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Imagine you are a (hetero) fluffie feminist, i.e. you’ve been made conscious of the ways feminists say men oppress women, and you know nothing about masculism or MGTOW, so by default you still have traditional attitudes towards men, i.e. you see them as exploitable checkbooks to be manslaves for women so that they can raise HER kids in a middle class house that HE pays for. A decade later when she’s bored with him, she can divorce him using the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts and take HIS kids, the house, force him to pay child support for kids he will barely see, and since she’s a fluffie, he will have to pay her alimony so that she can remain a parasite on him after the divorce the way she was before the divorce.

Now imagine, she comes across by chance some MGTOW/masculist videos on YouTube and starts watching them, and her fear sky-rockets. She is a hetero fluffie feminist, say in her early 30s. She is becoming increasingly conscious that her biological clock is ticking and realizes that her fluffie crap education does not allow her to earn good money, so she expects to find some robot male to parasite on, so that she can have HER kids in a middle class house that he pays for. She has been looking for such a man for a few years, but so far no man has been willing to have a kid with her, NONE. She complains to her girlfriends – “Where have all the good men gone?” She hears this question from all directions. Now that she has started watching MGTOW/masculist videos on YouTube, she gets her answer.

The reason why NO MAN wants to have a kid with her is because men refuse to be financially massacred in fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts, and want nothing to do with a misandrist, man dumping feminazi bitch. Such women are avoided like the plague.

Then a real FEAR grips her as the penny drops. She realizes that she WILL NEVER GET A MAN. She will have to raise her kid with her own meagre money if she can even persuade some man to give her sperm, which itself is becoming increasingly difficult.

Being a fluffie feminist, she blames men for all women’s problems. She starts blaming MGTOW and masculism for “poisoning men’s minds” against women, and not feeling in any way morally obliged to become a FIP and pull her own financial weight. She feels a deep seated fear, an existential threat to her own survival and quality of life. She realizes that she is NOT GOING TO GET A MAN. She will be poor all her life, and will have to work at crappy jobs because she is so poorly qualified. She studied fluffie crap at university, and earns a lot less than the average male who made more effort to get an education that would pay him better.

This existential fear she feels turns into hatred against the MGTOWs and masculists. She sees them as spreading poisonous ideas to other men, and allowing women like her to raise children on her own. SHE HATES MGTOW/masculism, and joins with other fluffie feminists who also feel existentially threatened, to fight the rise and rise of MGTOW and masculism.  Never once did she question whether what the MGTOWs and masculists are saying makes any sense. She is unable to put herself into the shoes of such males, and takes a purely fluffie feminist point of view.

Her hatred of MGTOW/masculism and knowing that 70% of young men under 35 refuse to marry and have kids in the US makes her hate men in general. The men sense this hatred and her surly expression in their presence and avoid her. She cant even get any sex lately. She is getting desperate, and she feels her biological clock ticking hard. In a few years she will be infertile, so she had better find some “good man” fast, or she’s doomed to not fulfil what she was evolved for as a woman, i.e. to have a kid or two.

She becomes more active in attacking MGTOW and masculism. The MGTOWs and masculists strengthen their resolve to avoid such feminazi bitches and her vicious circle tightens. She is not bright enough to pull herself out of it, so her suffering and hatred increases. Her male colleagues at work feel her hatred of men and complain about her. She gets fired, and her stress level skyrockets. She decides to put more time and energy into fighting MGTOW and masculism and sees these ideas as so poisonous to women’s interests that they should be fought tooth and nail.

She and millions of other fluffie feminists wake up to the enormous threat that MGTOW and masculism poses to them. These men’s movements will make women POOR, and childless. They will force these women to get off their fluffie fat arses and get a FIP education and FIP jobs so that they become FIP adults, responsible, serious, taking responsibility for their own lives and not parasiting on a man. These two men’s movements are FORCING women to GROW UP, and that idea terrifies them.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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