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The main difference between the MGTOWs and the masculists is that the MGTOWs are a-political, whereas the masculists are very political. The MGTOWs are politically passive because they reason that our culture is so gynocentric, and so indifferent to men’s gender plight, that there is no persuading it to listen to men’s gender issues, so MGTOWs do the only thing that is available to them (in their view) and that is to just walk away, abandoning the culture and going their own way.

MGTOW sages (intellectuals) reinforce this commonly held MGTOW attitude by saying that any political attempt by MGTOWs to persuade the gender politicians to menfair the gender laws (e.g. regarding divorce, the Parer (paternity rejection right), etc) would be a total waste of time and effort, because women have the vote and outnumber men, so the gender politicians, being politicians, and focusing only on the next election cycle, and not the longer term, will not choose to give men what men want, because that would conflict with what most women want (e.g. continuing the massively unjust divorce laws against men that are so strongly biased in women’s favor, keeping a ban against the Parer, etc) so women, the majority of the voters, would vote them out, if they listened to what the MGTOWs/masculists have to say.

On the surface, this sounds like a pretty plausible argument, and is widely accepted amongst MGTOWs, but in my view it is badly wrongheaded, because it overlooks the most powerful argument that the MGTOWs/masculists have, namely the “population annihilation argument” i.e. if the genocidally criminal gender politicians do not menfair the gender laws, then the MGTOWs/masculists will continue to boycott marriage and particularly fatherhood, and thus wipe out the population.

This “population annihilation argument” of the MGTOWs/masculists is their trump card. It is incredibly powerful, and should be used against the gender politicians, and pushed on the media, and society in general.

Japan has had its “herbivore men problem” for about a decade longer than there have been MGTOWs in any number in the US, so the population crash in Japan, has been going longer, to the point that Japan is now starting to see its population decline. At its peak, it was 128 million. It is now 127 million, i.e. it has lost a million in just a few years. Demographers calculate that in a few decades, once the baby boomers have died off, the Japanese population will have fallen by a third. The current birth rate in Japan is only 1.4 children per woman, compared to the replacement rate of 2.1, so if this trend continues, Japan is doomed.

The Japanese government is so concerned about this problem, that they have appointed a minister (i.e. a cabinet level politician) of population, whose job it is (amongst other things) to try to persuade the herbivore men to be fathers. So far this minister has not succeeded, because he has taken a traditional approach, by trying to shame young Japanese men to “man up.”

Young Japanese men (< 35) look at the life style of their fathers and are repelled. Japanese husband salary men, work 11 hour days, 3 hour commute times. They hand over their pay checks to their fluffie wives, who give them a small allowance, and then spend it on the house, the kids, and themselves. In Japan, the husbands overwork and the wives play tennis.

Young Japanese men are rebelling against this traditional salaryman manslave role to women, and are going MGTOW, or herbivore in Japanese terms. If Japanese herbivores had more imagination, and were more politically savvy, they could go to the minister of population and tell him “Look, if you don’t fundamentally reform the gender roles in Japan, Japan is going to wipe itself out, through lack of births. We herbivores reject the traditional salaryman, manslave role, because we don’t want to be miserable like our fathers. We want to enjoy life, and not be manslaves to fluffie parasites.

You need to systematically reform the gender laws (e.g. in divorce, bring in the Parer, etc). There is so much to do. You will need to push for young women to become FIPs (financially independent persons) so that means that they will have to study FIP majors at high school. You’ll need to make calculus compulsory in 12th grade, so women aren’t excluded from STEM (science, tech, engineering, math) departments at university, so that they end up being poorly paid fluffies in their 30s, who then look around for some manslave to parasite upon, to have him pay for her to live in a middle class apartment and raise her 1.4 kids. You will need to reform the education system, to push young women to be FIPs, or they will be punished, by not getting a man.

You will need to change the gender norms, and put moral pressure on women to be FIPs (“Be FIP, or be manless!”) You will need to encourage the journalists to push the ideas of men’s lib, so that parents and teachers absorb these ideas, and then help pressurize young women to get a career competent, career responsible education, and not take the lazy, soft option at high school (i.e. non math, non sciences) expecting to be able to parasite on some manslave later in her life.

You need to change the mentality in Japan, that to be a fluffie is to be immoral, parasitic, and manslaving. Herbivores punish such women, by having nothing to do with them, not even sexing them. These fluffie women are being punished for expecting to be able to parasite off the money of a man.

Now, with a little bit of thought, you know you have no choice but to menfair society, and the gender laws, because you know that if you don’t, then the herbivores are just going to give you more of the same, more headache, as the Japanese population continues to crash. You’ve probably seen the demographic trends. In a mere few decades, the baby boomers will have died off, and the Japanese population will have fallen to about 80 million, i.e. about 2/3 of its current figure. In a further few decades it will be down to 50 million. In a century, Japan will be effectively no more, because there won’t be many Japanese left, so if you want the herbivores to stop annihilating the population by refusing paternity, you have to make being a father an attractive proposition for men.

In other words, you will have to fundamentally restructure Japanese society, by making women FIPs, by menfairing the gender laws, and changing society’s expectations of the gender roles. If you don’t, you will be seen as a genocidal criminal who was indirectly responsible for the annihilation of the Japanese population.

As the population continues to crash, millions of Japanese will become alarmed, and start taking matters into their own hands. You will then risk being assassinated, because people will argue that desperate times call for desperate measures. You may be seen as a criminal in not doing what needs to be done to persuade men to be fathers again.

The above was the Japanese situation. The west is not far behind. Both the US and Japan are seeing their young men (< 35) rejecting fatherhood at a large majority rate (about 70% of young men in both countries refuse to marry and refuse to be fathers, due largely to the toxicity of the divorce courts, and hence marriage.) The major difference between the US and Japan on this score, is that the paternity rejection has been going on about a decade longer in Japan than in the US, so the Japanese politicians have had more time to become conscious of the “population annihilation problem” than US politicians, but the US politicians will catch up and fast.

From the above, MGTOWs in the US should be able to see, that they have potentially a very powerful ideological tool that they can use to persuade the gender politicians in the US to menfair the gender laws, and to menfair society in general.

Therefore, MGTOWs should become a lot more political, using the “population annihilation argument” as their primary weapon, threatening the gender politicians with it, that if they don’t menfair society and the gender laws, then the MGTOWs/masculists will simply continue to wipe out whole populations.

I am currently waiting to see a half hour interview of me on the issue of species dominance (i.e. whether humanity should build artilects (artificial intellects, godlike massively intelligent machines) on RT (Russia Today, on the SophieCo show. She told me that her show will get a billion views (with a b). Once it’s up I will contact her again, suggesting she might be interested in doing another show, but this time with the theme being on MGTOW/masculism and the threat of population annihilation, the biggest issue of our times, because what is more important to humanity than its very survival?!

If she likes the idea, then a billion views on the issue of MGTOWs/masculists wiping out whole populations would be a VERY political act, and spread the ideas to (well, a billion.) That would be a wonderful kick start to the politicization of MGTOW, or a boost to masculism.

I know from reading comments on the MGTOW YouTube sites that a portion of the MGTOWs want to see the MGTOW movement be more political, more active in trying to persuade the gender politicians, and society to be more menfair. Hopefully, with a greater level of consciousness of the enormous power of the “population annihilation argument” more MGTOWs will get off their a-political arses and start helping fellow men to free themselves from gender role oppression, especially from manslavery by fluffies.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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