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I’m retired. I’ve been retired for 6 years, doing what I love, which often means spending afternoons in one of several parks in my neighborhood, studying advanced math, or math physics. In the weekends particularly, there are lots of women in the parks, often with their kids, and I listen to them and reflect on my reactions, and attitudes, towards them.

I do notice, that my reactions are generally rather sour. I tend to think “I hope you will leave soon, and take your female prattle with you, and your noisy ankle biting kids!” I want to get back to peace and quiet so I can concentrate on the difficulties of abstract math (that has so many concepts that are new to me, that finding the odd intellectual hook that I’m familiar with to attach some new concept to, is difficult.)

I often go the top of a hill in the park that has a small roof over an area large enough for two chairs, facing over a pond towards a Buddhist shrine, set against a rock face. It’s one of my favorite spots, giving a sense of the peace of nature, and during the week, few people come to it, since it’s quite a walk up the hill, so usually during the week, mostly only men make the climb up. But weekends there are so many people, that many women come with their kids.

I listen to these women, and think, “These women have childlike minds. They actually enjoy being with prehuman morons less than 4 feet tall, who have a vocabulary of 300 words. I feel relieved when they leave, taking their noise machines with them, and their prattle. Why do women prattle? They’re not conveying information for the most part, it’s mostly just being social with other women. Their conversations are so superficial, that I don’t take women seriously. They’re not adults.

Now, admittedly, I’m getting near to turning 70, so my libido is drying up, so I don’t feel driven to try to attract women’s attention. I no longer see women mostly as walking cunts, but for what they are, given that my sexual interest in them has died away, and what do I see? I see creatures who are quite alien to the male mind, “femaliens” I call them, with rather childlike minds, not calm, rather hysterical at times, with reactions based more on feeling than reason, so since I spend most of my day in reasoning mode (there is no stronger discipline for polishing one’s reasoning skills than pure mathematics, the king of logic) the irrationality of female behavior is totally alienating and disgusting to me.

I have the feeling that I’m going through a major life change, as I transition away from being a sexual male to being an asexual male, which is quite normal for a man my age. Men evolved that way. I can see evolutionary reasons for this transition. A man in the last years of his life, in proto-human times, would not have been able to give protein to a woman who has his kids, for many years, i.e. not long enough to see his kids grow to maturity and cope on their own, so evolution has selected men whose libido switches off late in life, so that women are forced to choose a younger man who will give protein to her for a longer period of time, so that she can raise her kids to sexual maturity.

But, with modern medicine, and greater health awareness (e.g. a year ago, I had my first heart pain. It scared the shit out of me, so I started googling like crazy and then went on a vegetable, fruit, fish diet. I stopped eating animal products, meat, eggs, milk, yoghurt, that clog arteries and kill half the world’s population, and ate water melon and black beans to generate NO (nitrous oxide) to dilate my heart arteries. A year later, those heart pains have long gone, so I’m expecting to be like my father who is still alive at near 97) I now expect to live another 20, maybe even 30 more years.

So will I be living those years as a MGTOW, i.e. will I go fully MGTOW, not relating with women at all in my fourth quarter of life? It’s a definite maybe for me. My father has been a full MGTOW for 3 decades. He told me in the early 90s that now that his libido had dried up, he didn’t need women sexually, so he felt he didn’t need women for anything. I suppose he didn’t want to risk repeating the living hell he went through with my bitch of a mother, who was a veritable shrew.

My current (Chinese) wife is currently finishing her menopause, so still has menopausal crazy behavior. I’m planning to stay with her for a few more years, to see what she becomes after the menopause ends, to see if she becomes calm. If so, then I might stay with her long term, because a calm woman I can tolerate. I can’t share my math and physics with women (they’re not good at it, and they aren’t interested in it) so a part of my brain is utterly condescending with women, not taking them seriously, because they are incapable of performing at male levels in my specialties.

I think also, that at a deep level, I have been influenced by MGTOW’s red pill idea (that women don’t love men, they only love men’s exploitability). That pill is really quite a “poison pill” and has a souring influence on men regarding women. Men don’t like being abused by women, who look on men as cash machines, wanting only to extract resources from them. Men resent this.

So I find I look on women as parasites, more and more. I’ve been conscious of women being parasites since the 80s as part of my masculist consciousness raising. What was a shock to me a couple of years ago, was to absorb the MGTOW red pill idea, i.e. that women actually evolved to be parasites. Once I heard this idea, it made so much Darwinian sense, so I quickly accepted it, but it is a corrosive idea, a souring idea. It makes men look on women with deep suspicion – “Is this woman being nice to me because later she wants to extract resources from me?” “I resent this woman being attracted to me but in a mono-dimensional way, i.e. to my money making side. She ignores my other facets that make me me, and I don’t like that. I don’t like that at all.”

About 40% of men over 40 live alone. That doesn’t surprise me much. Many such men are no longer cunt driven, so are able to look at women coldly for what women are, i.e. mono-dimensional child minded femaliens, and men do not like what they see, and as a result, choose to live alone rather than be bothered by a nagging, fat, female parasite. The MGTOW movement doesn’t talk much about this exodus of men from women in the second half of their lives, because most MGTOWs are first halver men (< 40) so have not had enough life experience to be able to speak with first-hand experience of why so many second halver men choose to go full MGTOW.


Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis


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