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With millions of MGTOWs/masculists refusing to be manslaves to fluffie parasites, refusing to have kids, and spending their money on themselves, they can afford to work little, live frugally, and spend most of their time doing what they love.

In earlier flyers I have spoken about new lifestyles for MGTOWs/masculists, such as twaytweffing, ARCing, SeRCing, etc. In this flyer I will talk about how universities can be restructured given that there are millions of men living new lifestyles, that universities can take advantage of and vice versa.

I’ve been retired for 5 years. I notice, that now I’m free to do what I like, my creativity and productivity have soared. I now do what I love doing, so I’m so much more motivated to do what I’m choosing to do. Lately I’ve been taking a pile of books to my neighborhood park, with my camp chair and spend the afternoons reading and studying PhD level pure math and math physics, in preparation for making YouTube lecture videos at PhD level for students around the world to teach themselves these subjects at that level, and for free.

I wondered recently, “If there were millions of men like me, who spend their time doing what they really love doing, rather than doing what they have to do to earn a wage, paid by some employer who dictates to the employee what the employer wants him to do, then what would society be like? I think it would be far more creative. Ideas would be generated far more quickly, as millions of men have time and motivation to think, and dream up new ideas and procedures.”

My thoughts drifted to the question, how might universities take advantage of these MGTOW creative men. I began to dream up the following suggestion.

MGTOWs tend to live rather frugally. They usually trade off income for free time, so if they had a university job, that job could be half time, or even less. For the rest of their time, they would not be paid, but would be free to think about whatever they found interesting. They would be thinking about things that their university has no control over. When such a MGTOW is working at his university, he is being paid to think about ideas that concern his specialty. He is a specialist.

But what about ideas he dreams up that come to him that are outside his specialty? If they are good ideas, he should try to publish them. Such “outside specialty” ideas benefit society, so universities should reward their employees for having them, so the idea occurred to me that universities should reward employees financially for having good “outside” ideas, as judged by being published in good journals, or for writing books that are well peer reviewed.

Should universities be “open” to “outside specialty” people off the street? I don’t think so. The reality is that most people are stupid and ignorant compared to university research professors, so universities would not want having their time wasted by stupid ignorant people trying to push their low intelligence, low knowledge ideas onto them.

There’s a funny YouTube video which claims half jokingly (i.e. half serious) that the purpose of the public education system, is to select university professors. Maybe a quarter of bachelor students are selected to be masters students. Perhaps a tenth of those go on to get a PhD. Maybe a quarter of those become university research professors. So by listening to “outside specialty” ideas coming from people who have already been highly selected by becoming university researcher professors, universities are much less likely to have their time wasted. The odds are much higher that the quality of the “outside specialty” ideas coming from quality people will be good.

Now, imagine universities staffed by full timers, and part timers, where many of the part timers are MGTOWs, who live frugally, and spend a sizable percentage of their time, without pay, doing what they love doing. If their new loves in time turn them into real specialists, so that they have a “jobby” i.e. their job is their passionate hobby and vice versa, then they can look for a full time job in their new field, if they choose to.

I suspect with lots of part time MGTOWs/masculists having free thoughts, then society will benefit greatly. Conversely, forcing people to specialize in one thing for decades of their lives often leads to stultification. In my own case, I was evolving neural nets using genetic algorithms, to build artificial brains for two decades. I got really bored doing the same think year after year, but I had to, because that was what I was being paid to do. My interests shifted away from computer science towards pure math and math physics, so now that I’m retired, I do the latter. I’ve already dreamt up ways to compute at the femtometer scale, and how to build structures (femto-engineering) at the same scale.

Multiply my case by millions over the earth, and it should be clear that world creativity will skyrocket, and men will be a lot happier. It is intoxicating to do what you love doing. I love knowledge. I love learning difficult, powerful ideas (as in pure math, and how the world works) and regularly get an intellectual high as some new vista of knowledge opens up before my eyes, forcing a “Wow!” from my lips. It happens to me regularly, and I’m nearly 70. Imagine millions of men being like that, which is what MGTOW/masculism allows.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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