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Its a toss up for me whether I have a greater hatred for the Jewish central banksters, whom I consider to be the greatest criminals against humanity in history, or the (third wave) feminist globaciders. Both are monsters, but the former are more consciously evil, the latter more unconsciously, childishly evil, but both are wiping out the planet.

Third wave feminists are not the same category of women that I was debating in the early 80s on the national media in half a dozen European countries. These second wave feminists I largely agreed with, because they were reasonable and made reasonable demands, e.g. equal pay for women, equal opportunities for access to the professions for women, a Marer (maternity rejection right, aka abortion right) etc. The liberal in me, despite being a male, agreed with these things.

The third wave feminists on the other hand are a completely different kettle of fish. For a start, they are a lot dumber, because they are peakers (people of average ability, lying in the peak of the Bell curve) and not the sage feminist (often with PhDs) leaders I was debating with. Peakers are far less intelligent and knowledgeable than sages (intellectuals) and are differently motivated.

Third wave feminists are basically gynocentrists. They want laws and customs that benefit women. They don’t have the broad vision to see that their feminist demands are detrimental to men, and in time will (and have already) cause a massive backlash by men.

The worst thing that these third wave feminist peakers have done is to push the gender politicians to make the divorce courts toxic to men, forcing men to lose custody of their kids, losing their house, paying child support and alimony to their fluffie ex-wives. In the US, roughly one married man in four will be financially massacred by a divorce, due to the toxicity of the divorce courts towards males. As a result of this wide spread massive injustice, 70% of young men in the US, under 35, refuse to marry and have kids, because they refuse to be financially massacred by some fluffie parasite and have his life ruined.

So thanks to the short sighted selfishness of the third wave feminists, the fluffie feminists (who have had their feminist consciousness raised, but not their masculist consciousness raised) the population is being wiped out. As fluffie feminism spreads to more and more countries, the same phenomenon is occurring in those countries as well, so that there is a real threat that the population of THE WHOLE WORLD may get wiped out, i.e. globacide, making these third wave fluffie feminists “feminist globaciders” i.e. massively criminally irresponsible.

These fluffie feminists have the horizons of mice. They don’t seem to care about the longer term, broader consequences of their actions. They seem poorly informed about the “man strike,” that young men are boycotting marriage and fatherhood because of the toxicity of the divorce courts.

I’ve always been struck by the small mindedness of women. Even my own (Chinese) wife who is supposedly a sage (intellectual) because she is a professor, cares more about prices in the supermarket than the state of the world. Women’s horizons are so much narrower than men’s. Men dominate the sage discussions on global politics, looking at the bigger picture. Women are more focused on themselves, their kids, cooking, food, clothes, shoes, etc. If you want proof of this, just have a look at women’s magazines. For a male sage, the narrowness of interests of the female readers who actually enjoy such trivia, is appalling.

So, if women are incapable of seeing the bigger picture, i.e. that the toxicity of the fluffie feminist dominated divorce courts is causing a crash of the world population, then men will have to take control and block this feminist globacidal trend.

MGTOWs and masculists (particularly the masculists, because they are far more politically minded than the passive MGTOWs) will have to raise the alarm, to the world’s politicians and tell them that fluffie feminist policies are causing globacide. Masculists and MGTOWs need to express their hatred of fluffie feminists in a far more widespread and open manner, making it clear to these fluffie feminist globaciders how hated they are, how massively criminally irresponsible and childish they are.

To get this message out, to make society, women, and fluffie feminists conscious of this globacide, it is useful to have a label that can be used when pointing the accusative finger at fluffie feminists. I chose the label “feminist globaciders.” When men are expressing their anger and hatred against fluffie feminists, they can hurl the term “globaciding feminists” at them. This will shock the feminists. They are so used to dominating the gender debate (i.e. the discussion of gender roles) that they will be blown away when really angry hateful masculists hurl verbal venom at them, claiming they are wiping out the world population, which indirectly, due to their criminally irresponsible small minded selfishness, is true. They have to be stopped.

So, I suggest a strategy for the masculists (and the few politically minded MGTOWs) that they use this label of “feminist globaciders” to hurl at the fluffie feminists and at society, the  journalists, the gender politicians, etc  to wake them up that the world population will be wiped out unless the gender laws are made men fair (re divorce, re the Parer (paternity rejection right) etc.). The current man strike of young men refusing to marry and be fathers cannot continue, otherwise humanity will cease to exist. What is more important to human beings than the survival of human beings?!


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis



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