Australia. I found my own housewife mother and the mothers of my school friends all utterly boring, vapid, ignorant, ignorable fools, whom I definitely could NOT take seriously. I felt there was no way I could share my mind with them, i.e. my then love of physics. So when 2nd wave feminism came around, which was pushing women into the professions, and telling women to be adults, and not to be childlike parasites on men’s money, I was hooked. I was electrified, so of course I became an avid male feminist, because I really was fascinated by the possibility that feminism would turn women into “interesting adults” with whom I could truly share my intellectual passions, and not the vapid child women of suburban housewifery.

I remember talking to my mother a bit about my passion for physics and trying to explain to her some of the core ideas of the subject (relativity, quantum mechanics, particle physics, etc). She showed NO interest at all. She wasn’t the least bit interested, because it was totally outside her life experience, and it had nothing to do with people, so she seemed bored and indifferent to my intellectual passions.

At the end of my first undergrad year, I met a med student woman who topped her class in physics, so I, like Einstein was excited intellectually by this woman, with whom, maybe, I might be able to share my physics passions. She liked the attention and interest I gave her, but her interest in physics was just because she was smart, and not because she had a real curiosity in the subject. Her second year med was dominated by anatomy and biochemistry, and she did equally well in those fields, again because of her intelligence. She didn’t have a driving curiosity in these fields however. The passion for these fields was lacking.

Half a century later, I have come full circle in my attitudes towards the level of intellectual passion possessed by women. I’m  an intellectual misogynist. I look down on women’s minds, which I see (and know) are inferior to men’s. During that half century, I learned from science that the scientific genii are males. Men have won 99% of the science Nobel prizes, all the math major prizes. Men have a 10% higher IQ variance than women so the morons and the genii are males. Men have higher testosterone levels than women, which make men more aggressive, ambitious, dogged, and hence achieve far more, dominating the entries in the “Who’s Who?” books. Women are more wishy washy and give up difficult, demanding tasks more easily.

So, for decades, I’ve resigned myself to not taking women seriously when in comes to intellect. The female contribution to world intellect is negligible, a few percent at most. Men have made nearly all the discoveries and invented all the theories. I see women having rather childlike minds, with very narrow, home oriented, horizons, who lack curiosity, and are far more focused on getting a man to pay for them to have babies so that they can fulfil their primary biological function of raising the next generation. Women evolved for that, and have the interests or lack of them, that suit them for that task.

So, in the age of the contraceptive pill, with women having zero, one or two kids, how to have relationships with women? Our historical era is in a state of flux, as the old gender role assumptions are no longer valid, and the new ones have not yet settled? Lots of men are fed up with the inferiorities of females and choose only to fuck them and ignore their other traits, many of which are very negative, e.g. women’s financial parasitism, hypergamy, nagging, etc.

In my own case I still live with a woman, and do so for a bit of company. I would rather have a bit of company than live totally alone. I lived alone (except for weekend visits with one of a string of serial girlfriends I had when I was living 5 years in the US as a professor). I wasn’t very happy, due partly to the fact that I was living in a small town  with Mormons whose childlike gullibility regarding their religious beliefs utterly alienated me.

In my current relationship, I keep my intellectual interests (PhD level Pure Math, Math physics, and philosophy) to myself. I’m resigned that I cant share these interests with the woman I live with, so I don’t take her seriously that way. She cooks my meals, and I was the dishes. We go for nightly walks and share an affection for our little dog.

Its very much like the type of relationship that Einstein had with his second wife. His first wife got on his nerves after a few years. She failed her exams TWICE, so she was nowhere near in his intellectual league, so he distanced himself from her gradually over the years. When he started getting involved with his second wife, with whom he was related, he did not expect her to be intellectual at all. He saw her basically as a housekeeper, cook, and giving him some companionship to some expect. His primary focus was his passion for physics and math, which he did not even try to share with her, so he kept his intellectual interests and preoccupations to himself.

That’s what I do, and I think so too do many MGTOWs/masculists, i.e. these men feel that they can NOT share their passions with women, because women are just not interested in these passions, whatever they are. Women are “femaliens,” they are a different species, so to speak, evolved for different purposes in life. Half jokingly, you could say that men evolved to manipulate the world, and women evolved to manipulate men.

Men are curious about the world, and how it works. Women are curious about men, and how to get them to pay for women to have babies, which is their absolute top priority, that evolution has highly selected them for. Those women who are as indifferent about having kids as are men, would have died out millions of years ago. So women are femaliens to men.

Men cant really share their intellectual passions and hobbies with women in most cases, so many men, like myself, do not take women seriously and resign ourselves to having borderline relationships with women, tolerating them just enough to stay with them for a bit of companionship and sex, but not for sharing those passions, because women just don’t have them on the whole, because women are femaliens to men.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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