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There are 3 main branches of the men’s lib movement, called MGTOW (men going their own way), MRM (Men’s Rights Movement), and Masculism (the obvious male equivalent of feminism). This flyer talks about their similarities and their differences.

MGTOW is a movement of men who refuse to marry, refuse to have kids, and spend their money on themselves. This movement really got going as a result of the fluffie feminists taking over the divorce courts, resulting in roughly one married man in four getting financially massacred, losing his kids, his house, paying child support and alimony to his fluffie ex-wife, often for life. MGTOWs are so pissed off by the massive gender injustice of the divorce courts that they have decided that divorce, and hence marriage is too toxic for men to risk, so they come to the logical decision not to marry, not to have kids, and hence spend their money on themselves.

As a result of their rebellion against being manslaves to women, rejecting the traditional male role of paying for a fluffie to live in a middle class house, and raise her kids, MGTOWs develop their own male life styles, e.g. they can be an ARCer (after retirement careerer) who studies hard when young, gets a good well-paying job, saves and invests hard, lives frugally, spends nothing on women, has no kids, retires in his 40s, and then spends the rest of his life as an ARCer, doing what he loves, often moving to a third world country where the cost of living is much lower to increase his purchasing power.

MRM is the Men’s Rights Movement, whose members are usually called MRAs (men’s rights activists). As their title suggests they fight for the establishment of equal rights for men. There are many examples of gender discrimination against men. One of the worst discriminations against men occurs in the divorce courts, as described above, so both MGTOWs and MRAs are pissed off about that. Another big gender discrimination against men is the lack of a Parer (paternity rejection right). Women have a Marer (maternity rejection right, a.k.a. abortion right) but men have no Parer which would allow men to reject paternity, telling a woman who got pregnant with him (often “accidentally” on purpose) that he rejects the pregnancy. With the Parer, if she goes ahead with the pregnancy, then she has full financial responsibility for the kid. With a Parer, the man fills in a paternity rejection form signed with a JP (justice of the peace) and can free himself from a life of manslavery to some bloody fluffie who often tricks him into pregnancy in the first place, by lying about taking the pill.

There are many other gender discriminations against men, e.g. differences in retirement ages, more research money given to breast cancer than prostate cancer, women’s studies programs at universities but no men’s studies programs, little research done on why men have a lower life expectancy than women by typically about 6 years, military conscription for men not for women, positive discrimination for women (which is negative discrimination against men) for job entry, etc. MRAs get very angry about these gender injustices and fight to get rid of them.

Masculism is men’s lib. It aims to free men from those aspects of life that lower men’s happiness, so incorporate aspects of both the MGTOW movement and the MRM. Masculists are much more political than the a-political MGTOWs who usually just passively, individually, walk away from the marriage market, and paternity. Masculists are sharply critical of the MGTOWs for their selfishness and lack of political commitment, castigating them for their lack of solidarity with the plight of other men.

To be fair to the MGTOWs, they argue that politicizing is a complete waste of time and effort, because the system is so gynocentric, due to the greater number of female voters, that gender politicians will not listen to men’s gender problems, so the only way to get gender justice for men is to destroy the current gynocentric system, by walking away from it, not supporting it, refusing to marry, refusing to have kids, spending their money on themselves, living modestly, to have time to develop their own lives and interests.

The masculists counter this argument of the MGTOWs with the argument that “We MGTOW/masculists are so pissed off by the gender injustices of the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts, the lack of the Parer, etc, that we are prepared to wipe out whole populations by refusing paternity, until you gender politicians menfair the gender laws.” This extremely powerful argument of the masculists will force the gender politicians to give men what they want, or they risk being assassinated by murderously angry men and women – men, in their fight for gender justice, and women, who want men to give them babies, but who won’t because the gender politicians maintain the gynocentric divorce laws.

Masculists give plenty of time and effort to the same goals as the MRM. The two movements have a lot in common on that score. Where they differ is that MRM tends to be a lot softer on women than the masculists who see fluffies (traditional women who expect to be able to parasite off the money of a man) as the enemy, and state that the primary political goal of the masculists is to wipe out fluffies, not by killing them, but by refusing to have anything to do with them, not even sexing them, so that fluffies rot on the shelf to extinction.

Masculists in the 1980s were very successful in Europe in attracting attention from the broadcast media, after a decade of angry feminism. European masculists, including myself, appeared 100s of times on the media in France, Belgium, Holland, Britain, Germany, etc. Masculists differ sharply with the MGTOWs on the value of appealing to the broadcast media to spread the word of men’s lib to the masses.

Masculists put enormous moral pressure on women to be FIPs, or they don’t get a man. 16 year old women are the biggest problem, since most of them decide at that age to study fluffie crap, i.e. non math, non-sciences, so that they are forced to study more fluffie crap at university, because the STEM departments exclude them because these fluffie crappers don’t have the math and sciences background needed. These fluffie crappers then end up fluffies in their 30s because they earn so little with their fluffie crap diplomas. They then look around for some manslave to parasite off, who will pay for the middle class house for her to raise her kids in.

Thanks to MGTOW and masculism, the supply of such manslaves is drying up. In the US and Japan, 70% of young men refuse to marry and have kids. They are MGTOW in practice, if not in ideological conviction.

MRAs tend to give the public the impression of feeling sorry for themselves, which is not very appealing to ordinary men who have been socialized to be self-reliant and self-starters, whereas masculism is angry and very confrontational, especially with women, and particularly with fluffies and fluffie feminists, whom masculists accuse of being hypocrites for wanting their cake and to eat it too, i.e. wanting equal rights for women, but rejecting equal obligations with men in bothering to become FIPs (financially independent persons) to pull their financial weight as responsible adults. Three quarters of young women choose to become fluffie crappers at 16 and half consciously expect some manslave will solve their financial problem later in life. These young fluffie crappers do not feel the moral obligation to become career competent. That is the role of the masculists to scare them to be FIPs with slogans such as “Be FIP or be manless!” “No calculus, no baby!” “Fluffies rot on the shelf!”

Masculists want to see the establishment of men’s lib groups in every high school, every university, as well as men’s studies programs at university. Masculists want schools, parents, and the media to socialize young women to be FIPs to create a FIP society, the main goal of the masculists, so that men are not parasited upon by fluffies, whom masculists accuse of being “immoral, parasitic, manslaving, vermin, to be wiped out.”

Masculists have a hatred of Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists for their massive crimes against humanity (e.g. their generation of world wars, and depressions, their debt enslavement and destruction of whole continents with their paper currency debt note Ponzi schemes, their assassination of 6 US presidents, their inflation of the currency wiping out peoples savings, their control of the issuance of money from the central banks they control, so can print up as much money as they want out of thin air to bribe all the politicians, including the gender politicians, thus destroying democracies, their monopoly control of the source of ideas, the news outlets, media companies, Hollywood, publishing, etc, their creation of hate speech laws to kill criticism of their massive crimes, and worst of all their intention to rule the earth from Jerusalem with the Jewish banksters as dictators (the NWO, New World Order), and then to exterminate the goy (non-Jews) so that the Jews can have the earth to themselves, which has been the Talmudic prophecy for over 2000 years.

These hated Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists have bribed the politicians including the gender politicians. For decades they have had a “divide and conquer” strategy to undermine the WASP majority in the US, by founding and funding the NAACP to promote black white strife. They pushed hard to bring in non WASP migrants to the US. In the 70s they funded feminism, and got the gender politicians to create divorce laws that were so gender unjust to men that millions of men became MGTOWs, and thus played into the hands of these Jewish banksters, in their aim to wipe out the goy.

These hated Jewish bankster Frankist Satanists are only a few hundred old men, so the masculists support the general educated, informed public in its aim to send these massive criminals against humanity to The Hague to be tried and executed.

Masculists recognize that men will never get gender justice until the hated Jewish banksters are removed, either by law, or by an American pogrom. These Jewish banksters have a very cheap efficient means to wipe out the goy, by making millions of MGTOWs refuse paternity, due to the toxicity of the divorce courts as engineered by these Jewish banksters behind the scenes, by bribing the gender politicians.

So, judging from the above, it should be clear that masculism is a superset of MGTOW and MRM, it includes them both as subsets, but is much more political and confrontational. Masculism is angry, and much more “in the face” of the fluffies, fluffie feminists, gender politicians, Jewish bankster satanists, etc.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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