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This flyer talks about the impact of twaytweffing upon the raising of kids. Twaytweffing is a life style for MGTOWs/masculists who refuse to be parasited upon by fluffies. Twaytweffing (2A2F = 2 apartments, 2 FIPs) is when a FIP (financially independent person) male and a FIP female, each with their own apartment have a relationship. When the relationship usually fails, they both walk away to their own apartment, cost free for the man. There is no divorce for him, because no marriage, no child payments, because no kids, no alimony, because his ex girlfriend is a FIP. Twaytweffing forces the woman to be constantly nice to the man otherwise the man walks out, so easily. If she starts nagging, tries to manipulate him, or tries to extract money and resources from him, then he can very easily dump her. Twaytweffing women know this and so remain nice to men, or be dumped.

Twaytweffing is a popular lifestyle with MGTOWs. I think most MGTOWs would agree with the following definition of MGTOWs, i.e. men who refuse to marry and have kids, who spend their money on themselves. Some MGTOWs/masculists are so pissed off with women, often after a string of failed relationships (e.g. a string of twaytwefs) that they decide to not have relationships with women, either temporarily or permanently.

The great advantage of twaytweffing for MGTOWs, is that it gives them regular sex from a woman, that men need. Men evolved to strongly want to penis women. It is their raison d’etre. By twaytweffing, a MGTOW/masculist gets the sex he needs, without being a traditional manslave to a cursed fluffie, who will parasite off his money, and with one chance in four, financially massacre him in the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts. So twaytweffing for a man gives him regular sex without the cost, a huge plus.

Twaytweffing is of much more relevance to first halvers than second halvers. A first halver by definition is someone under 40 years of age, i.e. they are still in the first half of their lives. Second halvers are over 40 and because of that they tend to have different lives.

Most MGTOWs are firsthalvers, so face a problem that second halver men don’t face, namely first halver men are confronted by first halver women, who have their biological clocks ticking hard, who want to have babies, and since many of them are fluffies, including most feminists, they will be looking around for some robot male manslave to parasite on so they can live in a middle class house that he pays for to raise HER kids in.

In the US 40% of second halver women live alone. That’s nearly half. Obviously, these women have to have a roof over their heads, so they have their own apartments. Their biological clocks have stopped ticking, because they have become infertile. They look on men differently. So the remaining discussion will be more about first halver twaytweffer men, who reject being manslaves to fluffie women.

More and more men are twaytweffing, refusing to even have sex with fluffies, preferring to have sex with FIP women, which puts even more moral pressure on fluffies to become FIP women. If they are fluffies, increasingly, they wont even be sexed by men.

So, what will all these unsexed, unmanned, fluffies do with their lives? They are female, so their raison d’etre  is to have babies and raise the next generation. Evolution has powerfully selected this in all females, and human females are no exception. So when a female is into her 30s and very conscious that her reproductive time is running out (her biological clock is ticking hard) what can she do, a couple of years into the future, when the whole culture is familiar with MGTOW/masculist ideas, when the large majority of first halver men are MGTOW/masculists who refuse to have even sex, let alone a relationship, with fluffies?

She will become desperate. She was lazy in her teens and 20s, studying fluffie crap (the soft option, i.e. not math and sciences) at high school and college, so in her 30s she is earning a rather low wage. She cant afford to buy a middle class house, so she desperately looks around for some robot male manslave to parasite upon, so she can have a kid in a middle class house that the manslave pays for.

Today, thanks to the toxicity of the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts, 70% of young men under 35 in the US refuse to marry and have kids. They refuse to take the risk of being one of the one in four of married fathers, who gets financially massacred by divorcing fluffie ex-wives. In a few years, that percentage will probably be over 90%, so fluffies in their 30s will be screaming for manslaves to pull them out of their poverty.

But, there wont be many manslavable men left. Nearly all young men will have seen the light and refuse to be manslaved by fluffie vermin. These men will prefer to spit at fluffies rather than pay for them. These men wont even fuck them, the ultimate insult from a man.

SO, what are these fluffies to do? They will be forced to have their own kid, on their own poor salary. They will be poor. Their kid(s) will be poor and grow up poor, because their mothers did not bother to become FIPs when they were in their teens and 20s.

Society, will point the finger at them, and accuse them of being fluffie parasites who despite their fluffie poverty, decided to go ahead anyway and have kids. These fluffie mothers will be accused of being “selfish fluffie mothers.”

Many of these selfish fluffie mothers will rely on the government to give them handouts, so they will transfer parasiting off a manslave to parasiting off the tax payers, so they remain parasites. If the government brings in a twaytwef tax, aka a bachelor’s tax, then if it becomes large enough to be really burdensome to twaytweffing males, they can always skip the country. One of the beneficial side effects of being a twaytweffer is that you are not locked into a financial cage the way a manslave robot male is. A twaytweffing male can just uproot himself and move to a poor third world country, where the cost of living is much less, IF, he has saved enough to retire, say in his 40s.

The net effect of all this, is that the population will crash, until it gets so bad, that the gender politicians, so hated by the masculists, will be forced to menfair the gender laws, reforming the divorce laws to give men equal rights (e.g. joint custody by default, no alimony, the original owner(s) keeps the house, etc),  bringing in the Parer (paternity rejection right) etc, so that men become more prepared to be fathers.

This menfairing of the gender laws HAS TO COME. It’s only a question of time. If it doesn’t come quickly, then the US population gets wiped out, and similarly in other comparable countries. IT HAS TO COME.

Another net effect, is that fluffies get wiped out, which is the main point of masculist ideology. The primary political goal of the masculists (who are much more political that the politically passive MGTOWs) is to wipe out fluffiedom, i.e. manslavery, by wiping out fluffies, by refusing to have relationships with them, not even fucking them, giving fluffies the clear message how despised they are by MGTOWs/masculists. Masculists are the 21st century equivalent of the 19th century abolitionists in the US.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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